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Saeed: The Melodic Maverick Reshaping Hip Hop Culture

Richmond, California’s homegrown talent, Saeed, is rapidly becoming a household name in the hip hop industry. An independent artist, signed to his own label, Saeed embodies the revolutionary spirit and invigorating artistry that Hip Hop culture was built upon. Using his unique blend of East Coast lyricism, Bay Area slanguage, and an inspirational narrative, he’s curating a space for himself in the hearts of his audience. You can catch the rhythm of his art on Spotify, or follow his journey on Instagram.

Saeed – The Melodic Maverick

Saeed’s music is an intricate balance of relatability and uniqueness, a mosaic of his rich lineage and his environment. His sound takes cues from a host of successful figures in his family, as well as Hip Hop’s pioneers like Tupac, E 40, Mac Dre, The Lox, Nipsey Hussle, Messy Marv, The Jacka, Jay Z, Rick Ross, OutKast, and others. He refers to his musical style as “Playa Activism music mixed with a Neo Mob sound,” lacing his tracks with witty wordplay and uncanny lyrics that depict the struggles and solutions of life.

In Saeed’s words, his music is designed to “invite the listener into the story like they are there in real time.” It’s the kind of motivational music that propels you from the couch to the street, pushing you to “stop making excuses and start making it happen.”

Collaborations and Momentous Experiences

Saeed collaborates selectively, prioritizing organic and impactful partnerships over status or follower count. His association with artists and producers is driven by shared artistic visions, an inspiring track, or a beat that sparks an immediate writing urge. And sometimes, these collaborations lead to extraordinary moments that stay etched in the memory.

One such unforgettable experience was Saeed’s participation in Nipsey Hussle’s Mailbox Money Tour. Being the only Bay Area artist on the LA lineup not only boosted his recognition but also inspired him to venture into business. Consequently, he launched his company, Live From Paradise LLC, just four days after the tour ended.

The Empowering Voice of Saeed

Saeed’s music oozes passion, persistence, consistency, resilience, determination, and motivation. His lyrics are a testament to the struggles and victories of the everyday inner-city life, aiming to provide hope and purpose to his listeners. As a devoted student of the game, Saeed’s music is deeply influenced by the hip hop culture, which has continuously pushed him to challenge societal norms and alter the negative stigma attached to it.

Saeed is no stranger to the challenges in the music industry. From dealing with writer’s block to understanding the need for a strategic plan and marketing, his journey has had its fair share of hurdles. However, he believes in the power of consistent content and learning from these experiences.

Upcoming Projects and Future Endeavors

Saeed’s recent projects “Touch Of Sol”, “Consistency”, and the #All4Siah series, a tribute to his late cousin Josiah Shabazz Lightfoot, have significantly boosted his career. These projects are fan favorites, portraying Saeed’s versatility and his commitment to deliver fresh, impactful music.

In the future, Saeed plans to release a full-length album with some significant features and aims to surpass one million streams in a year. He also looks forward to working with international artists, venturing into music business, and making big announcements soon.

Music is Saeed’s sanctuary, his therapy, and his motivator. It’s his passion and drive that make him a standout artist in the hip-hop landscape. As he continues his journey in the music industry, Saeed assures his fans and followers that he will remain consistent in his efforts, setting new milestones and goals, all while moving forward with pure intentions. Stay tuned to see this Melodic Maverick take the hip-hop scene by storm.

Kanye West Yeezy office story emerges

Kanye West, now known as Ye, may have had a fallout, but his past antics remain a hot topic to this day.

According to a former employee of the Adidas Yeezy shoe line, an employee lost their job after a small request for a music change.

The story

A former Adidas employee revealed he became anxious on a typical day at the office when a colleague asked Kanye West to switch the music.

According to a Rolling Stone story, Ye played his songs loudly through the speakers.

Some enjoyed the music, but others didn’t.

In addition, the space was filled by an exceptional team of designers and tailors, drawn away from the biggest European fashion houses.

The worker asked Kanye West to change the music.

The rapper looked around the workplace and then at their colleague.

Kanye West asked the staff what they would like to play instead of his back catalog.

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The request

According to Rolling Stone, the worker was more of a punk and rock fan than hip-hop.

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,'” the ex-employee said.

The former employee forgot that he was dealing with one of the most difficult musicians in the industry.

They then suggested that Kanye West play Drake instead.

