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Simu Liu teases a Shang-Chi appearance sooner than fans expected

Simu LiuThe MCU has officially entered Phase 5 with the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

While the six Phase 5 films have already been announced, they may pave the way for characters from Phase 4 to return, such as Shang-Chi.

Simu Liu, the first Asian superhero, has suggested that his comeback is closer than most people believe.

The film’s success

Shang-Chi had his MCU debut in 2021 as the second film of the Phase 4 lineup.

Simu Liu took on the role of Shang-Chi, demonstrating his power and right to exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When the globe started to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, the film was a huge hit, earning Marvel millions of dollars throughout the world.

The critical response was similarly positive, and Marvel Studios moved fast to satisfy fans who wanted to see more of Simu Liu as Shang-Chi.

The sequel is currently in the works.

In addition to his own series, Shang-Chi will feature with the Avengers in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

The only trouble is that both films are virtually likely going to be released in the coming years.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings premiered approximately two years ago in September 2021.

As the film’s anniversary approaches, Simu Liu has guaranteed fans that Shang-return Chi’s will be sooner than expected.

He recently spoke with People about his ideas for the role, including how he intends to connect with other MCU characters.

Simu Liu stated his enthusiasm for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s performers and characters and voiced his desire to work with them.

“And who knows, [fans] might see something sooner than you think,” he teased. “We’ll see.”

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What could it mean?

According to Simu Liu, Shang-MCU Chi’s homecoming would be surprising.

It also implies that he will appear before Shang-Chi 2, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, or Avengers: Secret Wars.

Shang-Chi will very probably feature in one of the three MCU movies.

Nonetheless, none will be accessible for at least two years.

Shang-Chi may instead feature in one of the upcoming MCU films:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • The Marvels
  • Captain America: New World Order
  • Thunderbolts
  • Blade

In addition to the big films, he might appear in any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series:

  • Secret Invasion
  • Loki
  • What If…?
  • Ironheart
  • Echo
  • Agatha: Coven of Chaos
  • Daredevil: Born Again

The most likely suspect

Simu Liu might appear in one or more of the around 12 future projects.

Fans are hopeful that Shang-Chi would join Sam Wilson’s new Avengers lineup (Anthony Mackie).

Shang-Chi has already been cast in What If…second ?’s season as Disney+ had the news confirmed months before.

This is possibly what Liu was referring to.

Kang and the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi will very probably play a significant part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the ten rings he received from his father are crucial to Phase 4 and the start of Phase 5.

Viewers saw similarities between Phastos’ weapon and the ten rings in 2021’s The Eternals, prompting the question: did he create them?

Nevertheless, the Quantum Realm in the latest Ant-Man film highlighted how the multiversal power core resembled Shang-ten Chi’s rings, prompting many to believe that Kang was involved in its creation.

One Ant-Man scene corresponded with the 10 rings serving as a beacon in the Shang-Chi mid-credits sequence.

In addition, there might be links to the Ms. Marvel bracelet, which has a similar design to Shang-Chi’s rings.

Whatever the links are, one thing is certain: Shang-Chi will play an important part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel could be in trouble with VFX crew setting a vote date

Marvel — The WGA and SAG-AFTRA union strikes have stymied Hollywood productions, forcing them to halt until a settlement is reached. 

After discovering that animators and VFX artists were having comparable issues, many people have taken a step back and refocused their efforts to the greater entertainment business. Overworked and underpaid, Marvel has been the subject of a similar problem that initially surfaced a year ago.

With many individuals in favor of unions, the visual effects teams at Marvel Studios elected to participate in the effort to obtain the pay they deserve.

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The Marvel crew

Last Monday, Marvel Studios’ visual effects staff petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for a unionization election. According to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), the crew of more than 50 persons signed authorization cards to verify their desire for union representation.

The team members that signed the cards include VFX experts who work directly for Marvel. They are separate from the hundreds of VFX artists who have worked on Marvel films through third-party VFX businesses and normally work in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York.

The VFX industry through the decades

After Star Wars ushered in the VFX boom of the late 1970s, the VFX industry was primarily non-union. However, the IATSE believes it is past time for a significant change in the labor landscape.

When Rhythm & Hues declared bankruptcy after completing the Oscar-winning Life of Pi, the VFX industry shied away from the idea of forming a union for over a decade. Nothing happened since the idea did not come to fruition. However, a new organizational effort has recently begun, with the Marvel VFX crew spearheading the movement becoming public knowledge.

