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Fitore Nutrition Partners With Vitro Biopharma for All-Natural ASD Medication Spectrum +

Statistics reveal that one out of 68 Americans is born with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), surpassing the number of birth cases with childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, and childhood AIDS combined. ASD is characterized as a group of brain development disorders that affect communication and social skills. But beyond its physical manifestations, ASD also takes an emotional toll on the patient and their families. For this reason, Fitore Nutrition, together with Vitro Biopharma, developed Spectrum +.

ASD is widely observed between the ages of one and two years old. Parents would observe the difference in developmental milestones between their children and others, such as in the difficulty of communicating or having repetitive behaviors. But some studies also reveal that autism can manifest later on in childhood, somewhere between the age of nine or ten. A former case shows how one healthy and active child suddenly became limp almost overnight because of undiagnosed/untreated ASD.

Spectrum + presents a unique formulation crafted to provide the nutrition proven to be lacking in autistic children. There is currently no known cure for ASD, but Fitore Nutrition and Vitro Biopharma aim to take the field of medicine one step ahead by aiding patients using natural ingredients. Spectrum + aims to help in neurological development and DNA repair, two crucial areas during the formative years of children with ASD. 

Spectrum + uses only the purest ingredients available, which are potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants—no preservatives, no dairy, no artificial flavors, no nuts, and no GMOs. The revolutionary formula is safe for children of all ages, regardless of their diets and other medical sensitivities. Spectrum + targets to strengthen both the nervous and immune systems, areas that ASD impacts the most. 

ASD is said to be caused by various environmental reasons, besides genetic traits, such as when mothers are exposed to viral infections and harsh chemicals during pregnancy. Fitore Nutrition and Vitro Biopharma, through extensive research done by some of the most acclaimed doctors and scientists in the medical field, found that stem cell therapy can be helpful because of its ability to address inflammation. Hence, Spectrum + came into fruition and has become one of the leading choices for children with ASD today.

During the preliminary studies for Spectrum +, it has been revealed that the formulation left significant and beneficial effects on behavioral abnormalities commonly found in children with autism, such as hyperactivity, anxiety, and cognitive function. The formulation also normalized the central and peripheral immune alteration and oxidative stress markers. It also introduced new molecular mechanisms, paving the way for the expression of cortical gamma-aminobutyric acid neurons and specific types of miRNAs responsible for regulating spine growth. 

Fitore Nutrition has built long-standing credibility in the medical field. Besides Spectrum +, the company is also the creator of Through Calmer™, which promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves a person’s mood, and reduces anxiety, safely and effectively. The company is also the maker of Easy Sleep™, an all-natural sleep aid formulation.

On the other hand, Vitro Biopharma has also helped in the advancement of medicine with its innovative formulations. The company is behind Fitore Stemulife™, a patent-pending, natural stem cell formulation that promotes optimal health for proper DNA repair. 

Together, Fitore Nutrition and Vitro Biopharma are advancing medicine with breakthrough formulas, and they both guarantee that Spectrum + is merely the beginning of many more collaborative efforts in the future.

Dugan Reilly Extends a Glimmer of Hope as He Walks With Others in Their Struggles Against Chronic Illnesses

Living with a chronic illness is more than just a challenge and puts people in a difficult position to face life. Often it leads to a struggle with mental health that they have to battle every day. To combat such endeavors, people reach out to others and motivate one another. Dugan Reilly is an individual who has been working to help others in similar struggles.

When Dugan Reilly was five months old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that affected his lungs and digestive systems. Reilly grew up struggling with his illness and dealing with day-to-day habits of cystic fibrosis. Matters grew worse as he found himself battling a chronic disease and his mental health. 

Despite the difficulties that came his way, Reilly was able to overcome all odds. He was able to take up several occupations, working in restaurants, catering, and even a position as a general contractor & showroom designer assistant. Eventually, Reilly decided to pursue college. By 2018, he enrolled at High Point University to study entrepreneurship. There Reilly discovered his passion and pursued an entrepreneurial career.

