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The #1 Financial Skill You Should Have For A Pandemic Featuring Options League CEO Ryan Persad

If you where one of the millions of people unemployed during the pandemic you know how important it is to have a reliable source of income that is not affected By world events. What if I told you there was a full proof skill that you could learn in order to be prepared for the next one and also to use for the rest of your life if you choose to do so.

Now what if  told you while you learn that skill you can make money doing so would you believe me? Well.. Its True

Ryan Persad, CEO and Founding Investment Expert of Options League shares how he was able to keep many people with a consistent source of income during layoff resulting from the pandemic.

An option is a contract that gives a trader the leverage of controlling 100 shares of stock at a cheaper price, rather than owning those 100 shares. Persad, has developed reliable, consistent ways of trading in options and converted many small investments of $1,000 into $100,000+ on multiple occasions in less than a year. That is a 9,900% return on investment. 

Ryan Persad says  “Risk Management & Controlling your emotions is the single most important tool a trader could possibly utilize. It’s what can make you or break you.

“The market will not take your money if you do not allow it to have it” – Says Ryan Persad

Persad’s goal is to trade and teach others how to navigate this secret source of quick income. He coaches the Options League members and guides them to understand just how an options contract allows, but does not commit, an investor to buy or sell an instrument in the market at a certain price over a set amount of time. A member can make over $500 per month or $30,000+ a month which would really help those caught in the issues of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. If options trading members follow Persad’s strategies , 2021 will be a much better year for all.

“So many people have become successful by following the options trading process,” Persad added. “It is important to know that if you learn how the market works and how options are the absolute best way to earn  money, you can be like the thousands of other full time traders who have a consistent source of income no matter what type of world event is occurring, making $1,000+ per day, sometimes in less than 15 minutes. If you want to learn how to trade options, then follow my lead.  I decided to simplify the process of trading to the T. Now I will share my knowledge so you can learn options trading and the basics of the stock market to your advantage.”

To show how he works, Persad produced a YouTube video called “Options Trading For Beginners.” Viewers will get the best introduction and come to understand why options are the best bet. He added, “I promise you that I will put all of my energy into helping you make money along side me as well as teaching you how to make it when you are not .”

Today, leading options trading expert Ryan Persad announced his 2020 Holiday Offer and subscriber challenge for investors looking to earn significant returns on their money. Persad is offering a 30% discount on his Premium, Elite and Legendary Options League memberships. These exclusive deals allow investors the opportunity to have special levels of access to options trading information and secret tips. Offers range from daily trade signals to personal one-on-one coaching from Persad himself.

Persad is also extending the chance of a lifetime to a lucky person—an unheard-of experience wherein Persad will give one of his YouTube subscribers the opportunity to tell him what to spend  $100,000 on when his YouTube Channel reaches 1,000 subscribers.

“Yes, the rumors are! When our YouTube channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, I will let one special member spend $100,000 as if it where their own,” said Persad, CEO and Founding Investment Expert of Options League. “For myself, it almost comes as second nature to make money in the stock market. I feel a responsibility to share my secrets with anyone who want the best quality of life possible. They can earn income that gives them financial security for a lifetime or just utilize it for another source of income. This will happen for all of our options trading members if you join those who are achieving success and have learned about my strategies.”

Persad’s Options League offer three levels of membership. The “Premium” tier offers members Daily Trade Signals, a Daily Watchlist, Live Voice Trading, a Trading Chat Room with Beginner/Intermediate/Expert Traders and Scalp/Swing/Day Trade Signals. This level also features Small/Medium/Large Account-Friendly Signals along with the “ADHD BOT,” the Most Advanced AI Signal Bot in The World. Members can see Real Time Stock Scanners/Charting as well as Real Time Order Flow. The program’s “Elite” and “Legendary” higher level tiers add more training courses for traders and one-on-one access to Persad.

The Ryan Persad & his company Options League has been featured in news sites such as US Reporter, New York Weekly and the Los Angeles Wire. The website has numerous customer testimonials. Many enthusiastic members of  Options League have praised Persad for his trading techniques and generous pattern of sharing his knowledge to help others achieve their dreams of financial freedom.

You can use the code “TRADER” for the special 30% offer off of an Options League membership.

For more information go to  and on Instagram, @ADHDRyan

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