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Meet Dr. Asif Munaf: A Life Coach and Nutritionist with a Medical Degree

Dr. Asif Munaf: On the Pursuit of Life

A doctor, nutritionist, life coach and entrepreneur, Dr. Asif Munaf has proved that success can be achieved only if we work hard and believe in ourselves. Born in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in a Pakistani immigrant household, Dr. Asif was always on the lookout for opportunities to shine. His positive outlook on life and passion for helping people and the sick led him to acquire an MBBS degree from one of the prestigious colleges, the University of York, in the UK. After graduating with a doctorate, he decided to complete his training at the same college. 

Being an expert in any field and excelling at everything one does can be really challenging. And to perform with efficiency, it is essential to understand that one needs a nutritious diet along with proper rest in order to complete those tasks. This is precisely what Dr. Asif Munaf discovered during his strenuous training. His job was not only hectic but also needed focus and attention to detail. His interest in nutrition developed when he felt he needed to maintain his health through a balanced diet while staying active even after a 12-hour shift. 

Though he always followed a healthy lifestyle, being a doctor with a master’s degree in Public Health, he fully understood how crucial it was for him to perfectly balance his diet. According to him, there was a lack of good quality food available in hospitals for both patients and staff, and hence he decided to pursue further education in nutrition. “I started making my own smoothies which I took to work to keep me nourished during my 12-hour hospital shifts. I then decided to research more about nutrition, and this led me to complete my level 3 qualification in personal training. I experienced firsthand how good food can improve mood, cognition and energy levels,” he shared.

As he studied nutrition, he got to know how much we lack in our diet, and he wanted to make everyone understand the difference between eating healthy and the right kinds of foods. Even though avoiding sugar and carbs can help you reach your desired weight, it doesn’t mean that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Many nutritionists claim that a proper diet contains everything, from protein to carbs and dairy products etc. It all depends on the portion sizes, which we often tend to overlook. Given his medical background, Dr. Asif knew he could help guide people toward healthy living. While researching, he also learned how a bad diet could negatively impact moods and mental health. 

There was a time when Covid-19 had literally taken over our lives; it was a tough time for everyone around the globe. Apart from thousands of casualties, it also brought isolation and one of the biggest depression waves that engulfed the majority of the people. The pandemic had, in fact, restricted all of us to stick to confined spaces, which wreaked havoc on people’s mental health, leading people, especially young men, to commit suicide. Being depressed and emotionally alone can cause an emptiness that sucks every inch of their beings, and their will to live is ultimately lost. Realizing that not many people were paying attention to such issues, Dr. Asif Munaf took the initiative to help the community and all those who were desperately seeking it. He has been conducting coaching courses, with one-off sessions aimed at changing people’s mindsets so they could face life’s challenges without any medication or therapy. 

Then there is another course called Masculine Mastery, which is focused on mental health and boosting self-confidence. The sessions are all about giving men an edge in life, particularly those going through adverse mental health issues, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves. “I saw a real pandemic of mental health, particularly in men who were often too ‘proud’ to seek help,” he stressed. 

Dr. Asif further elaborated, “It is said that nutritional deficiencies such as low vitamin D often contribute to adverse mental health. As my master’s thesis looked at barriers to men seeking help, I was acutely aware of men’s reluctance to seek help for serious conditions. So, I wanted to remove these barriers, dispel myths and give men a platform to open up about any adverse mental health symptoms they may be experiencing. I appeared on a podcast about mental health, and this led to me starting my own Mindset Mastery course in September 2020.” 

Dr. Asif Munaf understands how important it is for people suffering from mental illnesses to have their nutrition intake checked and balanced. To help them out, he also founded AM Wellness company that offers vitamins, supplements and at-home-blood testing for a range of nutritional deficiencies. 

About Dr. Asif Munaf

After a decade of service, Dr. Asif Munaf put a hold on his medical adventure and has been spreading mental awareness through his courses and health supplements, as well as nutritional products. His remarkable journey from being a first-generation Pakistani British to accomplishing so much in life is truly inspiring. His work to help men become emotionally and physically strong speaks for itself. His love for the well-being of others motivates him to think of more efficient ways to change lives for the better.

