Entrepreneur Ryan Margolin on how to conquer the world

With a post-graduate and Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland, Ryan Margolin is a business leader and an experienced entrepreneur. What sets him apart from the rest of his competitors is the fact that Ryan runs 6, 7, and 8-figure companies and has sold over $40 million of products globally. Over the course of his career, he’s taken on seemingly impossible projects and created value by looking at them from a different perspective than everyone else. Having worked in more than 15 countries, he excels at connecting the dots for success. 


Ryan’s expertise lies in his ability to quickly formulate simple, realistic strategies that create value from what others thought were dead ends. Moreover, he is an integral part of his family business, Professional Hair Labs, and contributed to taking it to the top of the industry by becoming the #1 Choice of Hair Replacement Professionals as well as the World Leader in Cosmetic Bonding. He is also the founder of Aesthetic Technology, a consulting firm that helps businesses automate their lead-generation processes and develop business strategies that promote lasting success.


His mantra for success is based on ‘Occam’s Laser’ principle. “You’ve probably heard of the Pareto principle that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. You might have even heard of Occam’s Razor theory, ‘The most likely answer is often the most simple’. But I am sure you’ve never combined the two. And that’s the only reason why you are stuck and can’t seem to scale to 7-figure profits and beyond,” informs Ryan Margolin. “See, Occam’s Laser shows that 80% of a business’s success is due to 20% of its effort. And that it’s usually the simplest, easiest actions that create colossal results,” he elaborates.


In fact, Ryan claims that following this principle has allowed him to achieve success as far as all his businesses are concerned. Apart from that, he has also helped many of his clients create breakthroughs after being stuck for years. Being a proficient entrepreneur and managing many businesses successfully, he believes in sharing the secret of success as well as his strategies with all those who want their companies to thrive. This is not all! He has a passion for mentorship and believes in empowering small businesses. Ryan frequently leverages his wealth of experience in order to assist other business owners. With his help, many start-ups have made the most of their concepts while successfully scaling their businesses without sacrificing flexibility, clarity, or dedication to putting people first. 


Ryan Margolin grew up in a house where both his parents worked as business owners in the hair replacement industry. Watching them manage their business, along with the ups and downs over many years, inspired him to take a similar route. He learned that taking risks is essential. If it works, that’d be great for your business, but if it fails, then it provides valuable opportunities to learn and grow. 


As for his company, Professional Hair Labs has been named among the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the USA for three consecutive years. They have also won awards for the best export company in the National Enterprise Awards in Dublin, Ireland, in 2022. They have taken the business from a 6-figure company to an 8-figure one after launching Ghostbond adhesive in 2009. Hence, their simple strategies of focusing on the right team members to provide excellent customer service have worked wonders for them. 


Success is something that anyone can achieve, given that they have the right attitude and mindset. “The truth is that it all starts with taking a good look at yourself in the mirror,” shares Ryan. His mentor taught him, and he recalls, “You can cheat in every aspect of your life. You can be dishonest with others. But at the end of the day, you can’t cheat that reflection in the mirror looking at you straight in the eye. In essence, if you pay close attention to the person in the mirror and learn how to take an honest look at yourself, you can get through any challenge and accomplish anything you set your mind to.” 


Moving on further, he explains that you will often find that nobody will believe in you until you have already achieved success. What many people fail to understand is that hard work has to come before you earn the belief and support. This means that you are going to have to work by yourself. For a long time. With no applause. No awards. And no recognition. You will have to learn how to be your own inspiration to continue when the going gets tough.


To sum it up, at the beginning of our lives, everyone will have an opinion on how things should be done or what you should or should not pursue. If you are passionate about something, do it. If anything, you will learn from it. Take every step and every curve as a learning process. Whether it helps build your business or not, it will definitely refine your personality. 


Ryan Margolin’s ethos is based on the core values of putting people first, challenging industry standards, and paying it forward wherever possible. His intuitive business sense, attention to detail, and dedication to his customers have paved the way to his success, and this is what he instills in aspiring entrepreneurs too.