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Portland woman breaks into another apartment and raises mental health help concerns

By now, residents of Portland, Oregon, know of Terri Zinzer, who has been arrested multiple times in recent months.

In every incident, it was clear that Zinzer needed mental health care, but the situation in the city made it difficult to do so.

A few weeks ago, Terri Zinzer is said to have walked into a house and laid down on a bed.

Last week, she was caught again in another break-in, and Zinzer missed a court hearing on Monday.

The latest incident

Zinzer’s break-in occurred at around 4:30 PM at an apartment on Northeast 17th Avenue near Northeast Broadway.

According to Drew Doety, his mother came home from work and found a stranger on her bed.

“She unlocks the door to find a person sleeping in her bedroom under her blanket,” Doety explained.

“At first, she thought it was my sister, but then discovered that it was a random person, random woman in her bed.”

“She yelled at them to get out, then realized that it was just better to leave the apartment and call the police.”

Doety said his mother went back in to check the situation and found the woman hiding in a closet with her clothes on.

When the police arrived at the property, Zinzer barricaded himself in the bathroom.

Doety said police had to break down the door and take her away in handcuffs.

“I would say it was a pretty distressing situation for everybody involved,” he said.

“And definitely not the kind of thing that you expect to come home to, but in Portland, it is seeming more and more commonplace.”

Terri Zinzer

Drew Doety’s sentiments rang true, especially in the case of Zinzer, whose actions shed some light on the flaws in the justice system for not getting her help.

Although the prosecutor said she needed mental health care, Zinzer refused.

As a result, she has had more confrontations with the police in recent months.

Past incidents

Terri Zinzer’s first confrontation with the police began in July when she was caught stealing in Gresham.

However, the district attorney’s office did not charge her anything.

A few weeks later, police caught her committing trespass, but the district attorney’s office has not yet filed a lawsuit against her.

On September 12, Zinzer broke into Kelsey Smith’s home, with the break-in captured on security video.

Initially, the prosecutor’s office said they would not charge him, but claimed Zinzer needed psychiatric care, not prison.

Instead, they chose to file a complaint.

Terri Zinzer was indicted last week.

An arrest warrant was later issued on September 19 after missing a hearing in Clackamas County.

During that hearing, it was going to be determined if she was mentally capable of handling another theft case.

On September 27, Zinzer was arrested for theft, disorderly behavior, and false information.

Since the district attorney’s office had not filed a complaint, she was released from prison.

On September 30, Zinzer broke into Doety’s apartment.

After the break-in

Drew Doety and his family were shocked by the event and are currently waiting for the police before taking any action.

“Definitely violating to have somebody come into your home and to find somebody in your bed,” he said.

“So we spent the night basically sanitizing the entire apartment, and now it’s a matter of calling the police and insurance and hoping everything can get solved.”

According to Doety, they plan to file a complaint.

Zinzer was supposed to appear in court on Monday, but was instead held in solitary confinement.

According to court documents, she yells and swears at officials, knocks on the cell door, and spits on the windows.

Prior to the current situation, Terri Zinzer was charged with 16 offenses in 2018.

Even then, she didn’t seem to get the help she needed.


Justice system appears unable to provide necessary mental health help for Terri Zinzer

Break-ins in Portland force store to close for good

Break-ins have become a persistent problem in Portland, Oregon, and a clothing store was recently closed for good due to the thefts.

This month, a series of break-ins have left the store in financial ruin.

They then posted a note on the front of the store to announce their closure.

The note

The notice from the clothing store referred to criminal behavior and employee safety concerns as reasons for the closure.

“Our city is in peril,” the Rains PDX store note reads. “Small businesses (and large) cannot sustain doing business in our city’s current state.”

“We have no protection, or recourse, against the criminal behavior that goes unpunished. Do not be fooled into thinking that insurance companies cover losses.”

“We have sustained 15 break-ins,” it continued. “We have not received any financial reimbursement since the 3rd.”

