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Precious Monèt on Propelling Pre Planning Management to the Top Amidst the Odds

Entrepreneurship is not a solitary pursuit. While ventures could be born from the mind of a single visionary, building it and turning it into a success would demand support. Unfortunately, as was the case of Precious Monèt, many people did not see her vision, and instead of assisting, they chose not to support her. Nevertheless, she now serves as the founder of Pre Planning Management and demonstrates on a daily basis that, on top of being relentless about one’s passion, aspirants also need to surround themselves with positive and reliable pillars.

Precious Monèt admires her parents’ commitment to impacting communities for the better, and ever since she was young, she had held on to the vision of becoming an entrepreneur whose power can be wielded for the benefit of others. Years down the road and after several letdowns, disappointments, and challenges, she takes credit for launching an industry standout.

This Administrative Management graduate whose professional roots are steeped in Human Resources and Project Management is a Certified Life Coach behind the establishment of Pre Planning Management. It is a company that specializes in delivering business solutions for administrative management, event management, and property management concerns. Founded in 2016, this multi-faceted firm considers every client’s mission its own, an approach that enables them to hit every objective on time and within budget.

So far, Pre Planning Management has worked with clients involved in different industries, from individuals and small ventures to larger companies and corporations. Gaining acclaim for delivering its promise of quality business solutions, this brainchild of Precious Monèt takes pride in its dedication to building strong, long-lasting, professional relationships.

At Pre Planning Management, the individual goals of every client are prioritized. Believing that cookie-cutter solutions would not bear any significance in translating the client’s entrepreneurial visions into reality, Precious Monèt boasts unique offerings and caters to companies’ specific needs. Additionally, this emerging power player is known for the authenticity her brand provides in connecting one-on-one with people and connecting them with other highly capable professionals and instrumental resources. 

Currently, Pre Planning Management, which once started as an event management venture, has now evolved into a full-service management consulting company. It began because of the passion Precious Monèt has for people and will continue on its way to the top of the industry driven by the same fuel. 

Next month, this respected institution is set to launch a 2021 planner intended to help users visualize and manifest their purpose. Designed to help them track their goals and expenses, it will also incorporate motivational reminders and notes. 

In the coming years, Precious Monèt plans to bank on her enterprise’s reputation as the only management company, thus far, to offer administrative management, event management, and property management services. Pushing it to greater heights, she sees Pre Planning Management expanding its reach, influence, and impact on individuals and communities. 

This passion-driven coach also aims to continue getting involved in community and volunteer work, standing as the mind behind platforms and opportunities that positively affect others. 

Know more about Precious Monèt and Pre Planning Management by visiting her website.

Fernando Bernardino Spills Secrets on Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship

In only the span of a decade, Fernando Bernardino has gone from college dropout to a successful investor and entrepreneur. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, to a humble family, Fernando is the father of a beautiful five-year-old girl and a brother to an active duty service member. The young CEO is known for his “work hard, play harder” mentality and his heart for the less fortunate.

Fernando Bernardino is the owner and operator of Stellar Media Group and Meraki events. Despite being a college dropout, Fernando earned his first million at the age of 23. This feat allowed him not only to provide for his family but also to care for the less fortunate. An avid car fan, he rewarded himself by buying his first exotic at the age of 25. Since then, he has owned and driven some of the world’s finest cars, ranging from the underrated GT-R to Bentley Continental GT Speeds to Lamborghinis, and even the highly regarded Rolls Royce family.

Fernando Bernardino first found his footing in the marketing industry in 2010 with Stellar Media Group, a company that focuses on handling internet marketing efforts for publicly traded companies — no small feat when you consider how much some of those companies are worth. As the owner and operator of Stellar, he has helped hundreds of companies raise millions in capital for operations, research and development, and more.

Since 2018, he has also owned and operated Meraki Events, a company that centers on techno concerts. Meraki is known as the first company in Central Florida to bring big-name techno Djs to the area outside of EDC. At first, agencies were standoffish when sending their big acts to the area because, at the time, it wasn’t known for having an underground scene. But that has all changed since Meraki started, and today, Orlando residents can enjoy the vibrant and rapidly growing techno scene. Meraki is also known for producing events with extended sets, something that Floridians had only been able to experience in Miami until they popped up on the scene.

Just this year, Fernando started on a new venture. After seeing the burgeoning need for people to grow their personal brand, he began to help others grow their social media presence and leverage their network to strike up new business opportunities — arguably one of the fastest-growing areas of social media. Fernando has connected with some of the heaviest hitters in the game, such as Chris Frederick, Alex Moeller, and others at WiFi Money. This venture has also allowed him to bring others in to build a substantial side hustle — some even earning $5,000 or more a month simply for sending DMs. Through this venture, Fernando Bernardino has helped people turn their personal brand from a following of a few thousand to well over 500,000 or more in several months’ time, allowing them to gain product placements and sponsorships as well as the opportunity for them to sell their courses, e-books, and more.

