Oleg Torbosov and Whitewill Luxury Real Estate on Leaving a Mark Through Business

Many people aspire to leave a lasting impact and legacy in this life. Still, not many have been able to do that. At a young age, Oleg Torbosov has not only successfully achieved impact, influence, and business longevity through Whitewill Luxury Moscow Real Estate but now looks to help others do the same by building thriving businesses that will run for generations. 

To say that Oleg is a multi-faceted entrepreneur would feel like an understatement. He has achieved so much in real estate entrepreneurship at a young age despite having a challenging start not too long ago. His company, Whitewill Luxury Moscow Real Estate, is one of today’s leading real estate companies in three countries: Moscow, London, and Dubai. This year alone, the business looks to close over  21 billion rubles, or around $300 million, in sales before wrapping up one of the most challenging years for the property market due to the COVID-19-related economic meltdown. 

But Oleg isn’t a stranger to crisis himself. When he started as a young professional, he began from the bottom, waiting tables in St. Petersburg, Russia, to make ends meet. But those humble beginnings never stopped him from dreaming of bigger things. Instead, he dedicated himself to self-improvement, reading books by authors like Robert Kiyosaki and making necessary mindset and lifestyle shifts to prepare for a better future. He shares how Rich Dad, Poor Dad was one of his most significant turning points. “After reading that book, I decided to quit my job as a waiter and to launch my own business,” recalls Torbosov. 

After leaving his stable job to take more significant leaps of faith, he started with a design studio, which would meet considerably impressive success given that it was his first business. But later, Oleg would leave the design services industry and start a career in financial services. That business would also prove profitable—enough for Oleg Torbosov to sell the company for a profit and start in real estate. From then on, everything seemed to click from the young entrepreneur.

Later, Oleg would niche into luxury real estate, seeing a big boom in premier properties for more high-end clients. There was push-back at the beginning from peers, as some thought that Oleg was over-reaching in a highly-competitive market. But the serial entrepreneur would prove naysayers wrong. Today, Whitewill Luxury Moscow Real Estate stands as a monument to the power of perseverance and “a little bit of stubbornness.”

Today, Torbosov has slightly shifted gears and put serious thought and action into teaching people to build their real estate businesses. The property industry provides some of the most long-living ventures, given that real estate only appreciates with time. Accordingly, Oleg is out to prove to everyone that real estate can be anyone’s game with the right mindset, heart, and passion. The educator and entrepreneur have also written two books, The Way of One Oleg and The Way of One Agency. Both titles have entertained and empowered equally, showing the power of entrepreneurship and how to leverage principle-based truths to become a real estate guru or business expert. 

Learn more about Oleg Torbosov by visiting Whitewill Luxury Real Estate’s Moscow, London, and Dubai websites. You can also check out Oleg Torbosov’s website.