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Strategic Genes Helping Business Women Live Their Dream Lives

Cassandra Theagene started Strategic Genes with a purpose to target business women who have too much to handle. The company started operations five years ago with the sole aim of helping women entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses with ease. Cassandra has seen many women struggle to raise their children, take care of the family, get an education, and run a business. She thinks it’s not fair for one person to take on all that and still be expected to run a successful business. That informed her decision to start a business management and consulting firm that can take away this burden off many women’s shoulders.

Already, businesses have a survival rate of five years or less. Having seen the number of women on the verge of losing their businesses due to lack of time, Strategic Genes came to life. Cassandra helps businesses develop well-organized operational units that can exist without the owners. She is a professional business strategist, manager, and operator with experience in health care, entertainment, media, local government, and various campaigns and projects.

With a BA in Communications and Journalism, Cassandra is looking to do more than business coaches who only offer advice but not the work involved. Strategic Genes takes things a step further beyond what business coaches do. The company takes business owners by the hand and help them get the work done. The goal is to develop a system for each business that does all the work and makes growth happen.

Delegating is important for business success. There is bound to be a breakdown at some point if only one person is handling all the aspects of running a business. With a consultant like Strategic Genes, businesses get expert solutions that lead them to great success.

Strategic Genes targets service-based businesses that are ready to scale their businesses and trust an expert to help them achieve that. Cassandra prides herself on being a dominant force in the women-owned business consulting niche, her ability to drive results, and her passion for business growth. She has identified the right patterns and systems that work for her women clients, which explains the high success rate that she has enjoyed over the last five years.

In her words, “At Strategic Genes, our story is your reality! My passion for others to succeed drives everything we do to ensure that our women entrepreneurs are not left behind. I know what struggling to build a successful business is like. I want my fellow women business owners to achieve that success without the limiting factors and the lengthy learning curve.”

Strategic Genes did not come to exist as a dream. It was a decision Cassandra made when she realized that her corporate job could do away with her at any time. And since then, she has waxed stronger thanks to the significant changes she has made in her clients’ lives. Her five-year goal is to be the go-to consultant for women-owned small businesses while increasing her client base by 150%.

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Marshon Thomas Holds All the Secrets to Succeed in Business

Serial entrepreneur Marshon Thomas has come a long way in his business career. The business coach started as the owner of a small janitorial service and is now a leading expert in marketing. Along the way, he has built businesses and let them go. Today, Marshon is helping high-tech startups take their business to the next level with the aid of his keen business acumen.

Marshon Thomas works with businesses with a problem in customer service. Often, the problem is so severe it affects their bottom line. Business owners will often lose out on repeat business because their clients are dissatisfied with their products or services. These mistakes are costing them thousands of dollars a month, and often, the business owner is finding it difficult to stay afloat. 

As a business coach, Marshon Thomas has helped several businesses stay afloat and significantly generate more income. Marshon is a pro at helping businesses excel to new heights.

Marshon Thomas has developed a mind for business. As a business coach, his most lucrative trait is his perceptive ability to forecast. As a serial entrepreneur, he knows that the most important thing a business must do to succeed is to predict the next big thing and stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, Marshon knows how to coach others without being condescending. In his time in the navy, he learned that it is always better to encourage than to discourage, and he has taken this lesson to heart. Marshon has conducted countless training and coaching sessions in the military and civilian world. He is often praised for being a kind and understanding coach.

Marshon Thomas has gained coaching experience in stock trading, social media management, business scaling, and advanced English. He studied the stock market in the late nineties and started investing soon after. He has earned well over six figures in trading and investing. This longtime interest in the stock market has led him to dabble in cryptocurrency recently.

He has coached IT professionals in advanced English to help them reach new heights in their careers as well as Japanese and Chinese students learning English for the first time.

As a social media consultant, Marshon Thomas has worked on many well-known projects, most notably Spike Lee’s Kickstarter project, which raised $1.4 million. His latest project is helping high-tech startup companies scale their business.

Marshon’s fifteen years of serving customers have taught him that their satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Early on in his career, he quickly learned that to be successful in business, one must be perceptive to their customer’s feedback. Marshon would often go out of his way to make sure his customer was satisfied with his service. The entrepreneur learned that every negative experience is an opportunity to learn when it comes to business. 

Marshon Thomas is looking forward to starting his own branding agency in the future. He hopes that his story can inspire every reader to pursue their dreams and become the best they can be and to let go of all the things stopping them from achieving their fullest potential.

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