Michelle Perchuk Stamps Her Presence as a Top-Rated Career Building Coach

Building a career begins with getting a job which is a task that many people have no clue how to handle. Job seekers easily get lost in the job-seeking process, that they get frustrated along the line. Michelle Perchuk, a seasoned career coach with about two decades of experience in the business and the recruiting world, has taken it upon herself to help job seekers get on their feet and forge ahead with confidence when seeking a position in their dream workplaces.  Michelle Perchuk has worked at some of the top recruitment firms and worked with Fortune 1000 companies with their recruitment processes.

She established MTV Coaching to improve people’s lives thanks to her long-term relationships with human resource professionals, hiring managers, and C-Suite executives. She is big on building relationships and never fails to encourage job seekers to network extensively when seeking a new job. Michelle Perchuk believes that becoming a coach for her was always divinely ordained as her life-long goal has always been to give back, impact and improve lives. From her days as a consultant on Wall Street to the time she ran her own business, she has always been about making a difference in people’s lives.

MTV Coaching aims to ease the stress of getting a job during these uncertain times that the world has been thrown into. “The workplace is evolving at lightning speed. Jobs will become heavily competitive when things go back to normal, and many applicants need an expert’s help to help them stand out, interview successfully perhaps by video, dress appropriately, and craft powerful images and LinkedIn profiles. Many people won’t return to their jobs; that is the reality. Certain jobs will be eliminated, and yet new jobs will be created. Job seekers have higher requirements to satisfy, and we want to ensure they are well-prepared and packaged to clinch these job positions,” Michelle says.

Michelle brings her years of experience and certification as a coach from the International Coaching Federation. Her book on recruitment, “Swimming in the Talent Pool,” has been critically acclaimed by many hiring managers and job seekers. She is a multi-faceted expert looking to do some good in the job world. She has played a profound role in helping thousands of job applicants get employment at the top companies worldwide. Her coaching practice has also played notable roles in many career upgrades and promotions. Her story and personal journey serve as a relatable reference when building a connection with jobseekers as she understands their situation and can resonate with them.

To take her mission even further, Michelle Perchuk partnered recently with Knowable, the audio-only learning platform, to enable her to share knowledge with a wider range of people. Her target audience includes college graduates and business executives looking to pivot their careers or start new careers. Michelle is familiar with what companies and hiring managers look for in a candidate, and she walks her clients by the hand through those specifics.

Her company MTV Coaching is growing very quickly as people realize they need an expert to help them. Michelle Perchuk is determined  to grow her coaching practice, launch more courses and publish new helpful books. She keeps putting in work to grow her company while ensuring that more job seekers find the job search process less stressful. “Success is assured if you are eager and determined to be successful; all everyone needs is to be shown the right direction,” she says.

Learn more about Michelle Perchuk and MTV Coaching on the official website.

Shawn Fair Provides Coach Tia Monique With the Opportunity to Take the Stage and Share Her Story

Shawn Fair is a name that most speakers are familiar with. A member of the Forbes Coaching Council and founder of the Leadership Experience Tour program, he is one of the most sought-after consultants for major companies. Such is his reputation that companies from the United States, Canada, and Europe seek his guidance. Shawn’s genuine & personal coaching and training service has helped boost him as a top choice in the training industry.

As a leader and consultant, Shawn Fair incorporates a unique technique that guides leaders to identify their blind spots. His training program has reached over 300,000 leaders in the United States and abroad. Shawn attributes his success to his comprehensive and first-hand experience in the corporate world, molding an efficient trainer for companies and individuals.

The Leadership Experience Tour program is an exclusive club that Shawn created exclusively for speakers. Aspiring entrants have the opportunity to join by undergoing a rigorous audition process. Once they get through, they have the privilege of gaining a column on the Speakers Magazine and appear in one of five virtual leadership shows produced by the Fair Consulting Group. Among the most recent additions to Shawn Fair’s platform for speakers is Coach Tia Monique.

