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Biden puts care at the top of his list in executive order

Biden — President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Tuesday to improve access to care for children, the disabled, and the elderly.

As Biden gets ready to run for a second term, his decision shows the seriousness and urgency of the situation.

A call to arms

President Joe Biden has directed nearly every government department to improve treatment options without increasing cost through more than 50 executive directives.

Biden has always advocated for lower health-care costs.

Throughout his first term, however, Congress has mostly opposed his objectives.

Before signing the executive order, Biden addressed the Rose Garden, saying:

“We’re using the power of the federal government to get companies to do what’s good for workers and, I might add, good for business, as well.”

“And folks, care workers deserve to make a decent living and that’s a fight I’m willing to have.”


Several of the Republican-majority House’s social-spending ideas are vigorously opposed by the White House.

In his budget proposal last month, Biden recommended $750 billion in healthcare financing from Congress.

The president’s proposal is similar to one he called for during his campaign: a “21st Century Caregiving and Education Workforce.”

However, during Biden’s first two years as President of the United States, the government failed to authorize a dramatic redesign of dependent care.

The failure can be attributed to Democrats’ opposition to the higher taxes and expenditure required to make it happen.

According to the White House, campaigners, and congressional Democrats, the measures would stimulate the economy by creating employment and allowing people with dependents greater work flexibility.

A senior administration official informed reporters on the novel measure on Monday.

According to the source, President Biden is doing everything he can to increase his personal access.

“This is a case where the president is working hard on the investment angle, has worked hard with Congress – that has not worked out quite as well,” said the official.

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The expense of senior and disability care has climbed by 40% in the last decade, according to White House figures.

Spending on child care increased by 26% throughout that time period.

Child care prices have climbed by more than 200% in the preceding three decades.

The White House also cited a Boston Consulting Group research, which projects that if the health-care crisis is not addressed, economic production will plummet by $290 billion per year by 2030.

Furthermore, prior to the worldwide epidemic, the White House claimed that 76% of parents had difficulty finding inexpensive, trustworthy care.

A second term

Biden’s choice to proceed without parliamentary legislation emphasizes the significance of the issue ahead of his reelection campaign.

Regardless of how outraged conservatives are about the price hikes, the White House has long asserted that Biden’s social-policy program is popular among Americans.

With a second term on the horizon, there may be hints of a renewed emphasis on following through on many of the promises he made with his ambitious Build Back Better project.

The concept was too tough to implement even while Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.

Many components of Biden’s comprehensive social-spending proposal were supported by the Democratic-controlled Congress, but not all of them, most notably the ambitious child-care program.

Susan Rice, Director of the Domestic Policy Council, noted on the call:

“Too many families are struggling to afford or access high-quality care, and too many care workers are struggling to make a living doing this critically important work.”

“The president’s not going to wait to take action to address our nation’s care crisis.”


President Joe Biden allowed Cabinet-level departments to explore grant programs that may be utilized to support child care and long-term care for government project staff in the executive order.

The plan also outlines how they intend to enhance caregiver work quality, expand veteran access to in-home care, increase caregiver unionization, raise compensation for early childhood educators, and increase caregiver access to in-home care.

Furthermore, the White House is considering requiring that businesses seeking government assistance for job creation have broader access to the health-care coverage of their employees.

In March, the Commerce Department directed companies seeking financing from the $52 billion semiconductor manufacturing and research initiative to figure out how they would help their employees with child care.

White House brush off aliens theories

White HouseOver North American airspace, flying objects that appeared to belong in a movie have been sighted.

President Joe Biden gave the military three days (including the weekend) to shoot down three flying objects.

During a news briefing on Monday, the White House made it clear that they were still unaware of what the objects were.

The folks there were unable to confirm if the objects were surveillance drones.

It was unclear what the flying objects were since the fighter aircraft that was seeing them were moving so quickly.

As a consequence, many people have shared their opinions, and the majority of them have stated that alien involvement is present.

The briefing

In a briefing at noon on Monday, the White House made it clear that, while not understanding what they were, the flying objects did not originate from space.

“I just wanted to make sure we address this from the White House,” started Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary.

“I know there have been questions and concerns about this, but there is no – again, no – indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent take-downs.”

