How Emilio Bernot Continues to Dominate the TikTok Scene

Founded by ByteDance in 2012, TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service that is quickly becoming one of the online platforms where artists can increase their exposure and grow their audience. As a proven hitmaker, many artists have used TikTok’s tools to boost their posts. However, only a select few know how to use the platform’s numerous benefits.

Emilio Bernot, music video editor and TikTok sensation, has amassed over 900,000 followers. Before becoming the rising star in TikTok, he did little skits and posted these on Instagram. However, his initial venture in online influencing acquired 250 followers only. Furthermore, given his limited number of Instagram followers, he generated fewer views for his videos. Considering his Instagram engagement and following, he discovered that the platform did not fit his purpose. 

Attempting to collect more views, he started making attention-seeking videos. To this day, he regrets abandoning his artistic roots by choosing to create such videos. When he downloaded TikTok in October 2019, he started studying how to use and maximize the platform’s exposure capabilities. He noticed that there is no need to gather followers for the videos to be viewed. Good content will be suggested to each user, regardless of who they are following on the platform. Therefore, TikTok content creators do not have to exert effort and spend time looking for followers. Instead, they can focus on making high-quality videos to entertain the viewers. 

In developing an interest in making videos, his mother initially enrolled him in a photography class at Fusion Academy. After a couple of weeks, he ended up loving the field and polishing his skill. Mesmerized by his ability to make bright places look dark and mysterious, he holds and controls the tools, letting the viewers see what he wishes them to see. 

That same year, his friend got a camera and scheduled photoshoots with the local influencers. Scotty McHottie, a local rapper, was his first major client for music video creation. Nervous about creating his first professional video, he only knew how to use iMovie and was more inclined to offering photography services. 

Exploring new waters and unfamiliar skills, he agreed to create the music video for the local rapper. With his creativity, technical photography skills, patience and concentration, and attention to detail, the misunderstanding led to him making the music video. To this day, he continues to create, direct, and edit high-quality music videos for artists like Paul Wall, Fredo Bang, and Slim Thug. Unlike most directors, he quickly materializes the vision of the artist while introducing his creative take in the production process.  

While on his way to stardom, he was inspired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who had nothing as a kid living in Africa and had a dream to make civilian space travel. In reaching his goals, Emilio establishes milestones and acts until he succeeds. He does not adjust his plans according to his results. Nor does he get discouraged when he is met with challenges. 

Fuelled by his innate creativity, he continually directs and edits music videos while he creates entertaining TikTok videos. When he is done filming and puts together the finished product, he feels excited to connect with his fans and audiences. Looking forward, he plans to direct music videos and small video advertisements. Learn more about Emilio Bernot and his music video projects by following him on TikTok.