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Talent On Edge: a Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs

Photo by @smilenownyc 

With the number of competitions growing bigger nowadays, it is almost impossible for a particular business to stand out long enough to make a lasting impression. Companies today are fortifying their presence online, and it has played a vital role in their success.

Talent On Edge is an entrepreneur-based online platform available to entrepreneurs, brands, and individuals, providing them with an internet community to advertise themselves and their brands and network with others in the same field. The platform aims to provide talented individuals and small-scale entrepreneurs a platform where they can promote their brand to show their skills to a global market and a partnership opportunity with other people.

Talent On Edge is led by 28-year-old Shantae Menendez, originally from New Jersey. Shantae envisions her company to push creative individuals or brands toward professional growth. Managing a group of models herself, Shantae’s company, Talent On Edge, provides her clients with free exposure to their work and expertise.

A vital part of the platform is that it is an avenue for people to find the required individual or brand they need for a particular project saving them time and effort. They can connect quickly and see each skilled individual’s photos and videos, after which bookings are made quickly via Talent On Edge’s Instagram Page. Shantae also makes sure that the company promotes capable brands and individuals able to give clients what they want.

Photo by @smilenownyc 

Talent On Edge provides the necessary online presence for a skilled individual that needs the exposure as it facilitates instant feedback from clients. The company also aims to build entrepreneurs’ confidence through the viewer’s appreciation or admiration of a fellow entrepreneur. Shantae believes that showing respect for their work encourages people to work harder.

For Shantae, the goal is to help push the creative individuals into the limelight to get their deserved acknowledgement. She aspires to help people and bring out the best in them while also sharing in their success. She believes all it takes to change the course of an entrepreneur’s career is to get the right opportunity through a well-timed exposure.

“I’ve always said it, all it takes is one share to blow up in any industry,” she states. “Get that one good photo, then boom, you are a supermodel. That one good song, and boom, you are a signed artist.”

The young entrepreneur wants people to know that she is just like them, working her way to the top as she continues to root for them to put their brand out in the market.

The Talent On Edge platform has over 6,000 followers, leveraging the power of social media to connect entrepreneurs from different parts of the world with paying clients.

Shantae’s five-year goal for Talent On Edge is to build a more prominent online presence, reaching out to more entrepreneurs and prospective clients. She wants Talent On Edge to become an acclaimed talent pool with all the creatives to be found in any industry.

To learn more about Talent On Edge, you may visit their Instagram page.