“Wanted to make sure that the American people knew that, all of you knew that,” she added.

“And it was important for us to say that from here because we’ve been hearing a lot about it.”

The White House press corps chuckled a little at the statements regarding extraterrestrial activities.

Mysterious objects

A Chinese spy balloon was shot down by the US Air Force earlier in the month.

Three unidentified objects, however, have recently been spotted over Alaska, the Canadian Yukon Territory, and Lake Huron near Michigan.

Four in total were destroyed in February.

Timeline of the object sightings

On February 4, 2023, an F-22 fighter jet downed the first flying object.

Off the coast of South Carolina, it was initially spotted.

Another object was fired over Alaska on February 10.

It was around the size of a small automobile, per the White House.

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On the other hand, the Pentagon denied claims that the item was a balloon and said that it had disintegrated into smaller parts.

The next day, another flying object was fired above the Yukon Territory, according to Justin Trudeau, the president of Canada.

The most recent flying object was seen above Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday after passing over Montana the day before.

Officials overwhelmed

Numerous questions regarding the aircrafts and Biden’s request for the military to shoot them down have been directed to the White House.

Authorities took the mystery surrounding the strange flying objects very seriously.

Conspiracy theories have been very prevalent in conversation as a result of how current events have developed.

One officer acknowledged that the lack of knowledge increased the likelihood that novel theories would emerge, saying:

“Everyone wants answers that no one has at the moment.”

Sources claim that officials decided it would be prudent to explicitly (and immediately) rule out the possibility of alien participation even if there isn’t enough qualitative data about the objects to disclose to the public.

Officials had to make a decision immediately since they knew it would take some time to gather and inspect the fallen debris.

Sharing information

Representatives of the administration claim that their objective is to disseminate all of their knowledge on the flying objects.

They did acknowledge that the current situation isn’t the best for a discussion, however.

President Joe Biden said he wants to be open and honest about the situation with Congress and the American people.

Biden acknowledged that his capacity to address the matter is constrained without a thorough understanding of the nature of the flying objects, according to sources.

The government is working to clarify the false information that surfaced over the weekend in the meantime.

In an effort to bring authorities together in light of the contradicting assertions made by the Pentagon and Congressmen, they chose to have John Kirby brief the White House on the situation on Monday.

The National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, John Kirby, is the ideal candidate to carry out this effort.

Given the rise in conspiracy theories, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee suggested on Monday that it could be a good idea for the US President to address the nation.

“Ambiguity is fuel for conspiracy theorists,” said the lawmaker. “I hope information is shared expeditiously.”

Kevin McCarthy and Biden strike mutual respect

Kevin McCarthy: Political conflict between opposing forces nearly ever results in understanding; instead, it escalates into new confrontations.

The Wednesday meeting at the White House, however, was surprisingly fruitful.

The meeting between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden to discuss lifting the debt ceiling seemed to go seamlessly.

McCarthy also voiced optimism for a breakthrough.

A surprising optimism

As concerns about a US default grew on Wednesday, a number of officials met at the White House to discuss the debt ceiling.

Prior to their meeting, Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy engaged in political sparring.

Their interactions drew boundaries, and the media was notified of them.

The newly elected House speaker, however, displayed positivity as he exited the West Wing, demonstrating his confidence that they can reach an agreement.

McCarthy steadfastly refused the strict demands of the White House, yet something unexpected did get through.

After the discussion, the House speaker reportedly told Biden that the House would accept a “clean” debt ceiling, but there would be constraints.

“The only thing I heard for the last month was, I’m not gonna negotiate with you,” said Kevin McCarthy on what he offered the president.

“I just spent an hour sitting with the President in the Oval Office talking about what we do on a debt ceiling.”

“So, the first start is, okay, that’s different than what the last month was.”

Debt ceiling

The present level of the national debt exceeds the cap established by Congress in January.

As a result, the Treasury Department was obligated to take drastic action to ensure that the government made its debt payments on time.

Additionally, it put more pressure on Capitol Hill to prevent a default at year’s end.

The newly elected House GOP majority and the White House couldn’t come to an agreement on how to lift the debt ceiling.

Although Kevin McCarthy admitted that the initial discussion went well, he also underlined that there were still disparities in the viewpoints of the two parties.

