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The Lifted Elephant Group: An Emerging NFT Community for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

The metaverse is uniquely designed to provide a safe and engaging space for individuals and groups who share common interests apart from digital art, crypto, and investing. From animal lovers to luxury living inclined investors, musicians, visual artists, athletes, racing fans, and fashion enthusiasts, the possibilities within the metaverse are definitely endless. Just as there is room for these common themes, emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community the Lifted Elephant Group is also targeting a unique group of crypto enthusiasts and investors—cannabis enthusiasts. 

Overall, there are 14,200 special characters ready for minting, and it will combine more than 100 traits and accessories that were carefully hand-drawn to add value. To say that the characters are visibly adorable is an understatement. The characters come with various background colors and small elephants with different skin colors. They also feature various head accessories, eyewear, clothing, and items inserted in their mouths which include cigarettes, bubble gums, and even roses. Each elephant characters was created mindfully created to impress. 

Each Lifted Elephant Group NFT serves as an official membership card, granting owners exclusive access to the L.E.G. Cannabis Festival, which is being mounted each year on April 20th. Ten percent of the festival proceeds will be donated to elephant sanctuaries looted in Asia and Africa. As most people would already know, elephants around the world are subjected to different types of cruelty, from being killed for their ivory tusks to being used as tourist attractions while living in poor conditions. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Savanna elephants and forest elephants are considered critically endangered. 

These meek and intelligent creatures can be protected through intentional and strategic efforts to keep them safe from poachers and those that mean to exploit them for financial gain. The Lifted Elephant Group is one of several organizations around the world that strongly oppose acts of violence and exploitation against elephants. 

Todd Moeller is the co-founder and CEO of the Lifted Elephant Group NFT and the L.E.G. Entertainment, the company that hosts the annual festival. He identifies himself as a serial entrepreneur who is into helping other businesses succeed over time. Todd has 25 years of impressive experience related to the computer, which includes building a remarkable programming website and design team for his company, Moeller Marketing. Just as he has achieved success for his personal business and that of others, he is confident that the NFT community will meet its objectives accordingly. 

Joining Todd as co-founder is Shair Levithan, who is also the Chief Creative Officer of L.E.G. Entertainment and the Lifted Elephant Group. Working alongside them to guarantee the community’s success are Jason Anzaldo, Chris Moeller, Omkar Adate, Shadi Hanna, Kang as in-house artist, and Juan as Discord community moderator. 

The Whitelist sale is set to happen on April 6 and the price of each Lifted Elephant Group token is pegged at $500. The public sale, on the other hand, will be happening on April 20. By then, the price per token will be $1,000 each. Nonetheless, the whitelist is growing in number by the day, and the Lifted Elephant Group is expecting a grand experience once it starts its pre-sale.

More information on the project can be found through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles, website, and Discord server.