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The GOAT Society NFT is dedicated to Building a Community of People Focused on Success and Greatness

The actual utility behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is in what they offer, and since they went mainstream, the digital world has experienced a shift. NFTs have now become the most effective way to achieve specific goals with a community of people who are also equally committed to the same goals. In the area of personal development, The GOAT Society NFT is one of the projects pushing people to be their best while providing them with ample resources and a thriving community to help them achieve that.

The GOAT Society NFT is a group of people who are committed to their own growth and development, as well as the growth and development of others. Founded by Ali Haseeb and Shawn Virani, The GOAT Society targets those interested in joining a network of successful people and provides the necessary tool for people to elevate mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, and technologically.

The community is an effort to bring together fans of the real-life GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) with 10,000 unique NFTs. Generative GOATs (9,000 tokens) and Unique hand-drawn GOATS (1,000 tokens) make up the two distinct sections of the collection. The GOAT Society NFT collection is stored on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-71 token, with each token granting access to a select group of investors from a variety of communities.

The co-founders are experienced in building businesses and willing to invest in the members of the community. Thus, they have promised valuable services and have pledged innovation in the Web 3.0 space while also including the members by selecting a board of advisors to represent and communicate the needs of the society.

Some of the utilities offered by The GOAT Society NFT include being a lifestyle brand, doxxed team, 1/1 token-staking mechanism, podcasts with notable public figures, two Play-to-Earn games, 100 percent community built metaverse in NFTWorlds, and a comprehensive web3 course. Holders will also be able to attend their own high-profile event, GOATCON, coming up this fall.

“We’re committed to our principles of being of great service to humanity,” Ali Haseeb said when discussing the project’s motivation. The GOAT Society is the vehicle through which we can assist people in becoming their greatest selves, the “Greatest Of All Time.”

More than 30,000 people have signed up for the Discord channel, proving that the project is viable and has potential. The GOAT Society NFT artwork canvases and the interactive NFTWorlds Metaverse have all been completed, with more to come in the next few months. The physical trading cards and merchandise have also been released. “Our goal is to build a community where we can reassure people that they can succeed. Additionally, our community is geared toward helping them achieve their goals and providing them with access to a network of people who can help them achieve those goals. Having a network of friends that are growing with you makes development much easier, and you’ll always have someone who understands your process,” Ali Haseeb said.