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Fashion Model Syed Ahad Hussain Is Gracing the Runway of Dysonna’s Theatrical Fashion Show

Walking for the Dysonna Endowment Scholarship for homeless people is fashion model Syed Ahad Hussain. The master model who was an integral part of world-renowned, award-winning producer Donna Dyson’s first theatrical fashion show is returning for the third show’s charitable cause.

Syed Ahad Hussain is a seasoned actor whose extensive career stretches from the cinemas and screens of the United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, and Germany to the world beyond. His many accolades and exceptional acting prowess has made him a promising multi-talented artist, perfect for Donna Dyson’s vision.

According to the talented producer, Syed’s impressive abilities, multifaceted looks, and refreshing voice quality have created international ripples and has captured the industry’s undivided attention. The actor hosts a lengthy background in film, television, and theater.

Syed Ahad Hussain has played countless roles as a dubbing artist in a leading Television Channel for many high-ranking Turks plays, such as “Medcezir” where he took on the character Barış Alpayku in 2016, and Yaprak Dökümü back in 2015, as well as a role in the famous “En Güzel Hikayem.” 

The acting veteran has also taken bows onstage playing the role of Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt in “44 plays for 44 Presidents” in Minneota, and as the Tax Officer Henderson in “You Can’t Take it With You.” Well-loved by the audience, Syed is excited to explore all the doors of opportunity which lie in wait for him.

Opening one of those doors, Syed has found himself on the runway. Chosen for his outstanding experience and undeniable talent, Syed Ahad Hussain will be one of the faces that Donna Dyson’s company, Dysonna City Art Productions, will be featuring in its upcoming Virtual Theatrical Fashion Show.

Dysonna City Art Productions is famous for its elaborate and elegant shows in multiple states and provides a platform for unique artists to showcase their work and grow their network. “We work with a certain theme throughout the year, changing scenes depending on the state. Our purpose is to help give creative people a platform to show their talent,” the company shares.

Through their innovative fashion shows, the company gives back to different organizations to support their causes and uplift their mission. Dysonna City Art Productions’ third Virtual Theatrical Fashion Show featuring Syed will be on Sunday, January 24, 2021, where the finalists will walk down the runway in front of three judges.

The first leg of Donna Dyson’s vision expressed her purpose to highlight the impressions of love and beauty electrically for women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Syed Ahad Hussain’s gorgeous looks and heart-stopping presence made him the perfect choice to reflect the show’s mission to have God-given talents shine as a beacon of light, amongst others.

“Impressions of Love” is the theme of the second Virtual Theatrical Fashion Show, and it is most needed in this time of struggle. It was what spurred Syed to realize his desire to extend a helping hand to others by attending and being a part of Donna’s Virtual Future Fashions Shows. 

These shows, staged with his amazing associates, help raise funds, especially for those in need at this critical time. With Donna Dyson’s burning passion and Syed Ahad Hussain’s brilliance and sincerity, the upcoming Virtual Theatrical Fashion Show on Sunday, Jan 24, 2021, is expected to open the curtains to a blazing runway fueled by walking creative powerhouses and good intentions.

Grab a front-row seat to Dysonna City Art Productions’ third Theatrical Fashion Show, and witness Syed Ahad Hussain brighten the screen. Get to know the master fashion model better and stay updated on Syed’s participation in philanthropies by visiting his official profile on IMDB.

Alison Bowles Living to the Fullest and Inspiring Others

Photo by Maggie Keating Photography 

If there’s anyone who knows to live life to the fullest, it’s influencer, model, and virtual entrepreneur Alison Bowles. She knows the importance of designing life the way you want it and does not procrastinate in making things happen for herself. Today, she runs her businesses from anywhere in the world and pursues an active career in modeling while also inspiring others to live life without hesitation. 

Alison knows the value of every living day all too well. At the age of 22, doctors diagnosed her with skin cancer. Fortunately, she was able to overcome the disease. Since then, she has not held back in living the life she knows she deserves. 

Alison Bowles is an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses out of her laptop. She owns and curates Wander in Heels, a travel blog that documents and showcases her travels to various destinations in countries like Antigua, Barbuda, Canada, Cuba, France, The Netherlands, Thailand, The United Kingdom, and many others. The digital nomad also operates Lacy Coe Online Boutique, an online apparel shop that provides customers with a wide array of stylish clothes, swimwear, and merchandise. 

