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Red Death debuts as Flash’s primary villain

Red DeathThe CW has created some of the most popular superhero shows over the last two decades.

While Smallville is probably the more prominent creator, Arrow has spawned a slew of programs set in the same universe.

Despite the cancellation of Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash is the final Arrowverse show to air.

In contrast, the Grant Gustin-led program is in its last season, and the show has opted to introduce a new nemesis established a few years ago: The Red Death.

Early reference

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) get access to Grace Gibbons’ consciousness in the 12th episode of Flash season 5, Memorabilia (Islie Hirvonen).

They wind up at the Flash Museum of the Future after going through the memories of a young Nora Allen-West (Avionne Dean).

A museum recording shows that the villain Cicada murdered more people than any of Flash’s opponents, including Zoom and Red Death.

Fans speculated that the Batman-like speedster might be the major nemesis of the season, but nothing came of it.

So far, the final season chose to move his appearance up.


The show’s lackluster debut received a spike of excitement at the conclusion, after long being hyped for an appearance as the show’s villain.

The Red Death is the most recent threat to Central City.

The Flash family’s next foe is likely to be their most lethal yet since it is powered by the Negative Speedforce and bears a familiar insignia.

In the second episode, Red Death emerged, threatening to make Central City pay for the Flash’s misdeeds.

Ultimately, in the most recent episode, the identity of the Red Death was revealed, revealing that Barry’s major enemy in the final season will be Ryan Wilder/Batwoman (Javicia Leslie).


DC Comics created a crossover story focused on the miniseries Dark Nights Metal in 2017 and 2018.

The narrative, written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascensia, established the notion for The Dark Multiverse.

Dark Nights Metal follows Batman as he finds the Dark Multiverse beneath the standard DC universe.

In an effort to prevent a prophecy that views him as the key to bringing a great evil to Earth, Batman accidentally allows seven distinct versions of himself to enter the Dark Multiverse.

The Red Death, a reborn Bruce Wayne united with Barry and the Speedforce, is one among them.

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After losing Robins in his never-ending struggle against crime, Earth-52’s Batman became insane.

As the negative earth was about to be destroyed, Batman seized weapons from the Rogues and approached his universe’s Flash, who refused to grant him Speedforce abilities.

The Flash is knocked unconscious and strapped to the hood of the Batmobile, which is disguised as the Cosmic Treadmill.

Batman drives them both into the Speedforce, absorbing Flash into his body, shattering his Speedforce connection, and converting Batman into the Red Death.

Dark Knights: Metal

The Red Death is one of the seven evil incarnations of Batman in the core universe.

Once the Red Death seized control of Central City, he unleashed a Speed Force Storm, allowing him to accelerate the aging of others until they perished.

After defeating Red Death, Barry Allen was imprisoned in his Batcave, which was supposed to slow him down.

As a result of their exposure to positive energy, the Red Death later divided Batman and Flash.

Despite the fact that the two Flashes would collaborate, Batman Who Laughs cautioned that Red Death would betray them, meaning that the positive energy would also slay Flash.


Red Death is revealed in the Flash series to be Ryan Wilder’s Batwoman, who took over after Ruby Rose left the show.

She previously appeared in the season eight plot “Armageddon” on The Flash.

After some contact with Gotham and Wayne Industries, the newest episode of The Flash notably referred to Batwoman as Red Death.

Given how vicious Red Death was in the comics, her participation on the show gives some light on the various heroes that will appear in DC’s speedster’s last episodes.

The Flash trailer reintroduces Michael Keaton as Batman

The FlashAs Marvel takes a backseat on the big screen, DC decided to step up this year with the release of four projects.

One of the most anticipated films this year is The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti.

The Scarlet Speedster’s first solo feature, despite various challenges during production, was highly awaited by many once the first official teaser was made public and went viral online.

The movie

Before the trailer aired, the Flash production had a number of problems.

Directors and writers would leave the project as soon as they were associated with it.

Thankfully, the project’s writer and director were decided to be Christina Hodson and Andy Muschietti.

The Argentine horror director proved to be a good choice, as seen by the positive responses for the teaser.

But still, the trailer for the movie coming out in June is obviously influenced by Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint books.

Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck are reunited in the film, which also ushers in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe.

The trailer

The Flash trailer’s opening sequence has Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) in a brand-new outfit standing in front of his childhood home.

In a series of montages, viewers see the young Barry’s mother die while also learning about Barry’s potential for traveling to other worlds and his desire to stay there.

He is then shown talking with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) about using time travel to change his mother’s course in life.

Bruce cautions Barry that there could be consequences, but Barry goes on with his plans.

The timeline has been altered, with some changes but also without Superman; he discovers when he runs into himself.

While Supergirl (Sasha Calle) makes her live debut in a gloomy jail, Barry struggles with the realization that he created a world without metahumans.

He has also traveled back to the period when General Zod (Michael Shannon) first steps foot on Earth.

Barry uses his other self to help him find Bruce Wayne, but instead he discovers Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne, who says the iconic catchphrase “I’m Batman.”

They cooperate to track out the imprisoned Supergirl.