It remains to be seen whether the artists will be allocated to an IATSE Local or if a new one will be formed.

“For almost half a century, workers in the visual effects industry have been denied the same protections and benefits their coworkers and crewmates have relied upon since the beginning of the Hollywood film industry,” said IATSE VFX organizer Mark Patch.

“This is a historic first step for VFX workers coming together with a collective voice demanding respect for the work we do.”

Other factors

Although the current labor movement has had an influence on Hollywood by forcing the closure of entertainment companies, other factors have also contributed to the current efforts. 

Collectivist efforts come after a challenging period of months on the field. Marvel, for example, published Victoria Alonso in March.

Alonso was in charge of VFX at Marvel, although her resignation was thought to be related to issues outside of her responsibilities. Marvel also had to deal with unfavorable headlines from anonymous VFX employees who complained about working conditions that pushed them to work long days every week.

Isabella Huffman, a Marvel visual effects coordinator whose credits include Hawkeye, made a statement outlining the industry’s working conditions.

“Turnaround times don’t apply to us, protected hours don’t apply to us, and pay equity doesn’t apply to us,” said Huffman. 

“Visual Effects must become a sustainable and safe department for everyone who’s suffered far too long and for all newcomers who need to know they won’t be exploited.”

A set date

The lack of VFX unionization has helped Disney and Marvel, but the collaboration between the VFX workforce and IATSE will change everything. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, cards will be delivered on August 21, with ballots being tabulated after the September 11 deadline.

If the union is created, Hollywood will experience a dramatic shift in favor of VFX artists and laborers.

Cross-industry unionization attempts

The Marvel VFX staff’s unionization push is more than just a component of the Hollywood labor crisis. It is also part of a countrywide push to unionize workers at companies like Amazon and Starbucks.

The timing of the initiative also coincides with unions enjoying their highest popularity rating since the 1960s, according to Gallup.

IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb stated:

“We are witnessing an unprecedented wave of solidarity that’s breaking down old barriers in the industry and proving we’re all in this fight together. That doesn’t happen in a vacuum.”

“Entertainment workers everywhere are sticking up for each other’s rights. That’s what our movement is all about,” Loeb added. “I congratulate these workers on taking this important step and using their collective voice.”

Ant-Man 3 criticisms target plot, praise visuals

Ant-Man – The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has grown since the late 2000s, and fans are eager to hear more about forthcoming films.

With the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in late 2022, the fourth phase of the MCU—now divided between movies and television episodes—was completed.

With the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Marvel is kicking off Phase Five.

The Ant-Man sequel seems to be developing the multiverse idea in advance of the upcoming Secret Wars film.

Following the screening of early reviewers, reviews and leaks have already started to pour in.

While the previous several MCU movies have earned positive reviews, Ant-Man seems to be following the trend of performing below expectations.

The movie

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which also includes some new and some recognizable characters, presents Phase Five.

Cassie Lang unwittingly sends Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne into the Quantum Realm in the most recent Marvel movie.

In order to bring his family back to Earth, Scott must work for the looming threat Kang the Conqueror while Janet must face her past.

Among the returning characters are:

  • Scott Lang/Ant-Man – Paul Rudd
  • Hope Van Dyne/Wasp – Evangeline Lilly
  • Dr. Hank Pym – Michael Douglas
  • Janet Van Dyne/Wasp – Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Jimmy Woo – Randall Park
  • Veb – David Dastmalchian

Meanwhile, the new characters and faces are:

  • Kang the Conqueror – Jonathan Majors
  • Cassie Lang (old character, new actress) – Kathryn Newton
  • Lord Krylar – Bill Murray
  • M.O.D.O.K. – Corey Stoll
  • Quaz – William Jackson Harper
  • Jentorra – Katy M. O’Brian

What critics are saying

Contrary to the bulk of MCU movies, Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania has drawn mixed reviews.

It would be impossible to overlook the plot as a whole, despite Jonathan Majors’ performance and the visuals from the third Ant-Man being two highlights.

“I can say with 100% certainty that viewers are in for a treat,” wrote Danielle Solzman of Solzy at the Movies.

In her review, Jenna Anderson, a critic at, expressed similar enthusiasm:

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is an eccentric and essential spectacle, which further expands the possibilities of what the MCU’s tentpole projects can still be capable of.”

Hoai-Tran Bui of Inverse, on the other hand, was underwhelmed, proving that not everything is as it seems.

“It commits the worst sin a movie can me,” wrote the Inverse critic. “It’s boring.”