Always one to help others accomplish their goals and check off their bucket lists, Fernando is also involved in the luxury travel space, helping countless people save thousands on trips to some of the world’s most exclusive properties. His work has helped some to shift their quiet personal brand to that of a luxury personal brand, bringing in more business opportunities.

Because of his success, Fernando Bernardino has traveled the world to attend music festivals such as Burning Man, Time Warp, Awakenings, and more. The connections he has made in business have opened the doors to deep friendships, mentors, and people who he now considers family.

Fernando Bernardino firmly believes that the secret to his success is his genuineness and willingness to listen. While not every introduction turns into a lasting business relationship, while not every meeting turns into a deal, and while not every potential client is willing to spend money at that immediate moment, Fernando is known to always listen and help out with ideas and whatever else they may need because he understands that while not everything pays off in the now… it could always pay off later on.

Early on, he knew that he had one opportunity to do the right thing and deliver on his promises, and he has carried this mentality with him in all his transactions, whether in life or in business.

Stay connected with Fernando on his Instagram and Twitter.

Podcast Squad Is the Solution to Booking Podcast Services in the Business and Entrepreneurship Niche

Every business needs recognition for growth. Business owners and entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the online platform to gain better social media presence through paid advertisements. Collin Castrina and Christopher Cox, the founders of Podcast Squad, have been helping them gain better exposure.

Castrina and Cox have worked in the market with entrepreneurs seeking to gain exposure, either for recognition for their business, building their personal brand, or even for a book launch. There are several ways to build social media presence, such as advertisements on social media sites or YouTube. One of the most popular platforms today is podcasts.

Whether it’s on apps like Spotify or other sites, podcasts are accessible and deliver their messages. However, Castrina and Cox noticed that some podcast booking services would project unrealistic standards paired with unreasonable pricing.

Before partnering with them, one of their clients reached out to all other podcast booking services in the space. While some never responded, one service took over seven months to deliver on their 20 podcast package promise. They were five months overdue.

Castrina and Cox were disgusted that these services claimed to be “the best” and founded Podcast Squad. They wanted to deliver the highest level of results for their clients without worrying about the project being completed on its target date.

Podcast Squad only accepts a limited number of clients. Unlike other podcast services, by having a highly exclusive clientele of established entrepreneurs, Podcast Squad can get their clients on high-quality podcasts and work closely with them to ensure the best delivery of results. 

Having such an exclusive clientele gives them the space they need to make their clients a top priority. It also allows them to book their clients on shows that align with the message and deliver much faster compared to other booking services.

Despite having limited slots for their clients, the prices that Podcast Squad offers is still less expensive than mainstream booking services. They boast better pricing and book clients on a high volume of shows that align with their message and brand. Castrina and Cox have full confidence in their company’s ability to fulfill their services. They also commit a money-back guarantee. 

Podcast Squad helps clients “Monetize Your Words, Image, and Influence.” They have proven to deliver much faster when speed is essential, for example, book launches. If their clients don’t prioritize speed, Castrina and Cox help spread them out over a longer duration.

Their team has built invaluable relationships with some of the entrepreneurship and business niche’s top podcasts, allowing them to service their clients on top tier podcasts. Without a massive social media following or relationships with the hosts, booking a top tier show can be challenging. Podcast Squad works exclusively with established entrepreneurs who may or may not have a social media following.

Podcast Squad is fast becoming an unstoppable force in the business and entrepreneurship niche. Castrina and Cox are targeting to become a household name in the podcast booking space. With their results being second to none, they are confident that their services will be exclusive to top-tier entrepreneurs within a few short years, Podcast Squad continues to grow to its fullest potential.

Know more about Podcast Squad on their website.

‘Millionaire Mindset With Dr. Velma Trayham’ Empowers Women to Rise Above Financially

Women have come a long way since establishing themselves as formidable forces in businesses and in the workplace, but there is still a lot left to do. Award-winning entrepreneur Dr. Velma Trayham stands at the helm with her TV show entitled ‘Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham.’

Velma is a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader who has mentored thousands of women through her non-profit economic empowerment program, Millionaire Mastermind Academy. Besides monthly in-person economic empowerment events, Velma has also written a self-help, inspirational book entitled ‘When God Says Go,’ which has sold over 400,000 copies. 

Wanting to expand her reach further, Velma has branched to television, starring in her talk show to discuss the points in her program in Millionaire Mastermind Academy. “I launched this show to empower and inspire African American and minority women to rise above poverty through entrepreneurship,” Velma reveals. 

