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Taking a Leap of Faith in Life and Overcoming Fears with Layla Al-Otaibi

As a 22-year-old mother and entrepreneur, Layla Al-Otaibi has seen the different sides that life has to offer. She has learned a lot from experiencing the highs and the lows of her journey, and she continues to gain a deeper understanding of life. But one thing is clear for this young entrepreneur, her mission in life is to make a change in the world, and she plans to do this in an effortless way of relating to people.  

For Layla, some people are consumed with the idea of becoming financially wealthy without genuinely understanding their purpose in life. Most of these people are lost in life and have no idea as to how they can find themselves and their destiny. They need understanding and proper guidance. 

Through her books, Layla expresses her views about life from different vantage points. She takes into account the realities of those who have it made in life and those who are barely making it through. She has published several books that look into different aspects of reality. 

For her book Testimony: How It All Began, she looks into the struggles of children growing up in a life surrounded by drugs, murder, and sin. She takes her readers into the journey of a young woman struggling with the challenges that life has thrown at her. In the end, the story confronts the decisions that the protagonist takes whether to stay in darkness or to find life’s light.  

Her latest book, Finding Love Ain’t Easy, is based on true-to-life events. The book takes readers into a spin in two opposite worlds, the world of those who are fortunate in life and those who get the raw end of the deal. Layla takes her readers into the tough decisions that the characters make and whether or not they will fall into life’s trap or rise above it. 

Layla is in the process of turning her books into films. With this brave endeavor, she hopes to deliver an important message to everyone who is going through a tough time in life. She wants to help them realize that they are not alone in their struggles. 

The author-entrepreneur seeks to share the life lessons that schools do not teach its students. From achieving financial gain and independence to overcoming fears and taking a leap of faith, Layla strives to help others in tackling these challenges. She acknowledges that many aspiring entrepreneurs are controlled by their fears. As a result, they refuse to take the necessary leap of faith that life requires. 

Layla hopes to teach the younger generation how to overcome fear effectively. Fear is an obstacle that can hinder a person from achieving success. With that, she seeks to relate to others and serve as their guide in attaining their goals and aspirations in life. By simply understanding other people and helping them believe in themselves and their value, Layla believes that these people can truly achieve what they manifest. 

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