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The problem

Marcy Landolfo, the store owner, said she had suffered 14 thefts in the past year and a half.

As a result, the business can no longer survive the financial strain it costs the store.

“The problem is, as small businesses, we cannot sustain those types of losses and stay in business,” said Landolfo.

“I won’t even go into the numbers of how much has been out of pocket.”

“The products that are being targeted are the very expensive winter products and I just felt like the minute I get those in the store, they’re going to get stolen.”


Last month, Rains PDX faced another break-in.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office is developing a plan to help business owners financially repair their stores.

Marcy Landolfo, however, said tackling crime in Portland isn’t enough.

“Paying for glass, that’s great; but that is so surface and does nothing for the root cause of the problem, so it’s never going to change,” she said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office said Mayor Wheeler and his team understand the plight of local businesses.

They said companies should pay out of pocket or file a claim with their insurance company.

On Sunday, the spokesperson said:

“For this reason, we’ve worked to increase funding for Business Repair Grants through Prosper Portland, and recently held a Retail Safety Summit to strategize with local business leaders and loss prevention specialists on the retail theft crisis.”

“We are also working with interested property owners to streamline the permitting process to add enhanced lighting to storefronts, which can help deter nighttime break-ins.”

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In recent years, retail chains across the country have been plagued by break-ins.

The National Retail Federation conducted a study that showed organized retail crime grew 26.5% in 2021, leaving businesses with a multibillion-dollar problem.

Meanwhile, Portland has seen a rise in violent crime in recent years.

A recent 2020 survey found that the city experienced overnight protests and grievances following the death of George Floyd.

2020 also saw a 58% increase in homicides, while 2021 will see a 54% increase.


Portland store shuts down, posts blistering note on front door slamming rampant crime: ‘city is in peril’

Blanchet House struggles to find footing with insurance rates

Blanchet House is a Portland-based non-profit social services organization, but like many others, it suffers from the effects of inflation.

According to employees, the non-profit organization faces a growing need with rising costs, disrupting their operations.

Blanchet House

The non-profit organization was founded by students from the University of Portland in 1925.

The students founded the Blanchet House with the encouragement of their priest, who urged them to take to the streets and help people.

Initially, it began as a fraternity called the Blanchet Club, named after Oregon’s first pioneer Catholic priest, Reverend Francis Norbert. Blanket.

The club found a building to perform its services and eventually named it Blanchet House.

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The situation

The executive director of Blanchet House, Steve Kerman, points to the state of the economy as a source of problems.

“Goods and services are costing us more, and part of that is insurance,” said Kerman.

“It takes a lot of insurance to operate, to do what we do – housing and meal services – and those costs are going up about 20 percent.”

Additionally, Scott Kerman revealed that Blanchet House has enough private money to make ends meet but is worried about the rest of the community.

“What I’m really trying to do is just speak up for the non-profits in our community who have been doing extraordinary work under exceptional and unprecedented circumstances and are dealing with the financial challenges as a result.”


According to the Northwest Insurance Council, many factors explain the rate hike.

President Kenton Brine said recovery from recent fires and rising repair costs are among the rate hike factors.

“I know that insurers are doing their best to keep cost increases as minimal as possible,” said Brine.

“But inflation and these other cost increases can’t help but begin to show up in premiums that people pay for – home, auto, and business insurance in Oregon.”

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Policy solutions

The president of the Northwest Insurance Council recommends seeking a policy, suggesting that there is still competition for coverage in places, including downtown Portland.

“Then do other things that you can to try and reduce your risk. If you can protect windows from being smashed, try to do that,” Brine offered.

“If you can keep flammable materials and debris from piling up outside your business in an alley, try and prevent arson – all those things help make you a better risk for insurers to insure.”

According to Brine, crime’s impact is still hard to overlook. 

“It’s certainly going to be helpful if local leaders try to attack the crime problem more aggressively,” suggested Brine.

