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Tesla Disclosed Record Revenue, But Still Undergoes Continued Supply Chain Difficulty

Photo by Austin Ramsey

Tesla threw off supply chain issues to over three times the earnings of results from a year ago. It has effortlessly topped Wall Street’s expectation for the quarter. 

The vehicle manufacturer had changed earnings from last year’s $903 million to $2.9 billion, over a million dollars more and greater than the $2.6 billion analyst prediction reviewed by Refinitiv. The $17.7 billion revenue was up 65% from last year. 

The full-year income reached $7.6 billion, and revenue to $53.8 billion, according to the outcome. 

CEO Elon Musk has been accepting the conference call with investors after omitting the call three months previously. He had said six months earlier that he would not be attending calls so long as there was nothing important that he needed to convey. 

Tesla is suspending its manufacture of new vehicles because of supply chain issues. Musk broke the news to the investors. “We will not be introducing new vehicle models this year. It wouldn’t make any sense. We’ll still be parts-constrained,” said Musk on the call. “We’ll be ready to bring them to production, hopefully next year.” 

Tesla had been going about a multitude of vehicles in its product pipeline: the Cybertruck pickup, a semi-truck, a Roadster model, a $25,000 car that would be cheaper than all its latest models, to name a few. 

Introducing a novel product to the market in 2021 “would have required a lot of attention and resources,” Musk stated. “The same is true of this year.”

He further said that the firm is facing “multiple supply chain challenges” but did not provide further information. “The chip shortage, while better than last year, is still an issue,” he said.

In its launch, the electric vehicle behemoth cautioned that it underwent a continuation of the global supply chain, transportation, labor and other production troubles in the latest quarter, which it stated put limits to its potential to operate at full capacity.