How Sam Ibrahim Built the Affari Group From Scratch

Fashion may appear desirable and admirable at the same time, but achieving perfect harmony among different colors, prints, and plaids can be a bit difficult and troublesome for many individuals. As a matter of fact, some people veer away from dealing with

SkyTrues: All Eyes on This Custom Shades Brand

Behind the rows of bold, bedazzling sunglasses on SkyTrues is the artist who designs and handcrafts each frame and detail. Founder George “Goldenboy” Phelps draws inspiration from his environment—from the people around him and the things they own to the colors and

Redefining Beauty Standards with Niki Srinivasa

Women have continuously been subjected to outrageous beauty standards that some can no longer keep up with. And more often than not, these women who found themselves gasping for air while trying to stay afloat are the same people who suffered from

NINA MONA Is Not the Average Fashion Company

Nothing feels more liberating than wearing the clothes that you want – clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin – clothes that feel right. This is exactly what NINA MONA stands for. NINA MONA is a fashion