“And as crime rates go down and people aren’t experiencing as many claims, you’ll see insurance rates stabilize.”


Portland non-profits struggle with rising insurance rates

Paraeducators needed in Portland public schools due to shortage

Portland public schools have recently reported a shortage of paraeducators to help lift the weight off in special education classrooms.

The shortage is challenging, prompting the Portland Public School District to encourage more people to apply as paraeducators.


In Portland, the district is asking help from the community and encouraging more people to consider taking paraeducator positions as in-person classes have started resuming.

While nothing new, officials shared that the 2022 shortage has been more taxing compared to years prior.

Paraeducators have become a crucial position to fill as teachers are in dire need of help in classrooms to help handle students with special needs.

Kijana Winchester

Ms. Kiki (Kijana Winchester) is a seasoned paraeducator for Portland Public with over 23 years of experience.

The experienced paraeducator works at Jefferson High School.

“My grandfather went to school here,” she shared.

“My father went to school here. I went to school here. I graduated in ’92, and I came back to work in ’98.”

Although most see paraeducator as a means to earn checks, Winchester is one of the exceptional to consider what she does as more than just work, saying:

“I love the students. I love the impact. It’s just gratifying.”

The situation

Tricia Curley, the assistant director of Special Education in middle and high schools, said paraeducators like Winchester could have a lasting impact on the system.

“There are a lot of paraeducators in our district who are changing the lives of students every day, and we need more,” said Curley.

Along with other administrators who oversee the special education program, Curley revealed that the district is in need of more paraeducators.

The director of special education for Portland Public, Michelle Murer, said that it isn’t uncommon to see many positions down.

“This year, we were down 65 openings in August. We’re still, at this moment, down 45 openings,” said Murer.

“At the beginning of the school year, we’re always down probably 15 to 20 paraeducators. But within a month, we’re usually back up to fully staffed within a few.”

More shortage in 2022

The shortage of paraeducators in 2022 has been surprising, and administrators don’t know how the situation came to be.

Others cite the pandemic as a factor to the shortage.

However, Murer said that when the pandemic shut schools down, paraeducators pursued other jobs and never came back.

Meanwhile, other educators cited the challenges of the paraeducator position.

They shared that they often deal with emotional outbursts and injuries when students are unable to regulate their emotions.

The position’s low salary is also a contributing factor.

Regardless, educators acknowledge that students are affected by the situation, which has made for a difficult time following the pandemic.

“I just think that if people come, they’ll see what a difference it makes and how fulfilling that is,” said Curley.

A seasoned paraeducator, Kijana Winchester still finds the job satisfying, which is why she continues to do it after more than two decades.

“Just making a difference in students’ lives like, that’s what makes me want to do it,” said Winchester.

Portland public schools have a $3,000 retention bonus for rookie paraeducators.

Meanwhile, other school districts have also struggled in bringing in paraeducators in recent years.


Portland public schools experiencing special education paraeducator shortage

Taking a look into some of Portland’s best tourist attractions

Portland is one of the most beautiful cities in Oregon which has become not only a tourist destination but also a place of settlement.

Oregon’s largest city combines a mix of culture and urban attractions, earning it the name “The City of Roses.”

Portland offers city attractions such as musical entertainment, cultural events, theater, and more.

During this time, nature lovers have the opportunity to explore the green spaces of the city gardens, rich in various flowers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with nature as Portland bridges to other Pacific Northwest destinations.

Here are some of Portland’s top tourist attractions.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Located on the Oregon-Washington state border, the Columbia River offers a vast tourist region ideal for leisurely cruises and the great outdoors.

It is considered one of Portland’s most popular destinations for locks, lookouts, and hiking trails.

Visitors have the opportunity to witness the beautiful waterfalls along the trail.

Portland Japanese Garden

Located on the site of a former zoo and spanning 30 acres in Washington Park, Portland’s Japanese Garden is a must-see in the City of Roses.

The garden was first opened to the public in 1961 to give citizens a place of tranquility and clarity.

