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The Draco NFT Is Expected to Be an Explosive Community in Its Upcoming Pre-Sale Phase

One of the sure things that will make non-fungible token (NFT) holders extremely happy is knowing that they have an opportunity to get rewards as they remain loyal to the community. And a community can only generously give away rewards when it has a solid foundation and a reliable financial standing as a result of effective marketing and quality-made products. Up-and-coming NFT community Draco is determined to be one such group in the metaverse as it executes an impressive roadmap filled with exciting rewards and giveaways. 

Apart from the fact that the cute Draco tokens are well-crafted, it also matters a lot to potential members that they have the chance to add value to their collection through rewards. Once 25% of the 10,000 tokens have been minted, the fun will begin as the community will raffle five Draco NFTs to five lucky winners. When minting reaches half of the total tokens available, 10 FT giveaways will be released to 10 randomly selected members. Additionally, 5 ETH will be awarded to 5 randomly selected token holders. 

When minting reaches 75%, the Draco community plans to donate $50,000 to a charity, organization, or research group that members choose through online polls on social media. Furthermore, 10 randomly selected Draco members will win one 3D-printed art piece of an avatar they own. Finally, when all the tokens are sold, the members with the most number of Dracos will win a unique custom-made piece of the collection. The art piece will also feature the unique traits of the regular Draco pieces. 

Additionally, members can expect that 10 of them will get the chance to win physical art pieces with a collage of all the 10,000 pieces of the collection. At this point, 10% of the total income will be redirected back to the community wallet to ensure that it has enough for rewards, giveaways, and future events. 

The pre-sale launch for Draco is happening on November 29, and only 1,500 members will be allowed to participate. To qualify, people are urged to join through Discord, Twitter, or Instagram. Of the 10,000 tokens available, the creators of the community will reserve 200 of them for rewards and giveaways. During the exclusive pre-sale event, members will only be allowed a maximum of 2 Dracos our wallet. During the pre-sale, a maximum of 3,000 tokens will be minted. 

The explosive public sales will begin on December 1 for the remaining 7,000 tokens. Each transaction will be limited to 20 Dracos to keep gas fees low and in order to give other individuals the opportunity to be token owners as well. Transparency is of utmost importance to creators Yin and Yang. They believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities to become token holders. As part of their commitment, they intend to keep everything fair. 

Without a doubt, Draco is poised to conquer the metaverse. As it grows in the next few months, its creators are committed to continue giving rewards and awards to show their appreciation for the loyalty of members. These rewards can be expected to come in various forms, from merchandise to sneak peeks, airdrops, and giveaways, among others. For Yin and Yang, showing deep appreciation towards people generates more loyalty over time. 

Discover more about Draco by visiting its website. Follow the community’s Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.