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Tara Roe on Keeping the Faith and Pushing Forward

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

People who are thrown the hardest punches in life are those who would soon wear those blows as badges of faith and dignity. These are the people who understand that getting the wind knocked out of them is the only way for their lungs to taste the breath of fresh air. 

And Tara Roe, a well-regarded beacon of hope, proves that passing a trial by fire is one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences one can go through. By overcoming the ordeals and hardships life has handed her, she shows that she can survive anything. 

Tara’s life has been an arduous and painful journey. As a matter of fact, one would find it hard to believe that someone with a radiant personality and a positive outlook like her had to go through a dark and terrible past. But as baffling as it may seem, Tara explains that it is precisely for the series of misfortune that she is now thriving and blooming with so much love in her heart.

Being looked up to for her character of granite, Tara significantly attributes the strength she emanates to her faith in God. In an interview, she passionately exclaimed that her drastic transformation, which was rooted in Christ, provided her vast blessings and allowed her to share these gifts with the masses. She adds that through God’s grace and enlightenment, she realized that her life purpose is to become a vessel of His love, light, and truth. And with her fiery determination, she carries out her mission and leaves embers of inspiration. 

Having fallen prey to the hopelessness of life’s scorching setbacks, Tara understands that it is normal to feel misguided and lost. However, she encourages everyone who is in that sullen state to keep that faith and to continue moving forward. Because as tough as hardships can be, they are nothing compared to the power of God and His faithful promises. 

With her lifelong preparation of conquering battles, Tara has become an expert in self-transformation as well as financial fitness. And using her story, she strives to help others with theirs. 

Looking back at everything Tara has been through, it would not have come out as a surprise if she had given up. But being someone who is anchored in Christ, she refused to succumb to the dire circumstances. With so much trust in the Lord, she chose to push forward and become better.

Tara sends the message that as awful as challenges can be, the latter will ultimately become a catalyst for a beautiful transformation. And having transcended and surmounted the seemingly impossible adversities, she walked away with a better understanding of her own capacity and inner strength.

Tara reminds others that if things currently seem grim, there is no need to fear. Instead, remaining steadfast and grateful as these trials likely become highly formative experiences they will be come to be thankful for in the future.

Tara recently founded Next Level Purpose Academy ( , a way to connect, support, educate and inspire others like her. Her premier course, THE END OF SUFFERING, a ten week journey of transformation for abuse survivors, will be launching September 10, 2020 and is available for pre-enrollment and preview now.

To know more about Tara and her tales of hope and faith, you may visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.