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The Global Bears Club set to Dominate the Digital Space With its Rare Attributes

In recent years, non-fungible tokens have taken over the digital space. In this rapidly rising industry, several creators have found digital art to be the best utility for their brand and have opted to use 2D cartoon-style NFTs to connect with their audience. However, few creators are now raising the status quo by developing 3D art pieces, one of which is the special 3D-oriented project Global Bears Club.

A sleek and stylized piece of art, the Global Bears Club is a distinct collection of 8,888 uniquely-rendered 3D bears. Each bear is handcrafted with precision and quality and comes with rare attributes, making each one unique, so no two bears are alike. The collection’s unique attributes are its lanyard, fur, and jewelry pieces, making up for each bear’s distinct look.

The NFT’s lanyard is the 1% trait that grants holders access to various members-only benefits and VIP exclusive perks. The bears also have a variety of fur colors that makes them one-of-kind with color options like pink, merle, mechanical, and camouflage, to name a few. Furthermore, the Global Bears are accessorized with high-quality realistic jewelry with high rarities in the collection and one-of-one clothes.

Behind this innovative collection is Ronnie Banks, the founder of the collection, and Eduardo de Jesús, the dedicated creator who spent hundreds of hours developing each trait with precision and quality. Ronnie’s deep-seated passion for art and his unrivaled creativity shine through the collection. A highly versatile creative, he made his career debut in content creation on Vine before delving into YouTube. He would later explore the entertainment industry with music and acting and appearing on the series Criminal Minds and other shows before walking the runway as a model.

Like many creatives, Ronnie Banks was drawn to NFTs during its upsurge in early 2021, as the digital assets helped artists express their creativity and make money from their passion. Although there were several projects in the digital space, the Global Bears Club project was the one that piqued his interest the most. He would delve into his craft to help create the project by collaborating with them. 

As the new year rolled in, Ronnie Banks and the Global Bears Club started making waves on Twitter, racking up a dedicated following of collectors and crypto enthusiasts as they announced the impending launch. On January 28, the first wave of the Global Bears started showing up online. After that, the developers started dropping more, picking up interest from NFT connoisseurs and crypto enthusiasts. 

On February 1, the Global Bears Club made their Instagram page public, bringing excitement to the NFT community. Three days later, the collection went on pre-sale. Since then, the team has posted updates on the project’s growth and roadmap on its Discord channel, adding more members to the growing community. “We pride ourselves on doing our best to deliver change to the world and providing donations to nonprofits and our holders,” said the Global Bears Club team. 

The collection will be publicly launched on February 24. As the Global Bears Club continues to grow within Discord and on social media platforms, the brilliant minds behind the collection are set to take their project above and beyond and revolutionize the NFT space.