It was established to recognize the growing cultural ties between the city and Japan.

Portland Japanese Garden is set up in a variety of styles to offer visitors a unique and tranquil experience.

International Rose Garden

One of the oldest tourist attractions, the Rose Test Garden was founded in 1917.

The gardens are divided into several sections which offer plenty of space to explore with interesting plants everywhere.

The Rose Test Garden develops new varieties and miniatures of roses.

The Gold Award Garden hosts many past award winners, where they are displayed with a beautiful gazebo.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Continuing Portland’s love of culture, Lan Su Chinese Garden is a testament to the city’s relationship with its twin city, Suzhou, China.

Opened 22 years ago, the garden combines elements of nature (rocks, plants, trees, gardens) and a lake in downtown Portland.

Lan Su Chinese Garden is about a block long and spans around 40,000 square feet.

It features traditional buildings and walkways with native Chinese plants that have been imported to provide a very unique experience.

Portland Art Museum

Another long-standing tourist attraction in the city is the Portland Museum of Art, founded in 1892.

Since its creation, the museum has housed an extensive collection of more than 50,000 objects.

The museum features Native American artifacts, Asian art, graphics, photography, and Northwest art.

The Portland Art Museum also houses Vincent Van Gogh’s Chariot with the Black Ox.

Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books is a designated spot for bibliophiles, who will feel right at home in the second-hand bookstore with over a million books.

While visitors can find plenty of space to read, the Burnside location also has a coffee shop.

Powell’s Books also hosts events such as author readings, writing seminars, and various book clubs.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Portland’s OMSI complex features a planetarium, educational hands-on displays, four-story display, and a US Navy submarine.

Visitors with children are treated to colorful, fun and educational exhibits with hands-on, interactive displays.

The displays contain educational pieces on chemistry, energy, engineering, environment, health and technology.

In front of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is the USS Blueback, a non-nuclear submarine that has served more than 30 years.

The Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is home to hundreds of species, from birds to sea life.

Located in Washington Park, it also features animals from different parts of the world, with exotic creatures from the African savannah, the Amazon, and the Arctic.

Visitors are also informed about the zoo’s curatorial program and research focused on the conservation of Pacific Northwest species.

Portland Saturday Market

Established in 1974, the Portland Saturday Market has grown over the years to become the city’s largest outdoor artists’ market.

Market stalls are open between early March and Christmas Eve in Portland’s Old Town’s Chinatown neighborhood.

On Saturday mornings, 250 vendors set up their stalls to sell arts and crafts, including woodwork, jewelry, artwork, souvenirs and home accessories.

The market also offers packaged foods that sell organic teas and artisanal candies.

There is also a food court with coffee and breakfast dishes, while live music plays throughout the market for a movie-like experience.


14 top-rated tourist attractions in Portland, Oregon

Hazelwood neighborhood holds block party to address gun violence

Gun violence is a troubling problem in the United States, and Portland’s Hazelwood neighborhood has taken a stand against it.

While on Portland’s east side, gun violence has declined year on year, Hazelwood remains a major concern.

The data

Portland police have released data shedding light on the amount of gun violence in Hazelwood.

According to their findings, there were 43 shootings between May and August last year.

In 2022, there were 45 shootings in the same period.

As a result, a group called Love is Stronger joined together to partner with other community organizations to reach out to the public.

The neighborhood block party

On Saturday, Love is Stronger and the local authorities threw a neighborhood party in Hazelwood.

Love is Stronger founder Lionel Irving released a statement at the event saying:

“Empower them to be active bystanders. A lot of people might want to say something but they think they’re by themselves.”

“So, we just want to let them know there are community members that are willing to stand up with you.”

“Call and let us stand with you so we can speak up and we can help save some of these people.”

The concept of the block section came from the Mt Hood Community College Head Start.

East County Community Health worked with both groups to make the event possible.

How shootings affect children’s safety

According to the family services manager, the recent shootings have raised safety concerns for children attending Hazelwood Kindergarten.