“Marvel movies have long become less like movies and more like feature-length commercials for the next big thing,” she continued.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is sadly the greatest embodiment of that.”

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Similar views were stated by Andrew J. Salazar of Geeks of Color and Louisa Moore of Screen Zealots.

“This isn’t the worst Marvel movie,” wrote Salazar, “But it is one of the more forgettable.”

“It’s one of the more unremarkable entries in the MCU,” wrote Moore.

Notably, several people had negative opinions on the screenplay.

Many individuals felt that Ant-Man was diminished by the chaotic tone of the storyline.

“A bit uneven, it feels like Jeff Loveness’ script wasn’t sure what genre this movie wanted to be,” said Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds.

According to Peter Canavese of Groucho Reviews, the film’s premise was uninteresting:

“Screenwriter Jeff Loveness’ themes are half-hearted and his dialogue sounds like it was written by ChatGPT.”

The action and the visuals stood out as two highlights in an otherwise mediocre MCU film.

“Its action sequences at times get to go to particularly wild places most blockbusters can’t go,” said Canavese. “Most notably when Scott encounters something called a ‘probability storm.’”

“One of the most ambitious visual feasts that Marvel has put out yet,” said Jenna Anderson.

“Quantumania is easily a contender for the most Kirby-esque visuals in a superhero adaptation.”

The jurisdiction

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is one of Marvel’s less creative flicks in terms of plot.

Without a doubt, Jonathan Majors’ acting, the action, and the cinematography will be the film’s key draws.

The design of the Quantum Realm will appeal to Dune and Star Wars fans.

Like previous Marvel movies, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania mostly serves as a stepping stone for the next main story.

Despite its uneven attempts at humor and lack of character development, the movie is nonetheless worth viewing.

Robert Downey Jr. no longer has Tony Stark look

Robert Downey Jr. made heads turn when he appeared on the red carpet with a striking new look.

The bald appearance of the Iron Man actor at the Academy Governors Awards surprised everyone present.

Meanwhile, the internet was quick to react, with fans calling for Robert Downey Jr. to be given a new role in a major franchise.

A bold new look

Robert Downey Jr. lived and breathed as Iron Man/Tony Stark for over a decade.

However, his shiny scalp at the event instantly erased any memory of his iconic Marvel performances.

Despite the change in appearance, fans believed Downey Jr. still had what it took to return to the superhero genre.

However, many said he could play a significant role for Marvel’s rival studio.

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Another super genius

Shortly after Robert Downey Jr. revealed his new look, fans took to social media to share their thoughts.

When it comes to comics, it’s hard to think of many bald characters.

While there’s the option of playing Charles Xavier from the X-Men, Downey Jr. has already contributed a lot to the MCU as another major character.

Instead, many have suggested a new start by moving into the DC Extended Universe as the villain Lex Luthor.


Robert Downey Jr.’s bald new look has led fans to cast him as Lex Luthor.

Luthor could easily pass as a kind of evil version of Tony Stark.

When the suggestions came in, people had divided opinions.

One Twitter user wrote:

“[Seeing him play Luthor] would be interesting. I’d love to see him do it.”

“Those scenes with [Captain America when he said] ‘everything special about you came out of a bottle’ shows he can do it.”

Another user was critical of the past Lex Luthor castings by DC, saying:

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“I’d rather see that than whatever Lex Luthor live action we got last time. Good God.”

“He’s a good actor people be thinking [sic] Tony Stark but he does something totally different and surprises the **** out of you. Because that’s what actors like him can do.”

Other fans criticized people who would cast nearly every bald actor for Lex Luthor.

“Literally nobody is less creative than DC fans casting Lex Luthor,” a user said.

Meanwhile, one fan was content with the current DCEU choice, writing: “We’re pretty happy with Jesse Eisenberg, thank you.”

“Not a bad call,” someone else wrote. “I still believe Marc Strong is the one and only to play the role.”

Other notes

News outlet ScreenRant reported that Robert Downey Jr. initially landed the Lex Luthor role.

However, during the development of the Superman movie, directors went through a revolving door.

A management change at DC ultimately cast Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns.

It remains to be seen if Robert Downey Jr. will return to the world of superheroes, much less the DC Extended Universe.


DC fans want Robert Downey Jr. to play Lex Luthor after debuting new bald look

Simu Liu rips Quentin Tarantino on Twitter

Simu Liu responded to Quentin Tarantino’s comments about Marvel movies on Twitter, explaining Marvel’s impact on underrepresented communities.


The Kim’s Convenience actor recently shared his thoughts on the Kill Bill director’s opinion with a lengthy post on social media.

