Self-Made Hedge Fund Manager Komey Tetteh Shares His Story

Rated the world over as a risky investment, hedge funds have the potential to undoubtedly be highly rewarding. Compared to other financial investments, hedge funds emphasize high returns, which makes it a lucrative sector. However, establishing a thriving career in the field can be a tough hurdle for many, but not for Komey Tetteh.

Komey is a skilled, sought-after, and renowned hedge fund manager. The independent hedge fund manager has years of expertise trading at the highest levels in the business, including on regulated instruments governed by the most prestigious international jurisdictions, including now highly regulated ASIC (Australia regs) and FCA (UK regs) funds. Tetteh is a self-made financial investment genius on a quest to revolutionize the sector.

Tetteh’s most recent effort, the Institutional Trader Gap Project, uses cutting-edge bridge technology to let traders speak with the markets directly. The Institutional Trader Project uses connections made over many years in the sector to cut out intermediaries from the trading process and provide professional traders with direct liquidity terminals that allow clients access previously only available to the wealthy.

Tetteh has provided his services to numerous investors and institutions throughout his career, demonstrating outstanding, dependable results in the financial markets. After working with numerous organizations and demonstrating superior, dependable profits in the financial markets, Tetteh became an independent hedge fund manager.

Unlike many other hedge fund managers, Tetteh had difficulty navigating the business world because of his upbringing. He had to use the standard tools at his disposal due to a lack of finance and resources to outperform the competition.

Living alone at fifteen presented Tetteh with his most significant difficulty because it exposed him to genuine hardship. This required him to learn how to make money to support himself, which meant working all night while attending school and college during the day.

Nevertheless, Tetteh kept his chin up and stood up to outrun his competition. He started investing in the stock market in 2010, having built a multi-year track record. Tetteh’s passion for the financial industry saw him start managing portfolios, and through hard work and dedication, he has grown and expanded to multi-million-dollar portfolios. 2020 saw his breakthrough into other projects and start-up companies, and he has grown his business investing portfolio extensively. 

Tetteh currently offers trading services for hedge funds, managing more than $100 million in capital. This entails managing hedge funds on a contract basis for the business and enhancing existing funds with new ideas and tactics.

According to Tetteh, 90% of life is determined by how you react to your given circumstances. Additionally, you are the star of your own movie, so make the most of it. “Start where you are, don’t be scared to move forward, and figure out the rest as you go,” says Tetteh.

Recently, Tetteh acquired residency in Dubai, where he aims to expand his global reach.

You can also start a joint venture with Tetteh through his bespoke alpha offering, where the needs of your hedge fund/business are reviewed, and he adds value by incorporating his trading strategies/portfolios. He aims to grow his portfolio to handle 500 million across all funds and agreements made.