“I think that at the end of the day, we can find common ground,” he said.

The meeting

Kevin McCarthy briefed President Joe Biden that he wanted to negotiate a resolution before the deadline so they could concentrate on other problems.

Biden emphasized his wish to engage with McCarthy and collaborate “across the aisle in good faith,” according to a White House statement.

The statement claims that during the meeting, Biden made it plain to McCarthy that stopping a national debt default is a shared duty.

As speaker for the first time, Kevin McCarthy went to the White House meeting and expressed optimism that a financial agreement for the following two years could be reached.

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“You won’t see omnibuses anymore,” he added.

“You’ll see the Senate and the House actually do what the American public has elected them to do.”

Biden welcomes a small meeting with congressional leaders on how to lower the deficit and keep the national debt under control while fostering economic growth, according to the White House.

Republicans in the House think increasing the debt ceiling should come after spending reductions.

As previously said, the White House will not negotiate or make concessions to lift the debt ceiling.

An early hurdle

Since being elected House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy is facing his first leadership test in light of the debt limit problem.

He faces the challenging task of balancing competing demands from diverse factions while preserving a fragile majority.

The debt ceiling offers a chance to evaluate McCarthy and Biden’s cooperation.

Republicans in the Senate announced that they would postpone their participation until they had seen how the House GOP addressed the $31.4 trillion borrowing cap problem.

They will then determine if they need to get involved.

Republicans at risk

The GOP runs a political risk by endorsing a budget cut.

They can run into backlash if they suggest cutting funding for preferred government services and programs.

According to sources, Kevin McCarthy frequently spoke with allies on and off the Hill.

This week, the House speaker and his GOP allies worked out their initial demands and spoke about cutting spending on domestic and defense initiatives.

To prevent backlash from voters, they opted against opposing Social Security and Medicare.

By choosing a course of action, House Republicans intended to advance their negotiations with the White House.

It has proven challenging to get agreements on budget reduction during the meeting.

Republicans thought it was still early given that there are still months of debate before the meeting on Wednesday.

There would be more time for Kevin McCarthy to speak.

Leaders are conscious that they must start by laying the foundation inside their own ranks, though.

McCarthy and the White House both utilized the past week to limit the discussions, despite the fact that their public remarks in the wake of the meeting were more restrained.

Biden and McCarthy

President Joe Biden’s top economic advisers asked Kevin McCarthy two questions in a memo that was distributed to “interested parties” on Monday:

Does he guarantee that the United States won’t default on its debt? When will he and the Republicans in the House make their budget public?

According to statements made by Biden a day before the meeting, McCarthy purportedly approached the session from a weak position due to pledges made to an unruly GOP party.

McCarthy argued that as he rose to become speaker, he was forced to accommodate extremist Republicans, despite the President praising him as a decent man.

At a prestigious dinner in Manhattan, McCarthy reportedly had to make commitments that were improper for a House speaker to make.

Kevin McCarthy replied:

“Apparently, he doesn’t understand… I’m looking forward to sitting down with the president, negotiating for the American public, the people of America, on how we can find savings.”

“We’ve watched what the spending has done, we watched it brought us inflation, we watched the challenge that it happened.”

“We’re looking forward to changing the course.”

President Joe Biden wary of Elon Musk

President Joe Biden recently noticed Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and new owner of Twitter, has a unique relationship with other countries.

He also says Musk’s relationship is worth looking into.

However, Biden declined to specify how.

President Biden

At a Wednesday conference in the White House, the president shared his thoughts on Elon Musk as a threat to the United States.

Interviewers brought up the joint acquisition of Twitter by Musk and foreign governments.

“Elon Musk’s cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at,” said President Joe Biden.

“Whether or not he is doing anything inappropriate – I’m not suggesting that.”

“I’m suggesting it’s worth being looked at, and that’s all I’ll say.”

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Elon Musk

Conversely, Elon Musk is not a fan of the US President.

The new Twitter owner actively criticizes Democrats on his social media accounts.

Throughout the year, Musk accused President Joe Biden of neglecting his electric vehicle company despite Tesla’s success.

Instead, Biden would prefer the old automakers and their union.

As a result, Elon Musk pledged to vote for the Republicans.

