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The High Society NFT Creating a United Front for Humans in the Metaverse

Since non-fungible tokens grabbed the world’s attention, it has focused heavily on art and other forms of sentimental items that people might see as too important to pass up. These innovative tokens have also found ways to extend their utility to the growing Metaverse, but The High Society NFT is taking attention away from art and introducing the human element to NFTs through its collection.

The High Society NFT came to life from the need to fill a gap in the NFT space. While NFTs generally have given art all the props, the team behind The High Society wanted to show genuine appreciation for the human folk. The collection is a reflection of humans in the Metaverse as they settle with one another. The collection also highlights a part of human relationships that is not often appreciated enough – Cannabis. The team’s goal is to erase the stigma surrounding the Cannabis community and bring together all races, colors and tribes under one uniting culture.

The founders of The High Society NFT are both former Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with experience working at some of the most prominent companies in the valley, such as Tesla. Their love for solving problems and critical thinking about the important things the world needs spurred them to create The High Society NFT. They enjoy the process of building, putting things together and seeing people enjoy the results.

At the core of The High Society, NFT is a hardworking team behind the scenes that has developed many projects that will be released as they progress along the collection’s roadmap. The project represents this human focus with an image of a human face wrapped around a cannabis bong in a prominent lounge setting. The project is a social club focused heavily on delivering positive vibes to everyone in the world and Metaverse. “Our mission is always to bring something to your living room you can enjoy, share with your friends, and truly be part of what The High Society is. More than art, our mission is to bring positive vibes to you and those around you here in the real world and in the MetaVerse,” the team said.

The High Society NFT’s mint date is slated for June 17th, with each token going for 0.1 ETH. Every holder who successfully collects a token for themselves gets access to the collection’s 2D and 3D NFT, one Holder’s Box, project collaboration whitelists, exclusive access to party invitations, and secret utility access.  The collection contains 10,000, which holders are expected to hold to access its numerous utilities. A thriving community of interested holders is gradually building on Discord, where all the project’s plans and prospects are laid out. The High Society NFT also has a strong presence on social media via its Instagram and Twitter pages, where it announces new developments and milestones as the roadmap progresses.