“If the only gatekeepers to movie stardom came from Tarantino and Scorsese, I would never have had the opportunity to lead a $400 million plus movie,” Simu Liu tweeted.

“I am in awe of their filmmaking genius. They are transcendent auteurs. But they don’t get to point their nose at me or anyone.”

“No movie studio will ever be perfect,” he continued.

“But I’m proud to work with one that has made sustained efforts to improve diversity onscreen by creating heroes that empower and inspire people of all communities everywhere.”

“I loved the ‘Golden Age’ too,” added the Shang-Chi actor. “But it was white as hell.”

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Simu Liu’s comments are in response to a recent podcast interview featuring Quentin Tarantino.

During the interview, the director criticized Hollywood’s reliance on Marvel.

According to him, Marvel movies are the only thing the fans or the studio are passionate about.

Tarantino also said that movie actors aren’t movie stars because “it’s the franchise characters who become stars.”

Despite his comments, the Kill Bill director clarified that he doesn’t hate Marvel movies, explaining that he doesn’t love them.

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The podcast interview isn’t the first time Quentin Tarantino has slammed Marvel, and he wasn’t the only one.

Simu Liu also named Martin Scorsese as one of the filmmakers who had issues with Marvel movies.

Due to their comments about Marvel, both directors were criticized for their work.

Martin Scorsese has since dismissed questions about the lack of female actors in his films.

Meanwhile, Tarantino has been criticized for his movies’ lack of diversity and violence against women.

Simu Liu and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings grossed over $432 million worldwide during its box office run in 2021.

Director Daniel Cretton will develop a sequel, and Simu Liu will return as Shang-Chi.


‘Shang-Chi’ star Simu Liu pushes back on Quentin Tarantino’s anti-Marvel comments

Rahmaan Statik brings Wakanda to Chicago with mural

Rahmaan Statik is a Chicago-born muralist and street artist who has made a name for himself with his vibrant art style in the graffiti scene.

While he is already an established artist, Statik’s latest work is turning heads online.


Rahmaan Statik grew up around street art and public murals in Chicago’s South Side.

He was inspired to delve in street arts early, which later led to an arrest for vandalism.

The event would end up instilling in him a mission to legitimize the production of aerosol murals in the art scene in Chicago.

From then on, Rahmaan Statik devoted his art to public murals, combining graffiti with the classical training he received at the American Academy of Art.

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The mural

Last week, Statik painted a mural dedicated to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

Additionally, his latest work comes full circle, having been born near the mural site.

“I’m a comic book fanboy,” said Statik.

“Before I was doing murals, I wanted to be a comic book artist. I wanted to work for Marvel.”

In the Rahmaan Statik mural, M’Baku, Okoye, and Shuri are standing in front of a glowing, vibrant Wakanda.

Additionally, his mural is on the corner of 61st Street and Champlain Avenue in Woodlawn.

In addition, the neighborhood is a predominantly African-American community.

Statik hopes his mural will empower the people of Woodlawn.

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Behind the mural

Rahmaan Statik highlights his artistic style on the mural and indicates the liveliness that befits his usual works.

“You can tell this is mine because of the color palette,” he said.

“Cyan, magenta, yellow. That way, it’s vibrant, even on a gray day.”

Additionally, the artist revealed his goal of inspiring others with his mural, saying:

“People want to see images that look like them, that are empowered and not alienated. And everyone deserves that – everyone deserves their own Mount Rushmore.”

In addition, Rahmaan Statik shared more about his work and discussed his hopes of inspiring the community to reach its highest potential.

“The main function, though, as far as why I’m going hard on this, in this area, is to bring museum standard painting to the streets,” said the artist.

“Maybe a whole neighborhood of kids will see this and be inspired.”


Artist brightens up Chicago with ‘Wakanda Forever’ mural

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania drops first trailer and sucks viewers into a world of wonder and questions

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has released its first trailer, giving fans a taste of the next phase in the MCU.

Like most trailers, the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer sparked a lot of excitement and raised important questions like:

  • What happened to Janet Van Dyne in the Quantum Realm?
  • Who does Bill Murray play?
  • What does Kang want?

The Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer

The trailer continues the trend seen in Phase 4 projects, which shows the world after the Avengers save the universe from Thanos.

A highlight includes Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) enjoying his new celebrity status, but he is still mistaken for Spider-Man.

However, things suddenly get worse for Scott and the Ant-Man family.

Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton) experiments with a way to communicate with the Quantum Realm.

Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) tries to stop her efforts, aware of the danger that this entails.

Before they can stop the experiment, the family is sucked into the Quantum Realm.

The first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania shows that most of the film takes place in the Quantum Realm.

We also meet Kang the Conqueror (albeit a variant of the Loki series), played by Jonathan Majors.

The trailer also shows Cassie Lang joining her father in a fight.

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Bill Murray

Veteran comedian Bill Murray makes his MCU debut as the mysterious Krylar.

Krylar’s inclusion in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania surprises long-time fans, considering he only appeared once in the comics.

Surprisingly, his appearance wasn’t even in an Ant-Man comic but in The Incredible Hulk.

However, Bill Murray’s appearance raises many questions about Janet Van Dyne’s past.

His connection with her will provide details of her stay in the Quantum Realm all those years.

Kang the Conqueror

Jonathan Majors debuted in the MCU as a variant of Kang called He Who Remains.

Although his character is the least evil of his variants, Kang’s appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania promises something sinister for the Ant-Man family.

In the trailer, Kang offers to help Ant-Man return to his world if he helps him get his hands on a mysterious object.

Their heist could open the door to a possible Phase 5 showdown that ends with Kang facing off the new Avengers roster.

Janet Van Dyne and the Quantum Realm

Janet Van Dyne was trapped in the Quantum Realm for the first two films.

Her time in the Quantum Realm is filled with secrets that not even Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) knows.

When she discovers Cassie’s attempts, she tries to stop her from making a big mistake.

The film explores Janet Van Dyne’s time in the Quantum Realm.


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer breakdown – the MCU goes full Star Wars

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania — 10 burning questions after the trailer

Rihanna returns to appease fans with a song for Wakanda Forever

Rihanna is making her return to music with a new song for the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack.

Lift Me Up

The artist recently teased his new single with a short video clip on Twitter.

Fans speculate that the song “Lift Me Up” is a musical tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

Boseman played the original Black Panther in several MCU movies, including Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, and two Avenger films.

Rihanna co-wrote its tune with fellow artist Tems, Oscar winner Ludwig Göransson, and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler.

“After speaking with Ryan and hearing his direction for the film and the song,” Tems revealed.

“I wanted to write something that portrays a warm embrace from all the people that I’ve lost in my life.”

“I tried to imagine what it would feel like if I could sing to them now and express how much I miss them.”

“Rihanna has been an inspiration to me, so hearing her convey this song is a great honor.”

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The release date

On Tuesday, Marvel Studios confirmed that Rihanna is one of the artists who will contribute to the soundtrack for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

“Lift Me Up” is Rihanna’s first single in over six years.

Additionally, “Lift Me Up” will be streamed on Friday, 28th October.

Marvel Studio shared the news on Twitter with a clip of a glittering Wakanda Forever logo before it morphs into Rihanna’s signature ‘R’ logo.

Rihanna fans last saw the logo in any context years ago.

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The singer’s fans quickly made the teaser trend on Twitter, with thousands of people sharing their excitement for her return.

The return of the artist/entrepreneur to music was imminent after confirming last month that she would perform in Super Bowl 2023 in Phoenix.

Rihanna’s last full-length release was the 2016 album “Anti.”

Since then, she has focused on her career as an entrepreneur by launching two brands: cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty and the Savage x Fenty lingerie line.

The artist has also vaguely hinted at two different albums for years.

She was often photographed as she walked in and out of recording studios.

Fans will see Rihanna again when she appears in the fourth installment of her Savage x Fenty show on Amazon Prime Video.


Rihanna to debut new music on ‘Wakanda Forever’ soundtrack

Rihanna returns to music with ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ original song

Spotlight: Werewolf by Night, Marvel’s first holiday special

D23 has arrived with many new projects, including cinematic updates and a new Marvel project, Werewolf by Night.

While many of the projects have been previously announced, Werewolf by Night is a new title for many.

Here we take a look at the supernatural addition to the MCU.

Who is the Werewolf by Night?

Jack Russell is a character who made his comic book debut in 1971 and appeared in Marvel’s Spotlight # 2.

Jack was born Jacob Russoff in Transylvania, a descendant of Grigori Russoff, who was cursed by Dracula for becoming a werewolf.

The curse lay dormant for generations before Jack’s grandfather used it in a copy of Darkhold.

Similar to the traditional werewolf curse, Gregor and his offspring transform into werewolves during the full moon.

It is also handed down from generation to generation.