Dugan Reilly decided to create a brand to reach out and support others going through the same difficulties he went through. Fueled by a strong passion for helping others battling rare chronic illnesses achieve their dream reality and become the best version of themselves, he would set up a website where people could call him and share their struggles. 

While his brand is primarily focused on walking through his clients’ internal struggles, Reilly also welcomes other struggles into their session. Reilly covers several topics from studies to career, relaying how he managed to endure and what they can do to imitate his success. The young entrepreneur understands perfectly well what it can be like to be stuck in a particular situation that they find difficult to get out of. “I want them to realize that they are not alone, and I have been in the same situation as them,” he explained. Throughout their session, Reilly acts as a mentor to advise how his clients can get themselves up from circumstances that make them feel caved in.

Despite being only in the business for seven months, people have found Reilly and managed to get the help and motivation they needed. He has helped people find the solution to improving and scaling their businesses, from real estate to clothing & apparel. 

Because of his youth, Dugan Reilly is confident that his brand will expand and reach out to more people struggling with chronic illnesses. He hopes that his brand will become established with a community of like-minded people who have succeeded in their endeavors. Reilly foresees his company starting a program that will invite people to sign up and participate as he believes that it will be a huge stepping stone to get them closer to their dreams. Ultimately, his goal is to donate the majority of his earnings and profits to organizations striving to find the cure for these illnesses. 

Learn more about Dugan Reilly by visiting his official website. You can also get more updates by following him on Instagram.

Dugan Reilly Overcomes His Chronic Illness to Teach Others to Overcome Their Own Through His Positive Mentorship

Chronic illnesses are often thought of as massive hindrances toward success. However, Dugan Reilly has never let his illness get in the way of him achieving his dreams. The esteemed entrepreneur has a strong passion for helping people with rare chronic illnesses make their dreams a reality, allowing them to become the best version of themselves.

Dugan Reilly was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at five months old and is battling it to this day. Growing up, he struggled with mental health by dealing with the daily habits of cystic fibrosis. Once he achieved his dream and turned it into a reality, he transitioned toward helping others get there with the right mindset and the motivation to succeed. 

He is painfully aware that there are many other individuals out there who are just like him and are stuck in an unfortunate situation because of their certain illnesses. Most of them do not know how to be confident and go after their dreams. Dugan Reilly reinforces a positive mindset and motivation to help other people become successful through his teachings. 

By the time 2021 ends, Dugan Reilly hopes to donate a majority of his earnings to organizations that are working hard to find cures for chronic illnesses such as cystic fibrosis. The renowned entrepreneur has fully dedicated his cause toward helping his clients achieve success and maximize their potential. “I know how hard it is to be stuck in that situation where you can’t get out, or you are stuck in the normal way of life,” says Dugan. “I want other people to get out of it by mentoring them and becoming their coach,” he adds.

In the near future, Dugan Reilly sees his company becoming a household name. Ultimately, he wishes to establish an exclusive community of like-minded people who are very successful in any endeavor. He envisions his company to have a program that is well-known for people to sign up for and participate in the said program. 

He hopes to streamline a program that will change the lives of other people, helping them achieve their dreams in no time. Dugan Reilly is a beacon of light in a sea of negativity. When all hope seems to be lost, he spreads his positive message to others so that they may pull themselves from the difficulties of life. He wants people to know that they are never alone, for he has been in the same situation as them, and he has gotten out stronger than ever.

Dugan Reilly offers free one-on-one value calls so that he can remove the biggest roadblock that is stopping his clients from achieving their dream realities. His services are just a call away, and he wants people to know that they can rely on him for advice when things might seem too much. Dugan Reilly is an inspiring individual who is using his influence and his life experience in the best possible ways.

To know more about Dugan Reilly, make sure to visit his official website.