“Big mistake,” the former employee said. “The next day, I was fired.”

Other events

While there was no need for the unexpected layoff, the employee wasn’t alone in the brand when Ye worked with the Yeezy shoe line.

Rolling Stone spoke to several former employees and shared that sudden layoffs were common in Yeezy.

Many employees described the office as “a revolving door of talent.”

The Yeezy office culture made employees feel that their jobs were in constant danger.

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After Kanye West made problematic and antisemitic comments online and in the press, many brands broke ties with the rapper.

Adidas is one of the brands that separated from Ye.

Although the deal cost them hundreds of millions of dollars, Adidas continues to sell Yeezy shoes.

However, they will sell them under a different name.

According to CNN, Adidas plans to continue benefiting from the Yeezy line’s intellectual property.

Harm Ohlmeyer, Adidas’ chief financial officer, said in a phone call about quarterly earnings:

“Going forward, we will leverage the existing inventory with the exact plans being developed as we speak.”


Kanye West sacked Yeezy employee after he suggested they play Drake’s music in office

Rap icon Coolio passed away on Wednesday, aged 59

The rap scene lost another legend when news broke of Coolio’s death, a name that took rapping to new heights in the 1990s.

The news came after friend and manager Jarez Posey announced the entertainer had passed away on Wednesday afternoon.

The details

Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Erik Scott said firefighters and paramedics received an emergency medical call.

They drove to the block of South Chesapeake Ave. at 4:00 p.m. where they found a man who was unresponsive.

Scott said they performed CPR attempts for about 45 minutes.

However, the patient was determined to have died before 5 p.m.


Sheila Finegan, Coolio Talent Manager, said:

“We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend and client, Coolio, who passed away this afternoon.”

“He touched the world with the gift of his talent and will be missed profoundly.”

“Thank you to everyone worldwide who has listened to his music and to everyone who has been reaching out regarding his passing.”

“Please have Coolio’s loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.”

Michelle Pfeiffer mourns with other stars

When news of Coolio’s death broke, actress Michelle Pfeiffer, who starred in the movie Dangerous Minds, which featured her favorite song “Gangsta’s Paradise” with LV, took to Instagram to share her grief.

Her post included a snippet of the music video she also starred in.

“Heartbroken to hear of the passing of the gifted artist Coolio,” the post reads.

“A life cut entirely too short. As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to work with him on Dangerous Minds in 1995.”

“He won a Grammy for his brilliant song on the soundtrack – which I think was the reason our film saw so much success.”

“I remember him being nothing but gracious. 30 years later, I still get chills when I hear the song.”

“Sending love and light to his family. Rest in Power, Artis Leon Ivey Jr.”

Many names in entertainment, music and sports have paid tribute to Coolio including Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Flavor Flav, LL Cool J, Matt Bonner and Lou Diamond Phillips to name a few.


Coolio’s musical career began in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that he solidified his name in hip-hop with Gangsta’s Paradise.

The hip-hop legend was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of Compton.

In 1994, Coolio shared that he entered the drug business but later exited and pursued a career as a firefighter.

“I wasn’t looking for a career, I was looking for a way to clean up – a way to escape the drug thing,” he told Los Angeles Times.

“It was going to kill me and I knew I had to stop.”

“In firefighting training was discipline I needed. We ran every day. I wasn’t drinking or smoking or doing the stuff I usually did.”

From there, Coolio would focus on rap and make a name for himself in the underground scene.

While his song “Fantastic Voyage” gave him momentum, it was Gangsta’s Paradise that put Coolio in the spotlight.

The song was not only included in the movie Dangerous Minds, it also earned him several awards, including a Grammy in 1996.

Despite being nearly 30 years old, Gangsta’s Paradise remains one of the most streamed songs, hitting a billion views on YouTube by July 2022.

“It’s one of those kinds of songs that transcends generations,” Coolio said in a recent interview.

“I didn’t use any trendy words…I think it made it timeless.”


Coolio, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper, dead at 59

Coolio: Michelle Pfeiffer and Snoop Dogg lead tributes to Gangsta’s Paradise rapper

Hip-Hop Artist 2K Pounce Juno Spreading Cheer With Carribean Style of Music

Music is a powerful tool. The interwoven structure of sound, style and lyrics effectively conveying deep emotions. Music as a tool for conveying messages and emotions was quite evident in the year 2020 as the eventful year tried the strength and resilience of many. Prominent among the musical artists that make music to help people cope especially during these uncertain times is 2K Ponce Juno who continues to take the world of Hip Hop by storm, changing the status quo as he reaches over the boundaries of music.

