Haruki Murakami’s next book to go public in April

Haruki Murakami: Very few writers have the ability to conjure feelings of nostalgia and magical realism with their words.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is sometimes the first author that springs to mind, but in the past several decades, another contemporary has developed a reputation.

Without a doubt, Haruki Murakami is one of literature’s most underappreciated writers.

Despite receiving less accolades for his film adaptations than his predecessors, Murakami has developed a cult following even outside of Japan.

Following the announcement that he would release his first book in six years in April, fans will be anxious to see what he can concoct with words.

The announcement

According to a statement issued by Shinchosha Publishing on Wednesday, Haruki Murakami’s most recent novel will be published in 2023.

The famous publisher announced that the book would be released on April 13, where it has its headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The title of the book and specific storyline details were also left out.

The next Murakami book will cost $22 or ¥2,970, according to Shinchosha.

Additionally, they said that the e-book version will also be distributed on the same day.

What we know

It is uncertain when the Haruki Murakami book will be translated and published, revealed Shinchosha.

They reached the presumption that the book will include 1,200 Japanese text pages, but they cannot divulge the title.

The publisher hasn’t made a decision about the novel’s page count either.

Last work

2017 saw the release of Haruki Murakami’s last novel.

Prior to release, Killing Commendatore’s contents were kept a secret at the author’s request.

Murakami encouraged people to read the book blindly, according to Shinchosha at the time.

Major Tokyo book stores stayed open late for the 2017 book launch to allow customers to get a copy right away.

The Idea Made Visible and The Shifting Metaphor are the two stories that make up Killing Commendatore.

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The 704-page English translation was produced by Philip Gabriel and Ted Goossen as a single volume.

In 2018, Alfred A. Knopf published the translated book in the US.

The protagonist of the novel, a painter, decides to abandon his job and embark on a road trip after his wife leaves him.

He accepts a position as a teacher of art, promises to complete a commission for a painting, and encounters a fascinating “Idea” along the road.


Japanese author Haruki Murakami is highly acclaimed for his short stories, novels, and essays.

He has won several honors for his work, such as:

  • The Gunzo Prize for New Writers
  • The World Fantasy Award
  • The Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award
  • The Franz Kafka Prize
  • The Jerusalem Prize

Hear the Wind Sing, Murakami’s debut book, was released in 1979.

Since then, he has released various books and anthologies of short stories.

The novels of the Japanese author have also been made into motion pictures.

Some of his writings have been adapted into the following movies:

  • Hear the Song of the Wind (1982)
  • Tony Takitani (2004)
  • Norwegian Wood (2010)
  • Burning (2018)
  • Hanalei Bay (2018)
  • Drive My Car (2021)


Murakami primarily employs the traditional Japanese I-novel style when writing first-person narratives.

The author particularly enjoys writing in the magic realism subgenre.

Readers admire Haruki Murakami’s writing because he frequently alludes to pop culture.

Several of his pieces also borrow ideas or titles from songs or classical works.

The author admitted that some of the characters in his works make comments on how things are going and seem to be going through similar things to him.

In other words, it resembles entering a film set where almost everything is a set prop.

Many of Haruki Murakami’s fans will be eager to read the tale that unfolds in his upcoming novel, which is anticipated to be published this year.