Vanessa Valdez elaborated, saying:

“We have a preschool program in this apartment complex right here, and there has been a huge increase in gun activity and shooting and violence.”

“Some of our classrooms are finding shell casings outside the classrooms in the morning, outside the toddlers’ rooms.”

Suggested solutions

Christine Sanders, community health director, said foot traffic is a deterrent to crime.

“It gives people hope. It makes them know they’re not forgotten,” said Sanders.

“It makes them know we see you, we hear you, and we’re going to pool all our resources in for you even if it’s just for one day of peace, quiet, hope where their children can run around and play.”

Sanders also pointed out that gun violence is a major public health problem. “We’re all affected,” she said.

“So, the only way this is going to change is if all communities, community partners, and businesses wake up and say, ‘This is our problem,’ and come together and figure out how we can support our community and make sure this violence comes to an end.”

The three organizers said they were in a hurry to get to work near the event following a shooting.

The shooting took place early Saturday morning on the runways of the MAX.


Community groups host block part in Hazelwood neighborhood to address gun violence

Two Portland businesses continue to feel the effects of vandalisms and break-ins


Portland has faced several issues over the past few months, and vandalism has been one of the biggest problems for businesses there.

According to business owners, as they faced vandalism and break-ins, the problems only got worse.

Ragan’s Boutique

Ragan VanSise, the owner of Ragan’s Boutique, received a call last Thursday.

Another business called to tell her that the front door of their store had been broken into.

VanSise is not the only victim of such crimes, as other companies have recently faced broken windows.

She is certain that she needs to replace more than just the windows.

“They got away with a whole bunch of denim, jewelry, and handbags,” said VanSise.

“It’s been rough. It’s been a rough week.”

Security cameras caught a man walking around the store shortly after the break-in.

Meanwhile, Ragan VanSise felt the exhaustion of crime.

She said it was her dream to own a boutique like this, but she noted that the past few years in Portland have been tough.

“I’m so tired of this, it’s wearing me down,” she admitted. “I feel sad.”

“I feel like giving up, and I never thought if I got a chance to do this I would give up.”

VanSise also revealed that she sees people taking drugs and going through mental health crises in the streets around her shop.

“I was born and raised here and it’s heartbreaking to me what’s happening – this is the worst it’s ever been,” she said.

“The city needs to figure out a way to help these people.”

Grindhouse Coffee

Meanwhile, a bar in North Portland faced similar problems.

Amanda Horne, owner of Grindhouse Coffee, spoke to KOIN 6 News and said:

“We’ve been seeing a lot of break-ins and unfortunately a lot of vandalism. It’s unfortunate this is happening in Portland right now.”

Horne revealed that despite adding bars to the window and steel doors to prevent burglaries, someone still broke the stained glass.

She said she often reacted to vandalism and at one point found homeless men on the doorstep who were clearly on drugs.

While Horne doesn’t try to take her personally, it’s hard to see past her damage, as her late father made the stained glass windows for her.

Amanda Horne’s father was a stained glass artist and died in February of this year.

Horne’s customers opened a GoFundMe page to help with window replacements.

As for police assistance, Horne did not call the police.

“The vandalisms, I haven’t reported. The last break-in, the cops took four hours to get here,” she explained.

“I know that they’re sparse and they have more important things to do, which is exactly what they told me.”

“I do feel like we need more policing and our streets need to be cleaned up and people who are homeless need a better direction.”


‘It’s been rough’: Portland business owners exasperated over constant vandalism, break-ins

A homeless camp in Portland presents problems to a local business

Portland’s homeless camps have grown over the years, and now a family business is impacted by a particular homeless camp.

The White family has operated an RV storage facility off of North Columbia Boulevard since the 1970s.

In the decades since opening their business, the White family reported that their facility had recently been overrun by a nearby homeless camp.

What happened

Jeffrey White reported this week that the motorhomes had been hacked.