Originally from the Staten Island of New York, 2K Ponce Juno is carving out a global niche from himself in the music scenes. He found his passion for music at a tender age influenced heavily by his musically-inclined family. His sister especially played a major role when she introduced him to hip-hop and reggae music and encouraged him to participate in the West Indian tradition of Carnival. In addition, his innate talent for playing musical instruments was influenced by his brother and father. In an interview, he stated “Music is in my blood. This is just what I do.” He is now renowned as an Hip-Hop artist unique for his authentic blend of Caribbean New York influence in his songs. 

Despite his early start in the music industry, success did not come until later, but the 2K Pounce considers the years as a practice which molded him into the artist he is today. As a result of the hard work and dedication, 2K Pounce Juno is now a professional artist of Sony Music Group/The Orchard and High Performance Records. In 2012 alone, he released his first-ever project titled “Chicken Grease ‘N Grits” which was well-received by the audience, and gained more than three thousand hits on Datpiff. His first album launch titled “Concrete” was also well received by fans, the deep lyrics and sound gaining him wide acclaim and catapulted his career. Before the pandemic halted the world, his music could be heard blaring from public spaces as it grew in popularity.

The waves made by 2K Ponce Juno in the music industry did not go unnoticed and his dauntless effort led to the opportunity of him becoming part of Sony/Orchard and Mo Thugs Family’s America’s Most Blunted Tour. However, due to the pandemic the event could not hold. Undeterred, 2K continues to create sweet tunes and recently released his new single titled, “Go Pretty Girl Remix” featuring artists such as Double K and Beenie Man. The song was played repeatedly on mainstream radio stations such as Hot 97.1, Suncity 104.9 FM, Irie FM Ochos Rios Jamaica, and Drtybsmnt Radio. 

Aside from being a successful musician, 2K Pounce Juno is also a professional with the mind of a businessman. He is the owner and founder of Ellipse Group Records Global LLC which is a home for up and coming hip-hop artists. The company has various subsidiaries namely Star Music Group LLC and EGR Global Music Publishing.

To be in the loop about 2K Ponce Juno’s music releases, you may visit his official website.

Sabathil Reclaims Hip-Hop Music and Introduces Subtle, Meaningful Songwriting

Independent artist Sabathil, born Melvin G. Acquaah, is publicly recommitting himself to deliver an alternative message using hip-hop music as a medium. By breaking the mold on artists in this particular genre, Sabathil encourages his audience to take risks as an essential part of attaining success.

According to Sabathil, the themes explored by hip-hop artists over the past few years have become robotic and repetitive. This glorification of the banal pushed Sabathil towards the goal of transforming the genre. Although the artist has been writing music for almost 15 years, he feels that there is a renewed necessity for his role in the industry.

Throughout his career, Sabathil has remained focused on delivering the message of Black history and culture. Recent events in the United States and across the globe, of course, have served to reiterate the relevance of these social issues. It is also Sabathil’s goal to capture his audience’s attention and help them become more conscious.

What differentiates Sabathil is the subtlety of his approach. By choosing to take a subliminal route, the hip-hop artist places confidence and promotes proactivity among his listeners. He is sure that his audience can understand and enjoy the message of his music, even if it does not spell out society’s responsibility to the Black community.

The independent hip-hop artist returns to familial tales when retelling how he started on a journey as a musician. Sabathil cites his late older brother as his primary motivation, with the artist adding that “[my brother] gave me the power and the energy to push myself and to be the person I am today.”

Through personal background and experience, Sabathil learned about waiting for the right timing. He admits that there are moments when he felt like he was wasting valuable time and energy. However, Sabathil knows of the importance of trusting the process; trusting the process requires setting oneself free from the illusory confines of time.     

Sabathil’s latest single, “Like Me,” showcases both his technical abilities and artistic tendencies. The song’s tempo is a slow groove that takes listeners back to old-school hip-hop. However, the use of ambient sounds suggests that Sabathil has kept up with the latest music trends. Combining this wide range of influences and styles produces a harmonious sound reminiscent of modern trap with low subterranean bass.

