Rising Personality HabibiCheeks Talks About Elevating the LA Nightlife Scene

HabibiCheeks hosting musical artist Yung Gravy, YouTuber Chad Lebaron, and TikToker Kristen Hancher at his night at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesday.” Kristen Hancher is wearing his iconic red hat with the red & white flower crown on it.

When it comes to nightlife and party scenes, the city of Los Angeles is usually the place to go. Widely known for its extravagant spaces, lively themes, and enthusiastic crowds, LA has set the bar high for what going on a world-class night out should look like. In an effort to keep the party alive and kicking, party venues in the city do not have to think twice about going all out in booking the best DJs, internet personalities, influencers, and music headliners. True enough, LA has always been going the extra mile to entertain partygoers and elevate their nightlife experience in ways like never before.

Aside from its rich and vibrant nightlife scene, Los Angeles is also recognized for setting the latest fashion trends and having the best celebrity sets. Indeed, the city is perfect for those who want to explore and live their lives to the fullest. One of the club promoters that have been making significant waves in the area is rising online personality Shaheen Sheeti, who is more prominently known as @habibicheeks on Instagram. His mission is to introduce people to venues with the hottest dance floors, live music, cocktail lounges, and many more. 


HabibiCheeks hosting YouTubers Coby Persin & Erick Sanchez at his night at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesdays.”

At the heart of HabibiCheeks’ efforts is the ultimate goal of promoting the best dance clubs in Los Angeles and showing people the limitless after-dark excitement that the city has to offer. He understands how difficult and confusing it can be for partygoers and nightlife enthusiasts to choose from the sea of venues in LA. For this reason, he makes it easier for people to pick the perfect place to have some fun and enjoy themselves like there is no tomorrow.


HabibiCheeks with rising musical artist Sueco at a private event. HabibiCheeks also hosted Sueco at his night at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesdays.”

In an interview, HabibiCheeks talked about what drew him to the LA nightlife scene. “When I first moved to LA, I was meeting people and going out to spots like Saddle Ranch and Berkshire House everyday,” he shared. “I met a guy who did not let me in a party once and connected with him, so he let me in and asked if I was a promoter. When I told him I was not a promoter, he tried me out for the job, and we then had hundreds of people coming to the events,” he added. 

As a club promoter and celebrity event host, HabibiCheeks mainly works with the H.Wood group, specifically the nightlife and hospitality department. With his enthusiastic flair and lively aura, he can be seen wearing his iconic red hat with a flower crown on it at his night  at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesdays,” as well as Bootsy Bellows or Delilah Sundays also known as “Delilah Jazz Night.” You can occasionally catch him at other spots as well such as Off Sunset, Bar Lis, Hyde, Doheny Room, Highlight Room, Nightingale, and Warwick – unless it’s a Wednesday, then he’s at Poppy. 

In fact, he has also hosted the cast of some famous reality TV shows like “Too Hot to Handle” & “Dated & Related,” as well as some actors on the hit TV series, “Euphoria,” at his night at Poppy, “Poppy Wednesdays.”

Since he dipped his toes in the industry, HabibiCheeks has indeed gained many opportunities to party with the stars. With his vast experience and connections, it’s truly exciting to see what HabibiCheeks will be up to next.