Commercial Real Estate after the Coronavirus!

Americans are likely to see more “for rent” signs in the coming months as many businesses devastated by COVID-19 abandon offices and storefronts. The pandemic has affected the way people use and interact in public space and likely will have lasting impacts

Colin McDowell on What the Future of Real Estate Looks Like

For the majority of the year 2020, the world has felt the brunt effects of COVID-19. Economies have slowed down, and industries severely hit. However the real estate industry is booming. Experts like real estate and mortgage coach Colin Daugherty McDowell, believe

RECA Founder Shares Secrets to Creating a Top Real Estate Agency

Since moving to the United States in 2005, Simon Polito has wasted no time building a highly recognized brand, brokering hundreds of international real-estate transactions achieving over $600 million in sales. Simon is a California realtor and auctioneer who is the founder

Zack Ross on Turning His Realty Dreams Into a Reality

When people harness a positive thought, they tap into their hidden power and ultimately manifest their goals. Simply put, affirmations have the ability to transform one’s life for the better.  As a firsthand witness of the wonders of affirmations, Zack Ross knows