Beyond all that, Sabathil is first and foremost a songwriter and lyricist. His audience looks to him for authentic hip-hop that prioritizes meaningful lyrics. To create his songs, Sabathil maintains the appropriate mindset. A vital part of this mindset is the artist’s conviction that he is free. Personal challenges, circumstances, and even systemic injustice may affect a person’s progress, but Sabathil believes that one’s future is ultimately in their own hands.

Sabathil has a vision of one day creating his own empire. For now, he is laying the foundation by taking his music to the next level. The artist has his eyes set on exploring film as his next venture, further enlarging his mark on the entertainment industry.

You can listen to Sabathil’s latest tracks on Apple Music. You can also follow him on Instagram to learn more.  

Independent Hip Hop Artist Cee Ayy Cee Uses Music to Uplift and Unite

For many, music is a refuge. Some people listen to music when they are gleeful or sad, and others create music to express themselves and to communicate various messages. Whatever the purpose is, music becomes a universal language that links people from different origins with distinct experiences. Light Team Records is a music label that aspires to become one of the front runners in producing songs that resonate with listeners and tell stories that inspire others. 

Founded by Chris Chavez, aka Cee Ayy Cee, the label goes on to compose music anchored on love and the expression of the soul. Under the label, Chris has released an album in 2017, Spiritual Bangers, composed of eight songs. Some are collaborations with other independent artists like Lady Chariz, Anno Domini Nation, Xae Lox, among others. Chris would later produce two other albums, the succeeding year, Infinite and Spiritual Bangers Vol. 2, with tracks commanding the same purpose and relevance.

“Our goal has always been to uplift our people. No matter what your background is, we believe it is our duty and mission to unite and love one another. Our music is meant to energize and reawaken the dormant soul within us and create a ripple effect throughout this world,” said Chris. 

Growing up with only rap music as his friend, Chris, at an early period, already understood what music meant to many people. He was a shy kid, and he kept to himself. He would go about his day curtailing chances to socialize among the majority. With a pen and a paper, he would focus on his thoughts and translate it to a canvass. Whenever he felt the need to let out his confusion about his complicated past, he found himself writing and listening to music. Chris had his share of life’s misery; experiencing multiple near-death experiences made him realize that the world still has something in store for him.

Now 27 years old, with so many stories to tell, the rising independent hip hop artist from Los Angeles is on the move to expanding his horizon and letting a broader audience hear what his songs convey. Through his passion and commitment to crafting songs that uplift, Chris is one of the few artists who stay faithful to the core objective of the art: to express without reservations. The label that he founded intends not to compete with innumerable practitioners in the industry but focuses on the meticulous creation of songs—making it more meaningful and inspiring. Along with many other artists who think like him, Chris is hopeful that, in the future, more songs of self-expression and profound understanding of the soul will be released. 

“Our target audience is anyone who needs a friend, anyone who feels lost, anyone who needs guidance. From the person on top of the hill to the people climbing up to the people wondering whether or not they can make it up. We are here to help you take your first step,” stated Chris.

Follow Chris Chavez on his Spotify account, and stream his songs. 

Hip Hop Indie Music Expertly Boosts Upcoming Artists in Music Scene

Passion can truly propel one to great heights, wherever it may be directed. The fact is true for three friends and music lovers Paul Mauricette, Cordayll Monroe, and Joshua Emmanuel. The trio pursued their dream to present upcoming artists at the forefront of the music scene and bring their sound to the right audiences through Hip Hop Indie Music.

What began as a vision turned into an innovative platform that welcomes everyone in the music industry, especially those who are new to the hip-hop and R&B scenes. The friends created Hip Hop Indie Music to serve as a platform to amplify the voices of indie artists to global listeners. The blog covers music, lifestyle, and the latest trends in the industry. Besides that, the site allows general listeners to stream music for free from indie artists who are continually bringing fresh tunes into the table.

Hip Hop Indie Music gained success because it takes both the artists and the audiences into careful consideration. The blog is perfect for all ages and walks of life, so long as they are music-loving individuals who value and support indie artists. Paul Mauricette, Cordaryll Monroe, and Joshua Emmanuel made sure that their content is community-friendly and encourages an environment where everyone gets the positivity they need.

The founders limit the postings of negative comments on the blog. This gives artists more freedom and confidence to let loose and indeed be themselves through their music. Hip Hop Indie Music provides the freedom that upcoming artists have to express, tell their stories in their music, and eliminate the fear of judgment.