Shante’ Armstrong Provides Health, Wellness, and Financial Freedom in a Simple Package

When someone finds their true passion, they will never work another day in their life. Such is the case for the amazing Shante’ Armstrong, who is an established business owner that’s taking things to the next level in her career and in her personal life. 

Born in New Jersey and now residing in Georgia, Shante’ Armstrong is currently a NICU registered nurse who is making strides with her amazing direct sales company. Her Business has allowed her to become more present in her personal life while keeping a steadily earning revenue stream. For the past five years, the company has succeeded within the health and wellness industry through its simple yet incredibly nutritional three-step program.

Shante’ Armstrong is her own boss babe, setting her own hours and determining her own earning potential. It’s true that since starting her own passionate business endeavor, she hasn’t worked a day in her life. It’s Simply Shante has allowed her to become more present in her personal life while keeping a steadily earning revenue stream.

She’s professional, family-oriented, and loves to have fun. It’s these same qualities that will resonate with her audience—empowered women who are looking for a potential change in their lifestyle, be it from a health standpoint or financial freedom.

Shante’ Armstrong found the motivation to go on this business journey because she realized that she needed to have some foundation. “I needed something that I could be consistent with. I felt like I didn’t know who I was or what it is that I specifically had to offer that would potentially be exclusive of me that sets me apart from the rest,” she eloquently explains.

The empowered businesswoman is very passionate about what she does. She gets a huge fluttering feeling in her heart when her customers genuinely thank her for the value that she provides. Shante’ Armstrong is a genuine individual who loves to help people find their true freedom. “At the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s about the people whose lives I just changed. It’s about the mom who wanted to have more time to spend with her children. It’s about the dad who is now able to get up and enjoy activities of daily living. That’s what the big picture is all about,” says Shante’.

True to the cause of her company, Shante’ Armstrong currently enjoys life alongside her amazing and supportive husband and their two beautiful children, who have made parenting such a dream for the esteemed businesswoman. She’s also a mom to an English bulldog whom she loves with all her heart.

In the near future, Shante’ Armstrong is poised to become a huge success. She envisions herself becoming a top earner with her current company, amassing a 5-figure weekly earning, owning multiple rental properties, a beach home, all while continuing to help mold new leaders reach their maximum potential. She’s determined to earn her success with her ambitions held high, but it’s clear that she is destined for greatness.

To know more about the amazing Shante’ Armstrong, make sure to visit her company’s website and follow her on Instagram.

MYSI STIK Is Revolutionizing Restful Sleep, Making It More Accessible with Sleep Stik

Health and wellness are often acquired by having a sound mind and a relaxed body. Aromatherapy has been a tried and tested method to provide all of these benefits in an organic way. Natural plant extracts have been utilized by aromatherapy practices in more ways than one, solving a variety of practical health issues and, most commonly, sleep problems. Fortunately, MYSI STIK has entered the market and is providing its customers with a fresh and unique way to include aromatherapy in their specific sleep routines.

Founder and CEO of MYSI STIK, Anthony Mangano, created the revolutionary company when he suffered physical injuries, which cut his athletic career short. As a former athlete, he had a hunger for competition that needed to be satiated, so he turned to business and made his indelible mark within the industry. 

The most popular MYSI STIK product remains to be the Sleep Stik, which acts as a personal diffuser that contains a healthy blend of melatonin, lavender, and chamomile. These three integral components greatly help the body and mind relax with their specific properties. The essential oil-based mist is all-natural and drug-free, allowing the body to absorb all the properties rapidly, easing the body and mind for a more restful sleep.

Each Sleep Stik contains over 300 puffs, and approximately five to seven draws every night will guarantee restful sleep. The MYSI STIK Sleep Stik lasts for about one to one and a half months, which makes it a great investment for people that are suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems that hinders their productivity day by day.

