Toy Story 5 backed by Pixar leadership

Toy Story 5Pixar produced the third Toy Story animated film in 2010.

It was one of the year’s most anticipated releases because it was published eleven years after the second edition.

Because the bulk of the intended audience had grown up by that point, many people considered the finale to be heartbreaking because they saw it as the end.

Toy Story 4 deceived people who thought the movies were finished when it debuted.

While some people liked it, others questioned if it was genuinely essential.

When Pixar bragged about Toy Story 5, fans recognized it wasn’t the end of the narrative.

The news

Toy Story 4 by Pixar was released in theaters in 2019 to largely mixed reviews.

Although audiences and reviewers appreciated the film for concluding the series, many people think Toy Story 3 was the finest way to do so.

Toy Story 5 is currently in production, according to Pixar.

Many people began to doubt if the sequel was genuinely necessary at this point.


Peter Docter, a Pixar executive, is aware of the outrage and, instead of keeping silent, has stepped out to defend the choice to approve Toy Story 5.

According to the Chief Creative Officer, the majority of Toy Story 5 is still up in the air, which means fans may be caught off guard.

“The thing we’ve been really trying to do, and this has been the case for a while, is we’ve been looking at them a little bit like, okay, we’re not planning for the future,” said Docter.

“When we made the first Toy Story, we had no idea there would be a Toy Story 2. We’re just trying to make this movie.”

“But that in making the movie, it takes you places, unexpected places, which is what I love about the creative process.”

“If I knew exactly what I was doing when I started making a movie, there’d kind of be no point in making it,” he continued.

“I discover so much along the way. I think it’ll be surprising. It’s got some really cool stuff that you haven’t seen before.”

The statements of Peter Docter provide some light on Pixar’s motivation for Toy Story 5.

Rather than changing the last film’s ending or aiming to generate money, Pixar intends to take the series in a new direction.

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Is it necessary?

After Peter Docter’s statements, some individuals are doubting the necessity of developing Toy Story 5.

Many individuals believe that Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 wrapped up the narrative in a way that satisfied everyone.

With the news, many people are claiming that Toy Story 5 is nothing more than a Disney money grab rather than a creative production.

Lightyear, a Toy Story spinoff picture that did not perform as well as planned at the box office, has an impact on the fifth episode’s emotions.

Despite having a special place in many people’s hearts, fans wonder if the animated film series really needs a fifth installment.

“I am so annoyed they are making Toy Story 5,” tweeted one fan. “Stop manipulating children into watching your joyless cash grab and let the classic remain a classic.”

After the tragic loss of one of the original film’s voice actors, another user commented on the casting, saying:

“Curious if they’ll replace Don Rickles for Toy Story 5. Given how cynically cash-driven this venture is, most likely.”

“No offense to the late great Jim Varney who was replaced after he passed, but it’d be hard to get another person to do justice to Mr. Potato Head. He’s too iconic.”

“Toy Story 5 is in the works at Disney. It should have ended with Toy Story 3,” tweeted a fan.

Why it’s controversial

The Toy Story trilogy has become one of the most anticipated films throughout the years as fans anxiously awaited the return of their beloved talking toys.

Despite this, many people thought Andy and Woody’s arcs were over after the third and fourth films.

Pixar’s efforts to expand the series risk undermining the emotional effect of the first two films.

Even if a reunion of Buzz Lightyear and Woody was wonderful, fans would never forgive Pixar for separating the franchise’s two main characters.