Because the core mission of the platform is to help passionate artists, the founders maximize the promotions and exposure done for each of them regardless of their budget. The blog is best known for its flexibility in planning strategies, putting the artists’ interests and goals first.

Mauricette, Monroe, and Emmanuel have experienced the struggles of being a newcomer in the complex world of the music business. So they strive to make the platform available to accommodate everyone. The founders create tailored plans to put every artist at an advantage. Since its founding, the blog has helped countless individuals in places like Massachusetts, Atlanta, and New York.

The platform gives artists full control over their careers and the liberty to decide what they need to happen, how things should fall into place, and when they want them to take effect. “From making their own song to how they can promote it, Hip Hop Indie Music makes sure that everyone gets the satisfaction they deserve,” said Paul Mauricette.

Hip Hop Indie Music anchors its motivation to become a leader in the industry because of the drive that they witness from the artists under their umbrella. The other factor is that each artist is heavily motivated to build their brand and achieve their goals. In turn, the platform remains determined to become a reliable partner for their careers. Without a doubt, the blog would help thousands, if not millions, of upcoming artists in the future.

To learn more about Hip Hop Indie Music, visit their website and Instagram.

Up-And-Coming Artist Young Dalliance Is Ready to Top the Charts With His Soulful Hip-Hop

Oregon’s most successful new rapper has finally released his first music video for the track “Windmills.” The song by Young Dalliance is part of his much-awaited seven-track Vincent Van Gogh–themed EP, Starry Nights Ease Troubled Minds

Born Elijah D. Kilgore, Young Dalliance is a twenty-year-old rapper-songwriter who is the pride of Salem, Oregon. Young D, as he is also called, released one EP and five singles in 2019, which became the talk of his hometown. His most loved tracks of 2019 are “Your Toxic Mood” and “Cloud 9.” The artist has enjoyed a steady growth in popularity and has amassed a small but passionate following for his music.

The rapper-songwriter began writing and making music as a teen in keeping with his childhood dream of becoming a musician. Elijah began taking his career seriously in early 2019 and chose his stage name, Young Dalliance.

Under his new name, he went on to release three singles, “This Was Never the Plan!,” “When I Try,” and his most successful single, “This Last Winter.” The rapper quickly became known for his smooth, raw, and lyrically rhythmic sound.

His success led him to become a brand ambassador for TIAG! Apparel. Young Dalliance has frequently been featured on radio, podcasts, blogs, live interviews, and collaborations with other artists for his unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. One of his most popular EPs is a collaborative project with fellow Las Vegas native and childhood friend R.E.C called “Color of Kings.”

Young Dalliance mainly identifies as a rapper, but he spent a couple of years studying songwriting for pop and country music. This gives him an edge over other artists, as his skill in songwriting for varied genres brings real depth to the music he creates. This advantage also allows him to create artistic, melodic, infectiously catchy rap-based songs that vary in subgenres.

His single “When I Try” has been described as hip-hop infused with jazz and elements of R&B. Through his years of songwriting have given him a complex taste, the young artist still likes to write lyrics that are meaningful and easily understood by the masses, especially “the outcast, borderline eccentric crowd.”

Part of what makes his music so popular is the relatability of his lyricism and the humility with which he delivers his vocals. Many rappers often speak about achieving success; Young D likes to talk about the struggles behind the awards. The young rapper is confident that his passion for music will allow him to rise above obstacles in his career.

The rapper has longed for his music career since he was a child. Now, he is slowly becoming the inspiration that other artists were for him. Young D is eager to prove to everyone that it is possible to create a grand career out of one’s dreams. He is eager to make his big break in the industry. Already, he is starting to gather an audience in other parts of the world, particularly Australia. 

The young rapper has a long way ahead of him in his career, but he boldly holds fast to his dream of becoming a prominent figure in music and an inspiration for millions of growing young artists around the world.

Learn more about Young Dalliance on his website and follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to the artist on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Hip Hop’s Newest Artist Ojefe Shows Music Continues Even With a Countrywide Lockdown

Throughout mankind’s history, we’ve had various creations that have helped us advance through life, leaving generations with blueprints to evolve. Among the most significant creations, music has been one of the most meaningful and significant breakthroughs.

