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Jason David Frank details emerge following his death

Jason David Frank died early, and his absence left a hole in millions who grew up watching him in Power Rangers.

Last month, the actor’s representative confirmed his death.

Once the news came out, tribute after tribute came from the fans.

Jason David Frank’s cause of death was recently revealed, with confirmation from his wife, Tammie.

A hero to millions

Jason David Frank is best known for the Power Rangers TV series and movies, in which he played Tommy Oliver.

The news of his death sparked thousands of tributes as people mourned the loss of the childhood hero they pretended to be in backyards.

Many have shared their stories of meeting Jason David Frank at events, describing him as a positive person.

The actor’s latest project, Legend of the White Dragon, is set to release next year after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Tammie Frank, the wife of David Frank, recently opened up about her husband’s death.

She also confirmed that suicide was the cause of death.

Speaking to People magazine, Tammie Frank revealed that Jason David Frank took his own life over a weekend when the couple was hoping to revive their relationship.

What happened

Tammie Frank has revealed the couple originally planned to go their separate ways after a tough year.

However, before her husband died, they canceled the plans.

So instead, they worked to get back together.

According to Tammie, Jason David Frank planned a weekend getaway after his friends reminded him that they still loved each other.

Over the weekend, they attended a country dancing event.

After the dance, the couple had a warm and moving conversation in David Frank’s hotel room.

However, Tammie said she went to the lobby to bring them snacks.

When she returned ten minutes later, Jason David Frank did not answer the door.

Unable to get even a response, someone called the police.

Upon entering, they discovered that Jason had taken his life.

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The statements

“My name is Tammie Frank, and my husband was Jason David Frank, who tragically lost his life to suicide just last week,” Tammie started.

“While Jason was a well-known name to some, we lived a normal life with ups and downs, just like anyone else.”

“It has shocked and saddened me beyond belief to see that the media has turned my family’s tragedy into a tall tale.”

“Since Jason’s death, I have been harassed online and can no longer stand to watch my husband’s good name slandered,” she continued.

Tammie Frank concluded the talk by saying:

“All we want is to remember Jason and our happiest memories and move on from the pain of losing a loved one.”

“I only ask for sympathy and understanding during this difficult time,” she added.

“To all the fans and supporters of Jason and our family, thank you for your kind words and wishes, and God bless you all.”


Power Rangers star Jason David Frank’s wife confirms his cause of death as suicide

Jason David Frank confirmed dead over the weekend

Jason David Frank was a famous actor in the 1990s for playing Tommy Oliver in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

Of all the franchise actors, Frank was one of the most active, if not the most active, Power Ranger veterans.

But on November 19, Jason David Frank died at the age of 49.

The news

Jason David Frank died in Texas this weekend.

His manager Justine Hunt confirmed the actor’s death.

Details of Frank’s death have not been released.

However, Hunt asked fans to respect the privacy of the actor’s family and friends “during this horrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful human being.”

Walter Jones, the first Black Ranger and Frank’s co-star in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, took to Instagram to express his grief and wrote:

“Can’t believe it…. RIP Jason David Frank. My heart is sad to have lost another member of our special family.”

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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Jason David Frank made his career as the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin’s Power Rangers.

The show debuted on Fox Kids in 1993 and ran for three years as audiences marveled at costumed superheroes battling in kung-fu.

Frank’s character initially starts as an enemy of the Rangers with a limited appearance.

However, his charisma won the admiration of fans, and he became a series regular.

Frank went on to appear in other Power Rangers shows and movies, including:

  • Zeo
  • Turbo
  • Wild Force
  • DinoThunder
  • Ninja Steel

Other ventures

Jason David Frank is also famous for his martial arts.

He was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame and the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Frank has also performed numerous stunts in the Power Rangers franchise.

He had an eighth-degree black belt in karate and studied taekwondo, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai.

Jason David Frank began practicing karate at age four and received his first black belt when he was only twelve.

In 1994, he founded several martial arts schools.

Frank also masters an exclusive fighting system called Toso Kune Do, which translates to “Way of the Fighting Fist.”

Toso Kune Do combines different styles of martial arts.

At the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he met Kyoshi Rick Herbster, who later became his business partner for many years.

The two ran the Rising Sun Karate Academy, where Frank taught until his death.

Frank then made his MMA debut in 2010 at the Lonestar Beatdown event in Houston, Texas.

He managed to beat Jonathan “the Mack Truck” Mack in the first round.

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What could have been

Of all the Power Rangers actors, Jason David Frank has been the most active and has appeared in several iterations of the franchise.

He also appeared with original star Amy Jo Johnson in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie as civilians wearing their original colors.

Frank was due to appear in an upcoming film.

Aaron Schoenke’s film ‘Legend of the White Dragon’ follows Frank as the white dragon.

The Green Ranger actor is survived by his children, Hunter, Jacob, Skye and Jenna.


Jason David Frank, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ star, dies at 49