In a series of montages, the two Barrys and a costumed Supergirl—whose look was inspired by Bruno Redondo’s illustrations from the Injustice comics—set out to face Zod.

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Batman returns

Even though Ben Affleck plays Batman in the DC Extended Universe, Michael Keaton reprises his role as the famous actor who is undeniably one of the best to wear the Bat cowl in The Flash.

Bruce Wayne is initially seen in the Batcave when the two Barrys go looking for the first Barry.

Although Keaton is wearing the Batman outfit that made him famous, it’s the Batman theme by Danny Elfman that truly makes people feel nostalgic.

Praise & changes

The Flash is officially ready for its cinematic debut after running into a few challenges.

James Gunn, who had already watched the film, said:

“I will say here that Flash is probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.”

Last year, test audiences gave the film reviews that were on par with those of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, earning acclaim from industry insiders.

The Flash’s climax was modified to accommodate Gunn and Safran’s new concepts, and a special DC character was later inserted during a subsequent shoot.

A few of the omitted characters include:

  • Batman (Michael Keaton)
  • Supergirl (Sasha Calle)
  • Superman (Henry Cavill)
  • Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)

The Flashpoint parallels

The Flash movie’s plot and Geoff Johns’ 2011 Flashpoint series are remarkably similar.

In the comics, Flash travels back in time to avert his mother’s demise.

The comics and the movie differ mostly in the following ways:

  • Involvement of Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash
  • The Atlantean and Amazonian War was not present
  • In the prison, Superman is substituted with Supergirl.
  • Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, who replaces Thomas Wayne in the comics

Even if Reverse Flash isn’t mentioned, The Black Racer, the corporeal embodiment of death from the Speed Force, is anticipated to appear.

Based on his attire, Barry Allen could be the Reverse Flash in the parallel reality.

Reverse Flash’s participation, if any, has yet to be confirmed.

Cinemas will screen The Flash on June 16, 2023.

The Flash might remain with the new DCU

The Flash: Movies based on comic book characters and stories are referred to as comic book movies or superhero movies.

In recent years, these films have grown in popularity, with multiple adaptations of well-known comic book characters like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man made by big Hollywood studios.

As early as the 1970s, DC was at the forefront of comic book movies.

Marvel’s MCU helped it become incredibly popular, but DC has been following closely after with its own distinct cinematic universe.

The Flash is one of the next DC films released in theaters this year.

James Gunn

Since becoming the co-president of DC, James Gunn has been in charge of dismantling many of the elements that Zack Snyder established.

Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, attended a meeting with Gunn to learn of their new plan.

Ben Affleck will no longer play the main continuity Batman, while Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 has been shelved.

It was rumored that Jason Momoa might make his return as Lobo.

In James Gunn’s revised DC Universe, it seems that only Ezra Miller will continue to play The Flash.


Although the film adaptation of The Flash was first announced in October 2014, it took over ten years to reach theaters.

The movie has gone through numerous stages of development since then.

Initially scheduled for release last year, The Flash was delayed by Warner Bros.

HBO Discovery postponed it till the summer of 2023 for post-production difficulties.


The numerous legal issues involving Ezra Miller are one of the most likely reasons for the film’s controversy.

Before receiving court orders for their altercation with Tokata Iron Eyes, The Flash actor encountered legal issues in Hawaii.

Miller was accused of threatening a woman and her family in the middle of 2022.

Guns, bullets, and marijuana were all around the actor’s Vermont farm, which was also the center of controversy.

They were eventually indicted in Vermont with felony burglary.

Ezra Miller has now undergone mental health therapy and issued a public apology, but their actions made the DC project a contentious release.

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The news

There have been rumors about Ezra Miller’s potential involvement with the Flash franchise since the movie is scheduled to enter theaters this year.

According to Variety, several Warner Bros. officials are open to continuing with the actor after the movie is out.

Despite the legal issues, there remained doubt whether Ezra Miller would continue to play Barry Allen following the standalone film.


Whether it was CEO David Zaslav or Warner Bros. Picture Heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, which officials approved, is unknown.

Ezra Miller’s chance of a long-term position is not guaranteed, regardless of which executive it is.

Gal Gadot is the lone actor still on board when word broke that Henry Cavill will no longer be playing the Man of Steel.

James Gunn has yet to disclose his Wonder Woman movie plans.

Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, might depart soon and might reappear as Lobo.

After the standalone Flash movie, Ezra Miller’s return to the Justice League won’t make sense if the team is going to start over again.

James Gunn or Peter Safran has not yet referenced the executives who support Miller’s comeback.

The new DCU

James Gunn has said that a new DCU is coming, regardless of how well The Flash does at the box office.

It would make sense for DC to adopt an “Elseworlds” strategy for the forthcoming movie and its sequels.

Similar to the Arrowverse, which lives outside the main continuity, the previous DCU, or essentially the Snyderverse, might coexist with the new one.

If the studio is amenable to the idea, the Flash franchise can continue to exist regardless of what the new DCU does.

Aside from the Elseworld films, Ezra Miller’s reputation continues to be a barrier to their DC icon role.