The online entrepreneur is also partnered with Slay Miami, a spa and wellness facility that uses Cannabidiol in treatments to provide people with a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience unlike any other. The company is also the first sports recovery center to use CBD oils, a therapy tested and confirmed by many leading scientists and doctors worldwide.

On top of her various ventures, Alison Bowles also takes time to take a socially conscious role in the world by advocating and educating people on skin cancer and the dangerous practices that cause it. She founded YouV Radiance, a charity that raises awareness of melanoma, the #1 Cause of death in women ages 25-30, but affects all ages/genders. The non-profit educates men and women on proper skin care that reduces the chances of skin cancer. YouV Radiance also raises funds that go directly towards The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Alison is also a professional model and a social media influencer. She has appeared on Maxim and works under MMG New York. As an international model, Alison has visited a total of 25 countries through her work engagements. She also actively promotes various brands and companies through her Instagram account, where she has over 138 thousand followers to date and counting.

In all that Alison Bowles does, she puts all her dedication and passion into. She loves life more than anything and wants to make the most of it. More than experiencing the best that traveling and entrepreneurship have to offer, Alison also hopes to inspire people to chase after their dreams without fear or hesitation. She also hopes to be a transformational force that will mold industries. As a model, she goes against the grain and shatters preconceived misconceptions. “I am 5’3″ in an industry that says I need to be at least 5’8″, and thin—not muscular,” shares Alison. “But I am breaking glass ceilings in the industry to change industry standards to represent petite women.”

Alison Bowles loves life and seeks to journey through it, motivating others to live life most fully. Alison is also engaged to Major League Baseball professional player Adeiny Hechavarria, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. To learn more about Alison Bowles, visit her travel blog and Instagram account.

Artist, Actress and Humanitarian Sara Alavi Drops Collab with NYC’s Da Poloman

Sara Alavi, BMI songwriter, commercial model, and actress, drops her latest music collab with New York talent Da Poloman. The song Love at First Sight has already become an overnight sensation dubbed as bringing the ole’ ‘90s R&B love back to life. 

Many know Alavi for over 15 years as a musical theatre performer and singer/songwriter, later transitioning into commercial modeling and now acting on film. Being in the music industry, her career in modeling and acting came naturally as a result of her experience with performing on stage and for various publicity efforts. After gaining fame in the music industry, Sara ventured into television and commercial jobs, where she was hired to star in commercial campaigns and films. 

Ms. Alavi has appeared in numerous TV commercials, films, billboards, and print ads for Space Center Houston at NASA, Methodist Hospital, Academy Sports and Outdoors, and H.E.B., to name a few. She has been featured in advertisements for Fortune 500 companies such as Samsung, Exxon Mobil, and Mercedes Benz. During Neil Berg’s 100 Years of Broadway at Jones Hall, she performed for former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush alongside other N.Y.C. Broadway stars.

Alavi is getting back into the music scene while continuing her acting career. Alavi opens the movie Narco Sub this Fall 2020 in a global premiere. Sara plays in the opening scene alongside Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore and sister actress Lisa Alavi. Sara is also titled as the lead actress in the film The I Ching Lawyer, filming 2021 in N.Y.C. Reports suggest further that the film script is praised for being the “Lawrence of Arabia of Court Dramas.” Ms. Alavi is additionally joining the cast of Mr. Blue alongside sister Lisa Alavi, and actors Robert Lasardo, Noel Gugliemi, Jessica Morris, and Richard Riehle. Filming dates undetermined.

Sara is “stoked” about the recent release of her music collab with New York City’s Da Poloman. Alavi explained that Da Poloman reached out to her to take a quick look at a song he wrote for a possible collab. She said that she listened to a mini clip, read the chorus lyrics, and was immediately on board. Ms. Alavi mentioned that she couldn’t turn down this remarkable collab, as Da Poloman is truly a rapper lyricist phenomenon, she explained. They then teamed up with Sara’s long-time industry lead, Nova Scotia’s best Dave Lowe. Dave is agreed to be one of the best instrumentalists in Canada.  