“This is one of our customers,” he said. “His storage thing was ripped off, his lock was busted.”

White said homeless people in a nearby large camp would sometimes break into their homes and rob them.

The camp was visited by the KGW news channel two months ago.

He’s also high on the city’s elimination list, but the camp remains.

Neighboring contractors then shouted that the problem was getting worse.

“It’s costing a lot of money,” said White. “We’re down ten spaces, which translates to $1,000 a month.”

According to him, the empty spaces were once occupied, but the presence of the warehouse caused customers to move elsewhere.

“We are losing sleep on top of losing money,” Tamara White chimed in.

Reaching the authorities

According to the family, they called the police and filed a complaint with the city, but nothing was done.

“The mayor, he’s wanting people to work with him … what more can we do?” said White.

“We’re telling the police department all these shots we’re hearing, we’re telling all the theft that’s going on, my wife has emailed all the city commissioners, the mayor, and no response.”

Meanwhile, Portland said the Impact Mitigation Team visited the property seven times in the past 60 days.

The camp will be removed shortly, as each evaluation produced a field score well above the matrix required for removal.

The camp

It is currently on display with tall fences, tarps and several “forbidden” signs that were posted after the police visited the camp.

Angel Grace Brown, of Grace’s Oasis, who runs the camp, said police came to the scene to look for stolen items.

There is a sign along the gate that says “no vacancy” and Grace said 15 people lived there at the time and it was already too busy.

“It’s my sanctuary,” said Grace.

“I wanted it to be that for other people too. People who don’t fit into society, people who are the rejects of the rejects of the rejects.”

Grace said none of the people who lived in the camp had jobs and most lived on Social Security.

Portland police recently visited the camp for reports of gunfire, but found no evidence of gunshots.

The site is also known to generate similar calls to the police.

Grace says she won’t go if the city decides to evict the camp. 

I’ll chain myself to the oak tree that’s back there,” said Grace.

“They’re going to have to literally physically remove me, carry me out of here.”

Meanwhile, White looked resigned and said, “I don’t know what more we can do.”

“Maybe city hall can tell us what more we’re supposed to do.”


Longtime Portland business says it’s losing customers due to large homeless camp

Last weekend saw illegal street races create more problems for the police in Portland

Over the weekend, several people were killed near illegal street racing “takeovers,” where street racers blocked roads and intersections in Portland. 

Murders, shootings and street racing weakened police forces over the weekend, preventing them from cracking down on street racing. 

The Portland Police Department (PBB) said the events made it difficult for officers to reach areas where people were killed.


Authorities issued a press release saying four people were shot while illegally racing over the weekend. 

Police also reported that three people were shot during the Marine Drive street race on Sunday evening.

At 11pm on Sunday, authorities responded to a shooting near NE 1-5 on MLK Boulevard, where hundreds of people took part in illegal street racing. 

Authorities said a man was found at the scene, but his injuries were not life threatening. 

Another gunshot victim appeared at a Washington hospital in the same condition, while a third followed after being taken to a hospital with unknown gunshot wounds. 

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KGW media received videos of large-scale illegal racing events in Portland on Sunday night. 

However, they have yet to find out if the shooting took place at or near the event. According to KGW, the event angered Portland residents. 

Many reached out to the media on Sunday evening to share details about what they heard and saw and asked why the police were doing nothing about it. 

Most of the complaints indicated that the racing events took place in northeastern Portland. 

Several streets were occupied, and the event blocked the six-way intersection of Northeast 72nd Avenue, Sandy Boulevard, and Fremont Street in the Roseway neighborhood. 

According to witnesses, hundreds of people and cars lined up for the event.

The cars were lined up five to six deep on either side of the intersection, making it difficult for anyone to pass. 

People also reported “floating” cars, fireworks, and thick clouds of smoke. 

There have also been reports of people sitting and standing on the rooftops of nearby commercial sites. 

According to KGW, people contacted the police, but without success. 