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National security reviews

Before Musk completed the $44 billion acquisition, Bloomberg reported that Biden administration officials discussed putting his operations to national security reviews.

According to CNN, the Biden administration dismissed the report, citing people familiar with the matter.

National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said: ‘We do not know of any such discussions.’

According to a Treasury Department spokesperson, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States does not comment publicly on transactions it may or may not review under law and practice.

Additionally, several foreign companies and investors have pledged to help Musk fund the deal, including Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was one of Twitter’s most prominent investors.


President Biden says Elon Musk’s relationships with other countries are worth looking into

A conversation between President Joe Biden and Al Sharpton reveals plans of Biden running for reelections

Although it happened more than a month ago, reports surfaced that President Joe Biden had told Reverend Al Sharpton that he intended to pursue a second term.

In a private White House conversion, Biden informed the Reverend, and Sharpton briefed the National Action Network staff about him later that day.

According to a description of Sharpton’s story by a National Action Network official, Biden explained his plan to the pastor as he posed for a photo.

“I’m going to do it again,” Biden allegedly told Sharpton. “I’m going.”

Biden and re-election

For some time now, many of the president’s allies have argued that while Biden wants re-election, he has chosen not to declare it.

His decision to do so was to avoid triggering the campaign’s financial reporting.

However, Biden’s comments to Sharpton after meeting the leaders of several major civil rights organizations represent a strong idea that he will return to the vote.


In 2020, black voters were instrumental in Biden’s return to the Democratic primary, giving him victory in the crucial contest in South Carolina after failing to finish first in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. 

The overwhelming support from black voters three days later propelled Biden to a solid lead over delegates on Super Tuesday.

As part of the 2020 race, President Sharpton unveiled his plan during the Sept. 2 meeting at the White House.

During a group chat, Sharpton reminded the president that they were seated on the sidelines of an event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in 2019.

At the time, Biden did not declare his candidacy, seeking Sharpton’s endorsement or commitment to neutrality in an area now shared by Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J.

Biden then sought advice from Sharpton on the 2020 candidacy and avoided a final statement, which he would contest.

However, at the White House group meeting, Sharpton said the 2020 conversation convinced him that he was one of the first to hear of Biden running for office.

Confirmation and second run

After the civil rights meeting ended, Sharpton went to Biden for a solo photo.

At the time, President Joe Biden confirmed the Reverend was among the first to learn of his 2020 candidacy.

Sharpton told his aides that Biden confided in him that he would run for reelections.

Biden’s approval numbers

At the end of July, the RealClearPolitics poll average was just 36.8% in support of Biden.

Since then, the numbers have climbed to 52.1%, meaning he will not need an alternative Democratic candidate.

The last sitting president to refuse a second term was Lyndon Johnson in 1968.

Publicly, President Joe Biden has been cautious about what he says as his allies quietly prepare for a re-election campaign.

During 60 Minutes on CBS on September 18, more than two weeks after meeting with civil rights leaders, Biden said:

“Look, my intention, as I said to begin with, is that I would run again.”

“But it’s not just in intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen.”


Biden tells Al Sharpton he will run for president again in 2024

Rail strike brews, leaders to meet in Washington to prevent it from happening

Railroad and union officials said they would travel to Washington on Wednesday for a meeting aimed at mitigating a potential rail freight strike.

They will meet Labor Secretary Marty Wash as the Biden administration tries to avoid a blow to the economy.

The news

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the SMART Transportation Division are the two major unions in conflict with the railroads.

Both unions should send their union leaders to meet and talk with Walsh.

The meeting comes days before a federally mandated cooling-off period, after which a strike could begin.

A railroad strike is a major test for President Joe Bien and the White House, which has one of the most union-friendly administrations in decades.

The government is trying to avoid potential shocks to the economy, especially with the upcoming midterm elections.

Possible strike

More than 60,000 railway trade unionists were called on Friday after midnight to go on strike.

Participating members include engineers and conductors, who make up the two-person crews for each train.

Another 45,000 workers belong to unions that have tentative agreements with the railways.

However, a strike by engineers and drivers could end the rail freight system.

What does it mean?

The closure would have huge implications for the entire supply chain and would affect the US passenger rail system.

