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The City of Gold Emerges as a Trailblazing Project Aiming to Elevate the Metaverse

Digital assets in the crypto space are all about offering holders wealth and abundance. While non-fungible tokens could have easily fallen in the same linear category, they prove to be multi-faceted, making them different from the others. More than just the value they hold and the benefits they offer, these NFTs wield powerful stories and showcase incredible art styles that other assets do not possess. One of the standout projects bound to hit the Ethereum blockchain this year is City of Gold, a venture kicked off by two visionaries, Gabriel Pfiefer and Alex Davila. 

The City of Gold is a real-life community-owned world that aims to address the need to bridge the online gold rush with real-world wealth principles. On a mission to enrich its members online and offline, the project empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs and serves as a platform that would catapult these aspirants to the summits of success. 

Armed with extensive experience in the field of sales, Gabriel Pfeifer has generated more than a hundred million in the past ten years while training hundreds of salespeople. He is eventually joined by Alex Davila, who happens to be an avid and early crypto adopter and has made a reputation for himself in the NFT space as a BBW or Baby Beluga Whale. Together, they tapped into their innovative flair and came up with a unique project for the metaverse. As a result, they created the City of Gold. 

In an interview, the power duo shared that the City of Gold project is heavily inspired by the story of El Dorado. “Our City of Gold is for entrepreneurs and NFT/Metaverse enthusiasts. We’re building a community to have seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs share values about NFTs, business, and growing as entrepreneurs, focused on enriching our community online and offline,” they said. 

Gabriel Pfiefer and Alex Davila have decided that their enterprise will have a total of six districts as well as six separate phases. City of Gold’s first release will feature a wide collection of 10,000 beachfront mansion NFTs. Unlike other ventures that feature characters and avatars, its artwork is an artistic web3 depiction of how modern real estate is designed, developed, built, and sold.

As soon as the project launches, prospective token holders can mint one of 10,000 digital real estate NFTs consisting of a hundred base models. On top of that, those who mint will receive a virtual mansion and plot of land that serves as a governance token. In this way, holders can participate in future DAO governance decisions on the platform. Moreover, the City of Gold project will also be providing them with daily tips from scanners they acquired to scour the market for Alpha.

“To this point, nobody has developed a realistic metaverse with a focus on commerce for our community. We have many renders behind the scenes not publically available for the development of properties as well as blueprints for our infrastructure and map rollout,” the developers explained. The team is dedicated to the community, and they have set up a Discord and Instagram and Twitter accounts so the community can stay updated.

The crypto space may already be replete with existing projects, but the City of Gold still manages to rise with an innovative flair. Much can be expected from this upcoming venture as it revolutionizes the metaverse.