One person said he was told the police couldn’t do anything about it.

The police respond

PBB Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard said officers were unable to compete in road races because they responded to shootings (one of which resulted in the death of a man in southeastern Portland) and other “security calls.” 

On Monday, police explained why they were unavailable and revealed that officers responded to three murders and seven more shootings this weekend. 

Police also said street racing made it difficult for officers to reach areas where people were killed. 

According to Sheppard, street racing events require a lot of officers due to the large number of participants. 

There weren’t enough officers on Sunday to respond. 

“Although it is the goal of the Portland Police Bureau to answer calls for service as soon as possible after they are dispatched, street racing incidents are typically large crowd control events requiring a large number of officers,” said Sheppard late Sunday night.

“Officers are currently working through several life/safety calls and there are not enough available to safely address the calls regarding street racing. Officers will respond as they become available and it is safer for them to do so.”

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Attempts to suppress illegal street racing

In April, police said they would crack down on illegal street racing after numerous street acquisitions in recent years. 

They released a statement saying they are “planning and gathering resources to conduct regular law enforcement missions.” 

In August of last year, the Portland City Council voted in favor of a new ordinance banning street racing. 

Under the order, violators risk jail time and having their car towed, with fines of up to $500.


Police respond to rampant illegal street racing over the weekend in Portland

Multiple people shot near illegal street-racing takeovers in Portland

Portland and Seattle Record New Heatwave Highs; How to Get Through the High Temperatures

On Sunday, Seattle and Portland experienced consecutive high temperatures, forcing officials to investigate more heat-related deaths.

Oregon and Seattle

The coroner’s office said it was investigating 10 deaths and believed the cause was heat-related.

In Seattle, temperatures soared to 91 degrees on Sunday afternoon, marking the sixth consecutive day of over 90 degrees.

Temperatures in the Portland area have risen multiple times over 100 degrees in the past week. Officials said the cold shelter would remain open until Sunday evening.


The U.S. National Weather Service issued a severe temperature warning for the Portland and Seattle areas, which lasted until late Sunday night. Cooler temperatures were expected on Monday as the air in the Pacific cooled.


In the Northwest, residents and officials have tried to adjust to the reality of longer, warmer heat waves following last year’s “heat dome” weather event that resulted in record temperatures and deaths.


Between late June and early July last year, more than 800 people died in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada.

Temperatures hit a record 116 degrees Celsius in Portland.

How do you survive the heat wave without air conditioning?

The heat is unbearable and air conditioning seems like the immediate solution, but there are other ways around it. 

There are several steps people can take to combat the heat wave.

Eliminate extra heat sources

If it’s already hot, you can reduce the heat by turning off unnecessary heat-producing lights.

It also helps reduce the use of computers and devices.

Eliminate excess heat in your home by eating meals that don’t require an oven or stove. hydration

In hot weather, especially if you sweat a lot, it is important to drink more than usual.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Hydration is important, but caffeine and alcoholic beverages act as diuretics and promote dehydration.

Use box fans and ceiling fans

Open doors and windows let in air, but they also bring in warm air from outside. Box and ceiling fans allow you to expel hot air and cold air.

However, it is best to close the doors and windows early in the morning to keep the indoor air cool.

When it gets a little cold, safely open the windows and turn the fan back on.

Walking to cold spaces

You may not be able to stand the heat, but it’s good to sweat to go to air-conditioned places (shopping malls, cinemas, bookstores).

Cool off with water

Staying hydrated, soaking and showering are separate things, but you can also fill a bucket or bathtub with enough water to soak your feet.

You can also opt for a refreshing towel or bandana.

Additional Notes

High temperatures affect both animals and people, so pet owners should think about how warm the earth is before taking their pet for a walk.

But the heat is also inevitable inside.

Pet owners can place cool towels or washcloths on the floor or fans to keep their pets cool.


Heat wave sets records in Seattle and Portland

11 tips for surviving a heat wave without air-conditioning