Music is an important factor in everyone’s lives as it offers an easy  outlet to express feelings and emotions. Legacies have been forged, and names like Robert Johnson, Tupac, and Michael Jackson, to name a few, will forever remain. The countless songs of these artists left thousands, if not millions, with inspiration to build a name and legacy for themselves. Among those inspired is artist Ojefe who is currently skyrocketing to fame.

Ojefe grew up in Montgomery Village, Maryland, where he has spent the majority of his life. Like others before him, music made a significant impact. As a kid, he grew up under the influence of music, primarily from rap music.

By 2010, he began to write his own lyrics. What started as a hobby grew into something more, and eight years later, he began to take his songwriting more seriously. As he honed his craft, he received plenty of positive feedback that kept him going.

Ojefe comes from Panamanian and Jamaican backgrounds. He embraces his culture and uses it as inspiration for his music videos on YouTube. 

His music style is primarily in the same beat of hip hop, but he uses an original format flow. The songs he releases are comprehensive, and he makes sure that his listeners can understand what he’s rapping about with his explicit lyrics. In most of Ojefe’s songs, he taps 808 and trap beats that are highly charged with energy and frequency.

As a musician, Ojefe is consistent with releasing his work content. His open-mindedness allows him to comfortably step out of his comfort zone so he can elevate himself. Since the quarantine season, Ojefe has been more active, as seen in Khroam produced record shows. 

Knowing that he is in a position to use his influence, Ojefe reaches for his goal to inspire the younger generation who share the same passion for hip hop culture that he had as a child. Although he had been incarcerated for 4 ½ in prison for past mistakes, he is motivated to grind hard and set a better example for the next generation of musicians, so they don’t repeat his mistakes.

Ojefe’s passion for music is evident in his dedication and willingness to run the extra mile. For years, he has been investing in himself independently and letting his work ethic show dominance. 

Since then, he has been reaping his rewards. Ojefe has already performed in major cities throughout the country. With other artists, he has performed in Silver Spring, Maryland, Atlanta, Florida, Austin, Texas, Brooklyn, New York, and Washington DC, to name a few.

For more updates on his music, you may follow Ojefe on Twitter and Instagram. His tracks are also available on several music apps like Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Spinrilla. Ojefe also posts his music on his YouTube channel

King Burt on Living the Double Life of a Musician and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down countless industries and companies. But some people are making the most of these unprecedented times by launching their passion projects and working on their oft-neglected skills and talents. Founder and CEO of Inspire Vibes, Burton Baloubi, a.k.a. King Burt, is not only the assistant vice president for a major corporation but also a rising pop, rap, country, and hip-hop star.

King Burt has diligently dedicated his free time to commit to his lifelong dream of becoming an artist fully. King Burt is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the music industry. In the short time since he entered the game, he has been well applauded for his realness and creativity. He has released several hot tracks that have recently blown up and are on their way to becoming mainstream hit singles—“Price Tag,” “Hugh Hefner,” and “Country Girl.”

King Burt prides himself on having an unusual yet electrifying vibe, and he is genuinely unafraid to state what’s at the forefront of his thoughts. He is focused on staying true to his upbringing and maintaining an authentic presence. The attention his music has brought him has not changed his disposition and who he is as an individual. King Burt is determined to make music in the same manner that he always has, and he will carry on with his life the way that he needs to live. One of his guiding principles is to never change for anybody.

The up-and-coming artist is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, and attended Garner Magnet High School—coincidentally the same high school that American Idol winner Scotty McCreery attended. However, King Burt’s style doesn’t sound like typical North Carolina music—or like any kind of sound, for that matter. His extraordinary style is something that is unique to the US market and has never been heard before. His capacity to create such unique vibes is what separates him from other artists, both mainstream and independent.

King Burt prides himself on being able to live two separate lifestyles and still be a genuine person. When he’s in his suit and tie, he assumes the mentality of a businessman and CEO of his own company. His youth doesn’t stop him from making profitable decisions for his company. When he’s King Burt, he is able to transform into a rockstar that makes fire music. Not even his fans are able to recognize that it’s corporate mastermind Burton Baloubi.

His life experiences are what motivated him to try to make himself be exceptional and stand out from the crowd. He strives to become an example to people who have also been in his shoes. His biggest loss was the death of a dear friend who lost their life to suicide. This grief motivated him to make his dreams a reality because he realized that life shows no one mercy.

King Burt sees himself making music on a bigger scale so that he can have the privilege of being able to touch thousands of lives through his creativity.

Check out King Burt’s adventures on Instagram.