More than 30% of freight transport in the country is carried out by rail; gas, food, consumer goods and vehicles could increase in price or become scarcer in the event of a shutdown.

Amtrak also feels huge implications for its service because of the way it travels on tracks owned by freight rail companies.

Service on major long-haul routes across the United States has already been suspended due to a possible strike.

Officials respond

The shutdown has left officials struggling and the White House has contingency plans with job interviews at an impasse.

Federal agencies are working on the options available to keep major supply chains operating.

President Joe Biden personally called on unions and the railroads to try to thwart a strike during his visit to Boston earlier this week.

Biden continues to receive updates on high-stakes deals.

A White House official said the Biden administration is working with truckers, carriers and airlines to determine how other modes of transportation can move goods in the event of rail disruptions.

One of the main concerns is how they can transport hazardous materials.

However, an official revealed that there were daily meetings between the departments of agriculture, defense, federal emergency management, health and human services and transportation.


Railroad and union officials summoned to Washington for high-stakes day of talks

President Biden rings up King Charles III, tells him he hopes to maintain close relationship

A few days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, President Joe Biden called King Charles III to express his condolences and his hope for the continued ties between their countries.


The President of the United States has known the Queen for three decades and has met her three times.

The last meeting they had was in June 2021 when the Queen received him and the First Lady at Windsor Castle.

At the time, Biden flew to the UK to attend the Group of Seven Heads of State and Government summit.

After the summit, the US president called the Queen “very gracious” with reporters.

Biden also revealed that he invited her to the White House and said the monarch reminded him of his late mother.

The White House produces statement

The White House released a statement regarding Biden’s appeal, writing:

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., spoke today with King Charles III to offer his condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.”

“The President recalled fondly of the Queen’s kindness and hospitality, including when she hosted him and the First Lady at Windsor Castle last June.”

“He also conveyed the great admiration of the American people for the Queen, whose dignity and constancy deepend the enduring friendship and special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.”

“President Biden conveyed his wish to continue a close relationship with the king.”


President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with King Charles III on Wednesday, his first conversation with the new king since the queen’s death.

Biden expressed his condolences to the new monarch and “conveyed his wish to continue a close relationship with the king.”

The president also tweeted and remembered the queen.

“I recalled her kindness, dignity, and constancy – and how she deepened the friendship between our nations.”

The call came before Biden led a US delegation to London next week.

Last week, President Joe Biden ordered flags to be flown at half mast above the White House and other public buildings until sunset, the day of the Queen’s funeral.


President Biden tells King Charles he wants to maintain ‘close relationship’

President Biden speaks with King Charles III for 1st time since queen’s death

Biden speaks with King Charles III, offers condolences for queen’s death

Ron DeSantis claims two planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard were his doing

On Wednesday night, two planes carrying migrants were dispatched to Martha’s Vineyard, causing a political debacle.

It has been revealed that the plane was dispatched by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The move enraged Democratic politicians and sparked a desperate response from residents, leading to humanitarian assistance from residents backed by Massachusetts authorities.

DeSantis’ actions are part of a series of moves by Republican governors to protest what they see as inadequate federal efforts to secure the southern border.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is located off the coast of Massachusetts.

It is known as a chic summer destination, especially for the wealthy who vacation here.

Martha’s Vineyard provided a rare and unexpected destination for placing migrants.


DeSantis was certified the day after two planes were dispatched to the island.

“We are not a sanctuary state, and it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction, and yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures,” said the Florida Governor.

“Every community in America should be sharing in the burdens. It shouldn’t all fall on a handful of red states.”

Rachel Rollins, an American attorney in Massachusetts, told reporters on Thursday that she would speak to Justice Department officials about DeSantis’s sending migrants to the vineyard.

Rollins said he doesn’t yet have enough information to determine whether he broke the law.

She also said that ensuring that those who arrive are treated with respect is a top priority.

The migrants

More than 50 migrants from Martha’s Vineyard who arrived at his vineyard on Wednesday were arrested, according to a Massachusetts senator, Julian Cyr.

Cyr is a Democrat representing the Vineyard.

Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty said authorities believed the migrants came from Venezuela.

A local fire chief previously said the migrants on the plane were his family of seven, and he had four children aged three to eight.