Through the educational talk show, Velma shares tools and insights for successful entrepreneurship and business empowerment. “The world needs practical insights and wisdom to help them get through these tough times and this is what my platform is all about,” she adds.

Velma’s desire to inspire other women, especially those from her community, comes from her true story of American success. Born in extreme poverty in Houston, Texas, Velma overcame the odds by changing a pessimistic mindset and leaving her hometown to follow God’s voice. 

She wasn’t successful right off the bat and had to deal with failing her first three businesses before getting close to where she is now. Reflecting on how difficult it was for her to shoulder on despite adversity, Velma realized the need to help other people overcome the same barriers that once stood in her way – as a person of African-American descent and as a woman.

“I am passionate about creating a blueprint for the next generation of leaders. I want to leave my children with inheritance. I want to create opportunities to change the world,” she shares of her mission of igniting hope and motivation into millions around the world. 

Velma’s talk show airs on the AIB TV Network every Friday. The network broadcasts in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia through the cable systems of Comcast Channel 295 and AT&T U-verse Channel 6, connecting Velma to over two million households. For those who prefer watching online, ‘Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham’ is available on AIB Everywhere’s live streaming platform. Through the network’s programming, Velma’s show may be viewed regionally and worldwide. 

At present, Velma manages her company Thinkzilla Consulting Group along with multiple high-performing businesses. Thinkzilla Consulting Group is an innovative branding and marketing transformation agency, with offices in Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles, that has worked with several Fortune 500 companies. 

Through her work as the owner and CEO of the group, and her economic empowerment program, Velma carries a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for change and voice of hope to women all around the United States. 

Get to know Dr. Velma Trayham better and learn more about her ventures through her official website. Watch ‘Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham,’ visit the AIB TV Network or check out the AIB Everywhere’s live streaming platform.

This Business Author is Empowering Aspiring Business Professionals to Seize Opportunities and Build Their Dreams

Building one’s dream is a lifetime’s work, and more often than not, it is easier said than done. There are concrete steps, however, to succeed in building dreams such as those involved with business. And this know-how is exactly what business author Ashton Thomas wishes to impart to the world.

Business expertise is among the many skills proven to be learned and developed through time. This was the case for Ashton, who started his first business—a baseball and football card shop—when he was in high school. Although this was a short-lived venture, Ashton learned a lot of things during this experience, including the responsibilities held by a business decision-maker. 

Ashton was raised in the rural town of Alamosa, Colorado. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, where he became a mentee for several prominent business leaders. In 2010, the entrepreneur began his active journey into the business world, and by 2018, he was the Managing Partner and Founding Member for four flourishing businesses in Arizona. These were A to Z Holdings Company LLC, A to Z Pack and Ship LLC, A to Z Security Services LLC, and A to Z Management Group.

Shortly after his success in several businesses, Ashton decided to write his first book, “Turning Ideas into Profits.” This was born out of his desire to impart his knowledge about starting a business and helping like-minded individuals to build their dreams. After spending countless hours and days writing in his favorite coffee shop—The Driftwood Coffee Co., the entrepreneur published the said book in November of 2019. “Turning Ideas into Profit” would be the first of many books he would set out to publish, revolving around topics of business and leadership. The self-help guide, which was designed for individuals who had zero knowledge about business but wanted to start one, became the go-to book for aspiring business owners across the country. Ashton’s second book called “The Power of Inspirational Leadership” tackles the differences made by a good leader, and is due to be published this year.

The entrepreneur is currently among the leading business management authorities in Arizona. He has contributed significantly to laying the foundation for upcoming generations of business figures in the area. Ashton does this through his work with various colleges and universities, providing mentorship and guidance to college students who are pursuing their business degrees. Aside from this, he wishes to continue sharing his knowledge in business with others through his books. Ashton himself is a product of mentorship and a good educational foundation; therefore, these are the doors he wishes to open for passionate individuals like him.

The business author hopes to inspire his readers and audiences to dream big and seize opportunities. To attain what one wants in life, one must strive to make it happen, he says. Visions cannot become a reality without being driven to build the future one wants. According to him, “Life is for the taking, but you can’t get it from the sidelines.”

To know more about Ashton, check out his website. One may also connect with the business author through his LinkedIn.

Intra Branda Is a Digital Powerhouse

The digital sphere is quickly becoming the go-to place for all businesses worldwide. With markets locking down due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are switching their marketing and commerce efforts online. These days, many business owners feel lost in cyberspace. That’s where the work of people like Aleksandar Urdarevik becomes crucial.

