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The Bored Doge Club Sets Itself as the Go-To Hub for DogeCoin Enthusiasts Looking to Settle Into the NFT Space

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most significant innovations in the past decade, marking the genesis of the digital era. Through the years, cryptocurrency has persisted as one of the hottest topics and investments online, with Bitcoin as one of the leading crypto brands. Following closely behind is one of the most unexpected brands in the crypto space, the DogeCoin. Since its creation, the DogeCoin has become one of the most popular crypto assets in the digital space, inspiring other meme coins and even NFT projects. Among those following the DogeCoins’ footsteps is the upcomingNFT project, the Bored Doge Club.

The Bored Doge Club is the latest NFT project to adapt the Doge title. However, the team behind the club wanted to take their project to go beyond just another Doge project. Instead, they wanted to create a project that celebrated the simplicities of life, enjoying video games after work, and buying Doge with a pragmatic approach to life. “We’re just bored,” they summarized the mission. “And we’ve got nothing to lose.”

Like most projects, the Bored Doge Club NFT utilizes digital art as its medium of choice, but the developers wanted to take a different approach. Rather than follow the typical 2D style, the Bored Doge team recruited world-class artists, crypto-masterminds, and 200 IQ marketing masters to develop realistic 3D Doges. The process takes hours for each artist to develop the life-like texture even when the team is already collaborating hand-in-hand, but the optimal result they achieve is rewarding in itself. 

“The look of our Doge is deliberately bored,” said the Doge Club team. “A difficult look to capture, but when we got it, we knew. That look we all have at least once a day. That’s the genius of it. Everyone can relate to the Bored Doge.”

With a collection of 8,989 realistic Doges set for a launch soon, the Doge Club is apt to capture the attention of prospective holders. But what truly entices people to the project is its strong identity and sense of community. Due to DogeCoin’s popularity, it is a frequent subject in the news, especially with Elon Musk and several public figures’ endorsement, giving it more credibility despite its joke origins. Since then, thousands of memes have emerged throughout social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, giving them more recognition.

Although there is already a community for DogeCoin holders, the Bored Doge Club creates a different kind of community, welcoming DogeCoin enthusiasts and individuals who believe in the power of hold and community through their unique art. The Doge Club community strives to create a place that brings together people who can recognize themselves in their NFT and their bored look.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone could find themselves there, feel accepted, and feel like they could be themselves,” explained the Doge Club team. “Indeed, we can’t always be happy or full of energy. Sometimes we are bored. We have the right to be, and we accept ourselves as we are.”

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