The Future of the Metaverse is Here and Its Name is Modernist NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have practically invaded the digital space in recent years. The rising technology has managed to seep into our daily lives, featuring prominently on social media, mainstream news outlets, and even in mundane conversations. Modernist NFT is a budding NFT project that aims to revolutionize the industry, redefining the modern art scene and offering an immense utility that other emerging tokens are known for.

Undoubtedly, the future of modern art will be centered around NFTs. These hot commodities have become so prevalent that they’ve become practically impossible to avoid. That said, it’s clear that society is moving in the right direction by profoundly integrating the blockchain into people’s lives and adapting Web3 concepts into modern technology. NFTs are a natural evolution of this process, and early adopters will be significantly rewarded for showing a keen interest in the projects coming out of the woodwork.

Modernist NFT takes a fresh approach in an NFT market oversaturated with cartoon characters and animal hybrids. The project consists of high-quality digital art pieces and a unique system that generates exponential value for any prospective holder. Each Modernist token is digitally interchangeable, limited in number, and features wildly distinct characteristics. No token is ever the same, but aside from that, this project takes a unique spin on token distinction.

A single Modernist NFT image can be split into four different tokens, with each having the ability to be gamified. With infinite possibilities at its disposal, the creators have developed a unique way to implement game mechanics into non-game environments. This immersive feature allows holders to partake in a much deeper level of participation and more opportunities to collect and create new connections that will, in turn, unlock more benefits along the way.

The digital art pieces depict an androgynous figure with an art style unlike any other. The emergent project has built a reputation for setting itself apart from the competition through its sophisticated look that provides a complex and neutral identity to the human face, with a dash of pop art aesthetics.

Each token split from the whole image can be interchanged, traded, or sold, acting as a single interactive fragment where the holder can do whatever they want with it. During the launch date, each Modernist NFT will be priced in ETH at launch at ~$500 for one NFT.

The project is centered on creating a collaborative space for its community of holders, encouraging its members to actively take part in the SOLVV community through the Modernist Collection Playbook. 

The Modernist Collection Playbook features four tiles of the NFT Modernist image that can be traded among members, encouraging interaction and engagement in the space that would increase the collection’s original investment. To create a more immersive experience, the creators took the project a level higher by integrating sonic logos into each NFT image, allowing holders a whole new experience by bringing the aspect of sound to the already interactive token. 

Ultimately, the Modernist NFT collection is paving the way for more interactive plays in the growing metaverse. Through its unique and revolutionary take on promoting the modern art scene and incorporating it on a rapidly expanding digital space, Modernist NFT will surely take off as a pioneering project that will set a standard for future innovative ventures.