The Hop Bag Rethinking the Way Millions of People Travel and Pack

Millions of people travel all the time at any given point. And as exciting and fun as moving from one place to another can be for work or pleasure, not all parts of the experience are enjoyable. There are delayed flights, unforeseen expenses, and the never-ending hassle of packing your belongings in one bag. Now a new product called the Hop Bag looks to change how people travel forever. 

The Hop Bag is the first ever genuinely modular bag that can come together and apart as one needs. It’s a 3-in-1 solution that attaches and detaches with ease so that you can form the bag to your desired form as required. The Hop Bag’s purpose is to make travel fuss-free and fun for anyone, whether it’s frequent work travelers, digital nomads, or families on vacation. The product hopes to become a hassle-free and compact alternative to lugging multiple bags around. 

The Hop Bag has a compartment for a 15-inch laptop, which makes it a great work bag option. There are also eighteen different pockets and sections, so users can better organize their possessions with the bag. A two-way luggage loop and two detachable and adjustable straps help travelers customize how they want to bring the bag around. Add to that a cord pass-through access and external water bottle pocket, and you have a highly versatile travel bag that can provide flexibility when moving around an airport, city, or tourist site. 

The team behind the Hop Bag is a team more than committed to developing products that will help people streamline travel and luggage for all. They focus on designing a multi-utility, modular, and convenient set of solutions that will change how people see and experience their journey. The team also aims to positively impact the environment by making it a durable and long-lasting bag that people can keep for a long time. That way, travelers reduce waste on bag items that often end up in landfills.

The team recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that hit its goal in only four days. With less than a month left in its campaign, the crowdfunding has already raised more than its target amount. Avid buyers still flock to their projects to get their hands on the bag and other perks and add-ons like laptop bags, hygiene kits, earplugs, inflatable pillows, slippers, towels, and so much more.

Apart from being designed for optimal function, the Hop Bag also has a fantastic form. The sleek design has received raving reviews from backers who are more than eager to get their hands on the finished product. “I love [their bag],” writes one backer on their Kickstarter page. “All the items are monogrammed individually, which is just perfect and special. I already know what I am gifting my better half this birthday. Thank you!”The Hop Bag also comes with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects to give their buyers and backers complete confidence in their product’s quality. The makers have also committed to using vegan leather to further strengthen its desire to have a positive effect on the community and environment apart from their own bottom line. The Hop Bag is running a promotion as of writing, with discounts up for grabs on their site.