The fact that they underwent mental health treatment and expressed their regrets may not be sufficient for DC Studios to continue working with Miller.


Ezra Miller may continue as The Flash in James Gunn’s new DCU

Henry Cavill is still Superman, confirms return on Instagram

Henry Cavill’s Superman has been gone for a few years, but the actor revealed he will remain as Superman for the DCEU.

Warning: the following contains spoilers

Henry Cavill’s announcement

Henry Cavill took to social media to talk to fans about his appearance in the Black Adam mid-credits scene.

He also assured them that this was not the end.

Cavill also confirmed that he is returning as Superman for more DC films.

“I wanted to wait until the weekend was over before posting this because I wanted to give you all the chance to watch Black Adam,” said Cavill.

Henry Cavill is known for making sure fans don’t get spoilers about the projects he’s involved in.

“Now that plenty of you have, I wanted to make it official: I am back as Superman.”

“What you see in this image and in Black Adam is just a very small taste of things to come.”

“There’s a lot to be thankful for, and I’ll get to that in time, but I wanted to thank you most of all,” said Cavill, referring to his supporters.

“Thank you for your support and for your patience. I promise it will be rewarded.”

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Warner Bros.

Since his debut in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s Superman has been the subject of debate.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was unfairly bombarded by critics, paving the way for Cavill and the Justice League movie to get backlash.

After Snyder’s departure, Joss Whedon’s directorial takeover only put the DCEU in an even more challenging position.

Warner Bros. moved between companies like AT&T and Discovery, but Snyder’s impact can still be felt on DC projects following his release.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman won over fans and received sequels.

The Flash movie will be released next year.

Ben Affleck’s Batman, first criticized and then deservedly praised, will also return.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Snyder Cut later dubbed Zack Snyder’s Justice League, found success in HBO Max.

A Man of Steel sequel had been put on hold and was rumored never to appear.

Instead, there were rumors of a new Superman movie.

The rumors felt solidified until Dwayne Johnson stepped in.

Black Adam gives Superman a boost

Dwayne Johnson revealed that the Black Adam team was frustrated that Walter Hamada turned down a Superman cameo in the film.

Johnson, however, is full of praise for Henry Cavill, describing him as a “great” and “beloved” Superman.

The Black Adam actor also highlights how Cavill loves the Superman mythology and knows the character from the heart.

“And then on top of that, the most important thing is, fans love him as Superman,” said Johnson.

“He’s been on the sideline for five years, and no one’s talking about it!”

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The Man of Steel’s return

His cameo in Black Adam inspired the executives of Warner Bros. to bring Henry Cavill back to DC projects.

A sequel to Man of Steel is reportedly in the works, and producer Charles Roven is also said to be back.

In the Black Adam mid-credit scene, Superman steps out of the shadows in Black Adam to confront the champion of Khandaq.

The scene also used John Williams’ original theme from the 1978 film Superman.

The decision to pick Williams’ theme gave fans renewed hopes for Henry Cavill’s return as the Man of Steel.


Henry Cavill promises more Superman after Black Adam post-credits scene

Ezra Miller’s representative releases statement explaining his behavior

Ezra Miller, the actor behind the Flash and We Need to Talk About Kevin, has been in a downward spiral since 2020.

It started with video equipment from the actor who suffocated a woman before causing an uprising in Hawaii.

From there, they were in trouble because they were accused of grooming a child, showing violence against a woman and her child, keeping a woman and her three children in their farm, and breaking into a residence to steal alcohol recently.

While Miller was supposed to get papers at that time, the actor was not on the radar.

They recently announced that they were looking for treatment for “complex mental health problems.”

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The statement

The representative of Ezra Miller contacted several media with a declaration with the registration:

“Having gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment.”

“I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior.”

“I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe, and productive stage of my life.”

Early efforts to get help

Miller’s decision falls on Monday after at least two months of people who encourage the actor to ask for help.

Among those who encouraged them are the agent of Miller long -term CAA Warner Bros and the nearby employees, friends and family.

Variety has speculated that the turning point came when the actor received a citation on August 7 to appear on September 26 in the Crime department of the Supreme Court of Vermont due to a burglary.

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The Flash

Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen / The Flash for DC Batman against Superman: Dawn of Justice since 2016, and since then, they have played in cams for Suicide Squad, The Flash on CW and Peacemaker.

Though the Flash solo film is slated for next year, Miller’s antics ran into production difficulties.

However, despite the actor’s numerous altercations and actions in Hawaii, Iceland, Germany and the state of Green Mountain, the film was never seriously threatened.

Warner Bros executives knew they couldn’t release a $ 200 million movie without his star and spent weeks talking to Miller and their reps about a more “proactive” mental health strategy for them.

“This isn’t about business,” said one executive regarding the company’s influence and Miller’s situation.

“It’s about a human being who is clearly in pain.”


Ezra Miller seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues”

‘The Flash’ star Ezra Miller seeking treatment for ‘complex mental health issues’

‘Flash’ star Ezra Miller agrees to mental health treatment as burglary court date looms