“There was no advance notice to anyone in Martha’s Vineyard or Massachusetts that these migrants were arriving to my knowledge,” said Cyr.

As city and state officials shared next steps, Cyr emphasized that the focus now is on helping migrants as they arrive.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency was established to support local response efforts and is designed to coordinate activities on the ground.

Reaction to the move

The White House and Florida Democrats are outraged at Ron DeSantis’ claim to the action.

Florida Democratic Chair Manny Diaz said:

“Even for Ron DeSantis, this is a new low. There is nothing DeSantis won’t do, and nobody that he won’t hurt, in order to score political points.”

The Democratic candidate for governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, agrees.

“This is just another political stunt that hurts our state,” he said.

“Tonight, the 4.5 million immigrants who call Florida home must be wondering if they’re next.”

Meanwhile, the White House on Thursday condemned DeSantis’ actions along with the Republican governor’s decision.

Abbott sent two buses full of migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in the capital.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said migrants from the bus were safely transported to a local church.

White House Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre accused governors of using migrants as “political pawns.”

She denounced their actions as a “cruel, premeditated political stunt.”

Earlier this year, Arizona Republican government Doug Ducey began sending migrants to Washington.

Abbott has since expanded efforts to include New York and Chicago in similar moves.

Migrants released from state custody typically travel to other cities to complete immigration formalities.

It is unknown whether the migrants who arrived at Martha’s Vineyard knew where they were going.


DeSantis claim credit for sending 2 planes carrying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts

President Joe Biden set for a speech on Thursday, White House reveals details

Ahead of November’s midterm elections, President Joe Biden announced he would be giving a prime-time speech Thursday night.

The speech will focus on the “continued battle for the soul of the nation,” with early voting ahead of the general election in November.

The prime-time speech

Biden will deliver his speech outside Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, known as the birthplace of American democracy.

He also started his 2020 presidential campaign in Philadelphia.

The Maryland rally

The speech comes shortly after Biden introduced aggressive new rhetoric at a Democratic rally in Maryland last week.

The president accused Republicans of “semi-fascism” and said he did not respect “these MAGA Republicans”.

The rally launched a mid-range effort to label Republicans “increasingly extreme.”

“They refuse to accept the will of the people. They embrace political violence. They don’t believe in democracy,” said Biden during the rally.

“This is why, in this moment, those of you who love this country — Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans — we must be stronger, more determined, and more committed to saving America than the MAGA Republicans are to destroying America.”

During the rally, Democrats argued that abortion rights, climate change, democracy, and the survival of Social Security were all on the ballot.

“In 2020, you and 81 million Americans voted to save our democracy,” said the President at the rally.

“That’s why Donald Trump isn’t just a former president – he is a defeated former president. And it’s not hyperbole. Now you need to vote to literally save democracy again.”

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What is Biden’s speech about?

A White House official said the president’s speech will show how Biden makes the central topic of his 2020 candidacy more important than ever as the midterm elections approach.

According to the official, President Joe Biden will explain where America is in the world and how important democracy is.

He will also highlight the progress he has seen in protecting the country’s democracy over the past two years.

Biden’s speech also shows how American rights and freedoms remain under threat.

“He will make clear who is fighting for those rights, fighting for those freedoms, and fighting for our democracy,” said the official.

The White House has not released any other details of Biden’s speech, other than the topic revolving around his 2020 campaign slogan.

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Biden approval ratings

With legislative victories in Congress and falling gas prices, President Joe Biden has seen his approval ratings improve.

Earlier this year, his rating hit 40%. Adding to that sentiment, a Gallup poll found that 44% of Americans approved of Biden’s professional performance, giving him his highest score in a year.

Meanwhile, a CBS News poll showed Biden’s approval rating hit 45%.

The president will travel to Philadelphia, his second trip this week to Pennsylvania, which will be a key battleground for Democrats to retain control of the Senate after November.

Biden will also travel to Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday to address public safety issues and combat gun crime.

He is going to a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh on Monday.


Biden to give primetime speech Thursday on ‘continued battle for the soul of the nation’ in Philadelphia

Biden to give prime-time speech on ‘soul of the nation’ as voters prepare to cast midterm ballots