Check out this latest hit Love at First Sight on iTunes here. Also available and distributed on all major global digital stores. 

 Sara is not limited to music, film, and the arts. Her passion for volunteerism far exceeds. She uses her strong social media presence and supports a plethora of advocacies. Alavi is Ambassador for non-profit Peace Worldwide Organization (P.W.O.), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The organization publishes annual civility reports to review all countries in the United Nations and provide democracy, civility, and peace scores for all countries. You may download the e-book HERE. All proceeds benefit P.W.O. and the mission to promote freedom and peace for all humanity. 

Ms. Alavi additionally advocates for (United Nations Children’s Fund) UNICEF, UNHCR, and Epimonia. She passionately supports children, women’s rights, and refugees worldwide. Sara reminds us all to be safe with COVID-19 this October and Halloween season, and consider opting to compassionately choose to Trick or Treat for UNICEF with your children to aid children worldwide. 

To know more about her advocacies, latest films, and music, or visit her website, or follow her on Instagram.

Peter Stelling Talks Life and Musical Career as a Rising Artist

Peter Stelling is a rising singer-songwriter, model, and actor who was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Born with a natural passion and intuition for music, Peter is set to break records and put himself on top of the charts. Never one to run out of something to offer, Peter is also a talented model and actor who is quickly growing in the creative community.

Recalling his childhood and origins, Peter Stelling tells his life as the youngest out of five brothers. Needless to say, he lived a life full of competition. As the youngest child, he felt like he needed to compete the hardest just to keep up with all his older brothers. To compensate for his youth and inexperience, he would often push himself to his limits, which sometimes ended in disastrous consequences. Thinking of life as a competition to be the best often made his wins bitter and his losses heavy.

Getting wiser as he grew up, he learned to outgrow this mentality and instead learn the value of practice. Since then, that’s all he has done. Now, as a young man, he understands that it is not about being the best but about being better than before. Competition within yourself is the only comparison that can truly inspire oneself to move.

Out of fear of being left back, Peter Stelling was motivated to grow forward. He told himself that he wanted to be anything but average. Propelled by this thought, he focused his time and energy on sports, music, arts, and education. Today, he is pursuing a degree in Supervision and Management.

Peter himself admits that these are not areas he was confident in. In fact, before he took the plunge, he did nothing but doubt himself. Now he knows better—one should never doubt their strengths.

Peter Stelling has proudly worked on many campaigns, lending his natural good looks and extraordinary physique to bring the creative visions of many brands to come to life. This, coupled with his lyrical ingenuity and solid vocals, makes him a natural-born performer that has captured the hearts of many across social media platforms.

The young actor and musician is interested in collaborating with producers, directors, photographers, creators, actors, models, music artists, songwriters, musicians, and anyone who is pursuing a passion and wishes to work with a rising star in the industry.

What separates him from the average performer is the level of enlightenment he has achieved. He no longer views life as a competition anymore—he views it as a goal. Peter Stelling genuinely wants to push the entertainment and music industry forward.

His other motivation for making it big in the industry is the vision he holds of a better future for himself and his family and friends. Despite the inevitable challenges that he will face as a performer and the choices that he will have to make, Peter is determined to make it through because of his vision.

As Peter Stelling continues to build his portfolio and establish his brand and social media presence, he keeps at his goal of inspiring others not to give up on what they love to do. Regardless of money or connections, he strongly believes that anyone can still have a shot at greatness if they try hard enough.

Learn more about Peter Stelling by reaching out to him on Instagram.

Beyond Being a People Person, Layla Michaels Is All About Love

As a 42-year old woman who is passionate about God, his Son, Yeshua, and the love that God shows the world daily, Layla Michaels is someone who cares about fixing broken things. She is a singer, model, actress, and an all-round creative person who views success in life as beyond a constant quest for money and material things.

Layla is a strong proponent for love and service to others, and she believes strongly that those are sustainable and can last for many generations. She values loyalty, and she extends that to her romantic relationship as well as the relationships she has with other people. All of these motivated her to build her brand, which is all about love and ensuring that everyone is enjoying their time in the world. 