A twenty-seven-year-old digital entrepreneur, Aleksandar has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing sphere. He is the founder and owner of the premier marketing agency Intra Branda, a company that helps companies with anything that has to do with anything digital. Their services include marketing strategy, website design, app design, graphic design, social media, custom content, and many others. 

Aleksandar was born in Toronto, Canada. Later on, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he would spend most of his professional life. The marketing maven has always loved entrepreneurship and excelled individually at marketing brands. His company operates out of the state but serves clients from all over the country. Intra Branda is a one-stop shop for brands that want to build an online presence and dominate on digital platforms. The agency’s services come at a crucial time as the economies remain partially or even fully closed due to the worldwide crisis. At this juncture, Aleksandar’s only desire is to help companies and businesses survive or even thrive during the pandemic.

Intra Branda has a proven track record of delivering results all across the board for various brands. Most, if not all, of their marketing strategies, have come up as comprehensive and results-bearing. The agency helps companies come up with custom content that will boost their online engagement, drive vital results, and convert into clients and sales.

One of Aleksandar’s most prominent clients is celebrity Johnny Dang. Through Intra Branda’s help, Johnny has gained over two million new followers on social media through Aleksandar’s strategies and inputs. The agency also took care of Johnny’s stunning website and internal processes to improve the way things flow within the artist’s operations.

Over and beyond his strategic prowess, Aleksandar is undeniably passionate about his craft. He finds joy and satisfaction in seeing his clients grow and succeed in levels they never imagined before. In all he does, his goal is to highlight the story of others. “Our story is to tell your story,” puts the branding expert most simply. “We are not happy unless the client is happy.”

This others-centric approach to business has brought Aleksandar tremendous results for his business and the business of people he works with. Looking to the future, Aleksandar hopes to grow the Intra Branda name more by acquiring new clients and building up their reputation as one of the go-to branding companies in their circles of influence. The CEO looks to tap into more of the celebrity market and work with prominent names. Aleksandar also looks to take on work with venture capital-backed projects and startups that are looking to scale their businesses through digital marketing and promotions.

There are only great things ahead for Aleksandar and the Intra Branda family. And there seem to be no signs of the company slowing down. To learn more about Aleksandar Urdarevik and his work at Intra Branda, check out the company’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

Ryan Engh Living the Life as a Serial Entrepreneur and Helping Others Do the Same

One would be hard pressed to think of a time in history where no one wanted to start a business. But nowadays, most of today’s youth and professional workforce aspire to run a business of their own, and so people are often on the lookout for entrepreneurs to follow and hopefully emanate. One entrepreneur to look out for is Ryan Engh, also known as the serial entrepreneur of digital marketing.

A D1 former baseball player, Ryan has always felt his true calling was being a digital entrepreneur. After dropping an inclination to play university-level baseball, Ryan started to dedicate his time, energy, and resources to becoming an entrepreneur and real estate investor. He started doing business while still in college and never stopped since. Entrepreneurship runs through his blood, and he is currently reaping the benefits of years of hard work and dedication. 

Ryan’s first big break came in real estate. He mastered the art of building up credit scores and soon learned how to invest in the top properties available in the market. He also built up his network and social skills and started building connections with prominent business people and influencers.

The entrepreneur found a footing in social media marketing after enrolling as a student of the online business giant Tai Lopez. He joined the business coach’s SMMA program and quickly rose to the top of the class. Before graduating from college, the social media entrepreneur in the making had already started prior work in building a social media marketing agency. He started serving high-profile clients and started to get paid top dollar to work from anywhere.

By the time he reached the age of twenty, Ryan had already founded several digital marketing agencies. He was a little later on named “The Serial Entrepreneur for Digital Marketing” and “Future Business Mogul” by KTEN and Fox34. Ryan also received the title as one of the top twenty people to follow in 2020 by Yahoo.

Today, Ryan enjoys the fruits of his labor after investing his all into a career that makes him happy. Apart from his digital marketing agencies, he also runs a multi-family real estate investment firm and multiple ecommerce stores that turn in significant profits. The entrepreneur is living the life of a king, often seen flying on private jets for business and personal affairs. He frequents highly exclusive events such as the 2020 NFL Honors and the 2018 NBA Finals.

With more and more opportunities to make money online through the rise of new technologies and digital services, Ryan looks to maximize his growth potential. In the process, he has also committed to taking new entrepreneurs under his wing and mentoring them as well. Ryan shows no signs of slowing down as he looks to reach even greater heights as a digital marketing professional, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur.

Recently Ryan has chosen to move out of his high-rise apartment in Miami and build a life in a low-key beach town near Tampa, Florida. 

To learn more about Ryan Engh, visit his Wikita page and Instagram account.