Coach Tia Monique is the CEO of Let It Out Academy, a school for aspiring authors, that offers courses to help them write their own books. A wife, mother of six, and ordained leader, Tia was able to push on with her work despite being unable to stand or walk for the last nine years. Although the neuropathy and paralysis would have rendered most people feeling broken, Tia did not let the obstacle stop her from obtaining success. She became an award-winning, international bestselling author even as she mentored other bestselling authors.

Early last year, Tia’s success and business came to an abrupt halt as she was required to undergo emergency surgery to remove necrotizing fasciitis. There she would discover that she had tested positive for Covid-19, bringing in more challenges. Tia’s body shut down, forcing her into a cycle of uncertainties with her life hanging by a thread. 

Coach Tia Monique would spend more than ninety days in hospitals, rehab, physical, occupational, and speech therapy. She was determined to fight back and rebuild her life and her business. “I am a poster child displaying triumph, encouraging others not to give up. If I can make it despite many limitations, they can make it too!” she proudly proclaimed, “God had a plan for me because He kept me here while others died all around me. A part of His plan is for me to help others live and win.”

Since making her return, Coach Tia Monique hopes to travel to take the big stage to speak and motivate others, inspiring them to fight to win despite their obstacles. She is driven to help mold at least 5,000 award-winning, bestselling authors and speakers who can use their position to eradicate poverty in their lives.

Learn more about Shawn Fair by visiting his official website. You can also reach out to Coach Tia Monique through her website.

Country: United States

Media contact: Shawn Fair

Company: Fair Consulting Group


Phone number: (586) 690-1879


Barbara Majeski and the Inspiring Story Behind One of Television’s Most Well-Loved Face

Barbara Majeski, also known as the Curator of the Good, has been a well-loved face over the years. She is someone who entertains viewers with her classy wit, unforgettable smile, and impeccable taste in lifestyle, entertainment, and travel. Her television comeback was more than just a segment relaunch; it was the return of a woman who carries a story of triumph, restoration, and newfound passion for life. 

Barbara Majeski has had TV appearances in shows like the Today Show, Inside Edition, NY Live, Chicago the Jam, and Good Day New York. But before being where she is now, she had to get through situations she would never imagine to overcome.

Back in 2015, she had to succumb to the reality that her marriage was coming to an inevitable end. As if getting a divorce was not life-altering enough, she was also diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Anyone in Barbara Majeski’s position would have easily crumbled, but she mustered all the courage she could possibly find within her to give herself one big push to fight cancer without a spouse being there to support her and look after their three children. 

As she was receiving her treatment, she made herself a promise that if she were given a second chance to live out her life, she would be bolder, bigger, and better than before. As she braved the storm brought about by her cancer and divorce, she did manage to find the strength and the grace to come up with a more hopeful, determined, and passionate person. Grateful that she surpassed that grueling and unforgiving season in her life, Barbara Majeski returned to television, more vibrant than ever. 

Inspiring people with her story of triumph and recovery is now one of her priorities, and it inspired the launch of her own podcast called Baring It All, which is available on her personal website. She features celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers who have an impactful message to share with her audience. Just recently, she launched a club on Clubhouse, naming it the same as her podcast. Both platforms enable her to reach a massive audience: people who need to hear stories that bring hope, inspire courage, spark change, and trigger a desire to become the best version of themselves. 

Alongside her television projects and podcast, Barbara Majeski is also a philanthropist and avid yogi. For her, finding the right balance in life is of utmost importance. Making time to relax, meditate, unwind, and commune with nature is her way of giving herself a break from life challenges. 

Barbara is best known for her authenticity and transparency. She is also a woman of substance, sophisticated fashion sense, and impeccable taste. These are mostly what draws her audience to her personality on camera, and her following has been growing steadily over the years across the country. 

Having survived what she did in the past, Barbara Majeski hopes to give hope to others who suffer in silence. They, too, can find solace in starting all over again. 

Learn more about Barbara Majeski’s inspiring life story by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram to get the latest updates on her projects.