Healthy Drink Seoul Juice Wins the Hearts of Parents and Kids

People are increasingly choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. Making healthy choices, however, may be more difficult than people think due to a lack of options on the market. Fortunately, Seoul Juice has already arrived and is taking over the Chicago marketplace. With so many sports drinks adding sugars and colors to their goods, Seoul Juice has also become a popular choice among athletes.

Seoul Juice is the first Korean Pear Juice that is as healthy as it is tasty and has been a top-selling product across the USA since its launch not so long ago. The Seoul Juice team is excited to announce its expansion into multiple Chicago area retailers, where people can now find them in all Pete’s Fresh Market locations, Fresh Farms locations, and Standard Market in Westmont. 

Because Chicago is one of the country’s major culinary capitals, Luis Manta rushed to get Seoul Juice goods into stores in the area as quickly as possible. The company has an excellent distribution partner in the region, Pod Foods, which has helped build its business. Jonathan Svigos, Fresh Farms Market’s Vice President of Store Operations, was instrumental in bringing Seoul Juice to the market. He noticed how well the product was performing in Southern California and advocated for its introduction in Chicago. Seoul Juice has become more accessible to potential customers thanks to the assistance of another buyer, Leno Asuncion, at Pete’s Fresh Market. 

Seoul Juice was founded and created by Luis Manta, a college athlete who realized a need for qualified health and natural drink solutions for other athletes. After that, he transitioned from athletics to entrepreneurship and has never looked back since.

Luis was born in Carol Stream, which gave him strong ties to the community. He liked visiting Chicago, which he considered a wonderful city with an incredible cultural and cuisine scene, which also played a part in his decision to bring Seoul Juice to the market. The drink was originally founded in St. Louis, where they have a sizable and dedicated following across the Midwest. With the help of their Chicago clients, they were able to set up distribution and get the product into local retailers.

What distinguishes Seoul Juice from other beverages on the market is that it has half the sugar of apple juice and twice the potassium of a banana. As a result, the drink has become a favorite of both children and parents. Many frequent customers refer to Seoul Juice as “healthy apple juice,” which makes sense, given that the Korean Pear is also known as the apple pear.

Seoul Juice is popular among parents since it has only three natural ingredients and tastes delicious. Many parents have expressed gratitude to Luis and his crew for inventing a clean product that helps address their children’s “picky eater concerns.”

Luis and his crew have many more fresh ideas for the next year that they hope will grow awareness about their product. Through the next few months, he hopes that the Seoul Juice will fall into the hands of those who will enjoy the drink from the first sip. That said, the team is extremely keen to get the product to market. With their current goal of having Seoul Juice in as many areas as possible, their main mission is to urge as many people as possible to try it.