Jack Russell moves to America after his father’s death, and it is there that his mother is killed by the Criminal Committee, who learns of her family’s curse.

Angry at her death, Jack turns into a werewolf to avenge his mother’s death.

MCU integration

Since the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Studios has hinted that it’s slowly dipping into the horror genre to some degree.

Ahead of the Doctor Strange sequel, Marvel also teased the addition of Blade, played by Mahershala Ali, at the end of The Eternals.

Both characters are members of the Midnight Sons, a group of superheroes with ties to the mystical and supernatural.

While it may seem farfetched, it’s possible that both characters will bring the supernatural team to the screens.

The Marvel Special

During the D23 event, Werewolf by Night was unveiled as Marvel Studios’ first-ever Christmas special.

The trailer was unveiled on Disney+, where it later received its own page.

The site offers Werewolf by Night as a comedy, but Gael Garcia Bernal, who is playing Jack Russell, said the special will be scary.

“Some people will be scared, even if they think they won’t,” said Bernal.

However, his co-star Laura Donnelly assured fans that Werewolf by Night also carries a lot of heart.

“I love that it has proper heart in it as well,” said Donnelly.

“We’re telling a real horror story but we’re also telling a human, heartfelt story as well, and I love that about it.”

The trailer

The Werewolf by Night trailer is inspired by the classic Universal Monster movies and is shot in black and white.

The trailer opens with a group of people gathered in a villa, with a female voiceover that is very reminiscent of old photos of Vincent Price.

The voiceover reveals that the fighters met to find out which of them were not what they seemed.

The Werewolf by Night trailer also reveals that the fighters have captured an invisible creature that many believe is Marvel’s Man-Thing.

The upcoming Marvel special is the first of its kind and will be directed by Michael Giacchino.

It was written by Peter Cameron and Heather Quinn.


Werewolf by Night: Kevin Feige says special is dark and scary

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Who is Werewolf by Night? Everything you need to know about the MCU hero and what it means going forward

Frank Grillo of Marvel slams Los Angeles crime after the shooting of Azuma Bennett

Frank Grillo, best known for his work on the Marvel movies and The Purge, has opened up about the rise in crime in Los Angeles after his boxing trainer was recently shot.

The shooting

Azuma Bennett, 30, was shot at least eight times outside a Windsor Hill marijuana dispensary.

Police say Bennett died en route to a nearby hospital and investigators have no idea what the shooting was or who was behind it.

Bennett had coached several top names in his career.

In addition to Grillo, Azuma Bennett has coached UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller and singers Kiana Ledé and Eddie Benjamin.

Azuma Bennett

Born in Australia, Bennett moved to the United States three years ago.

Bennett worked at Fortune Gym in Los Angeles, training with celebrities.

The gym released a statement after his death which reads:

“Azuma was our family. One of the best of the best. We are all so broken.”

After his death, Tamara Fortune, owner of Fortune Gym, created a GoFundMe page to raise funds to return Bennett’s body to Australia.

“Azuma was one of a kind,” Fortune wrote on the GoFundMe page description.

“An outstanding athlete, fighter, teacher trainer, and friend/mate to so many. We lost one of the best ones out there.”

“He did not deserve this. He was kind to all that he met and always engaged everyone in the gym with his positive energy and engaging personality.”

Earlier on Friday, the page raised more than $35,000.

Grillo vents online

Frank Grillo spoke to the KNBC news agency and criticized the rising crime rate in Los Angeles.

“He made everybody feel good about training,” Grillo said.

“I don’t know what’s happened to Los Angeles that a beautiful guy like this gets shot and killed over nothing.”

On Friday, Grillo shared several posts about Bennet’s death.

“We in LA need to wake up to what has become a common occurrence,” one post wrote.

Another said: “Maybe can force the hand of the powers that be to get off their a****** and fix this ****.”

Crime rate in Los Angeles

Bennett’s murder adds to the homicide tally in the City of Angels, which has reached its highest level in 15 years, according to ABC7.

In the first half of 2022, 181 homicides were committed in Los Angeles, a 34% increase over the average number of homicides during the same period between 2015 and 2019.

In April, the number of shots increased by 69% compared to 2020, while violent crimes rose to 7.2% compared to the previous year.

The Los Angeles Times also indicated that thefts increased by 18.5% compared to 2021, while car flight increased by 40% compared to 2020.


Marvel star Frank Grillo rips LAs rising crime after his boxing trainer is shot and killed: ‘Need to wake up’

Marvel star Frank Grillo slams Los Angeles crime after boxing trainer shot dead