We are currently at a time in the world that many people are feeling left out. From racial inequality to sexual discrimination, Layla Michaels aims to look at what people represent beyond face value. In her words, “I take the broadest possible view of diversity. I value the visible and invisible qualities that make an individual or an entity for who they are and what they represent. My belief is that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.” 

For her, every community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee must have equal access to solving community problems. She strives to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of her daily work. “My commitment to using these practices for my business, my brand, and our communities will help achieve my goals.” she adds.

With her brand, Layla Michaels is trying to establish a culture where everyone can feel included effortlessly. A culture where race, role, language, or business unit does not get in the way of achieving excellence and social progress. Everyone should feel valued, respected, and included. And Layla hopes to ensure that by teaching lessons on loyalty and love.To further lend credence to her desire to serve people and share love, her goal for the next five years is to be in charge of at least seven homeless shelters. She wants to play a direct role in rebuilding, uplifting, housing, and feeding people who are trying to get on their feet so they can become contributing members of society.

Layla Michaels wants everyone to replicate God’s love on earth and genuinely serve those with fewer opportunities. She is not only all about preaching love, but she also demonstrates it for everyone to see. And she doesn’t mind doing it one person at a time, as long as everyone comes to the realization that God loves the world, and they should show love to everyone too. Layla is always projecting her brand and values as much as she can on different platforms. Indeed, there is so much to learn for a woman who loves God as much as everyone around her.

To know more about Layla Michaels and her initiatives, visit her website.

Emerging Top Model Aissata Diallo Talks Career Challenges and Calling Out Fohr

Her face has graced the Instagram feeds of big brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, and Revolve. Aissata Diallo is a model and a full-time content creator focused on beauty, fashion, travel, and everything related to lifestyle. With over 242,000 followers on Instagram, she has been fortunate enough to build great relationships with some of her favorite brands. Now, she is ready to give back and pave the way for others to follow the same path.

With only her own power to rely on, Aissata Diallo was able to grow a social media presence and work with some of the biggest brands in the world, all on her own. It took her years to establish herself in her community and to create a loyal following that engaged with her content constantly. Over the years, she has learned a great deal about crafting one’s image on social media and building successful relationships with reputable brands.

Her success and her community have inspired her to use her knowledge and influence to use her website to create an online class soon to help those who want to start out in social media. Aissata Diallo laments not having the privilege of a resource when she first started out years ago, which is what drives her to help others who don’t know where to start or are feeling lost in navigating the paths and pitfalls in social media content creation. Aissata wants to help other social media enthusiasts and aspiring models to grow their audience and book campaigns with brands.

As a mentor, Aissata Diallo will be giving her personal tips on branding and creating content, thoroughly checking her mentees’ brand/social media presence to help them elevate it. One critique of content creation that she hears often is that the business is saturated, and many aspiring social media influencers often feel the same and quit before they even start. Aissata Diallo wants to emphasize the message of staying true to oneself and building a brand around one’s unique personality and capabilities.

Aissata knows that content creation and social media influencing is a full-time job. Many influencers and aspirants sacrifice plenty of things to be able to get to where they are. Knowing the challenges that lie ahead for small creators—such as the constant pressure to deliver—Aissata Diallo created her outlet to help small content creators create a bigger influence.

As an African American content creator, Aissata believes that she has a responsibility to speak out when her voice is needed. She has been a voice for fairness in pay gaps, racism, and algorithms that keep black influencers from excelling. In an interview with Glossy, she spoke about how black content creators often have to support one another because of the lack of support that they get from their respective platforms.

Along with other black influencers, Aissata Diallo is part of a movement that is holding brands and companies accountable amid the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. White influencers are often paid significantly more than black creators and influencers. As a collective, they created a Facebook page group where they share rates and gather information about brands.

Furthermore, in their effort of demanding transparency and equality in the industry, Aissata Diallo and seven other women influencers have created the #openfohr hashtag and Instagram page to hold marketing platform Fohr accountable for their actions, calling on the company to release information on the amounts paid to white and black influencers, the company’s staff diversity statistics, and other relevant issues.

Aissata Diallo is not only a valuable influencer and representation to black women all over the world, but she is also a strong voice in the movement toward racial equality in social media circles.

Read more about Aissata on her blog and stay up-to-date with her on Instagram.