MYSI STIK harnesses the magic of essential oils in all of its natural glory. The revolutionary sleep stick contains plant-based essential oil mists that are nicotine-free, CBD-free, and THC-free. It is an entirely natural remedy for sleep, which makes it fully organic and non-addictive.

The foundation of the MYSI STIK has always been built on ease and convenience in mind. The Sleep Stik device does not require any batteries or any electronic wires. The device is ergonomically shaped like a pen, making it portable and convenient to use no matter where it may be used. The Sleep Stiks are developed with the utmost care, passing rigorous quality standards, and tested by third-party labs to ensure safety.

Currently, the MYSI STIK Sleep Stik has been given multiple five-star ratings from nineteen reviewers on their online shop. Testimonials about the product’s efficiency have constantly been pouring in ever since its announcement. The Sleep Stik has an overall rating of five stars, and more and more people are discovering the amazing benefits that the product provides.

Everybody deserves to have a good and restful sleep, especially after an extremely stressful and tiring day. Calmness and relaxation should come easy, and thankfully MYSI STIK has all the tools to make all of that into a reality. With the company’s revolutionary Sleep Stik, the fascinating benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils are just a single puff away. 

Find out more about the revolutionary company MYSI STIK by visiting its official website and checking out their amazing product.

Dr. Chris Campbell Advocating Holistic Medical Practice

Medicine has drastically changed over the years, and the mainstream approach is no longer the only way to achieving health and wellness. As the world of health and medical practice evolved, new alternatives have risen. One leading expert, Dr. Chris Campbell, looks to progress work towards a holistic medical approach by expanding his work in regenerative and anti-aging medical practices. 

Dr. Christopher Campbell leads Best Life Medical Center, a concierge medical practice that focuses on giving patients more time with doctors and providing functional regenerative medicine to people who want a better handle on their health. The center currently has two locations, one in Rocklin, California, and the second one in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Chris now emphasizes anti-aging and regenerative medicine, a breakthrough school of thought that focuses on healthcare practices and technology that detect, treat, and prevent aging-associated diseases. Through his practice, the leading doctor in regenerative medical practice looks further to advance holistic approaches to health and wellness. 

Best Life Medical Center provides services like men’s and women’s general health, weight loss programs, muscle building programs, food sensitivity, supplements, lab evaluation, facial aesthetics, and many others. The center also helps people with cardiovascular disease, chronic illnesses, and testosterone issues, to name a few. The institution currently holds licenses with numerous boards and bodies, including The American Academy for Anti-aging Medicine, World Society for Anti-Aging Medicine, American Medical Association, Advanced Facial Aesthetics, American Osteopathic Association, and many others.

As the head of Best Life, Dr. Christopher Campbell brings twenty-seven years of experience. The doctor picked up his pre-med degree at Alfred University in New York, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Then with the guidance of a close friend with an M.D., he chose to take the route of an Osteopathic Medical Practitioner, given that the branch of medicine better aligns with his beliefs and values around holistic practice and living.

After completing medical school, Dr. Chris decided to head to the west coast and landed in Portland to pursue Family Practice Residency. After completing residency, Dr. Chris would choose to “do his part” and joined the United States Air Force, where he underwent flight surgery training and became head of flight surgery at the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

After three years of serving his country, Dr. Chris Campbell decided to re-enter civilian life and start his practice in Northern California. About the same time he opened shop, Dr. Chris began an interest in the more progressive ways of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. He completed a four-day course with the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine and became one of the top practitioners in the branch. Yet, as promising as his newfound specialization results, it wasn’t prevalent in the medical world. So Dr. Chris would dedicate his practice and life towards advocating for the progression of anti-aging and regenerative medical practices.

Through Best Life Medical Center and his work and research surrounding holistic approaches towards health and medicine, Dr. Chris Campbell hopes to challenge the status quo in medicine and promote methods that help give people a better quality of life. To learn more about Dr. Chris Campbell and Best Life Medical Center, check out the company’s website and Facebook page.