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Murray SawChuck Puts Magic in the Air

In a world bombarded and saturated with the mundane, it has become normal for people to have their lives dulled down by everyday routines and rigid work schedules. At a time like this, what everyone needs is to bring magic and wonder back into their days. And taking heed of the call for action and entertainment, Murray SawChuck, a widely acknowledged magician, pulled out some tricks up his sleeves and decided to share his captivating and enchanting allure with the world. 

Spicing things up in the entertainment industry, Murray SawChuck is on a mission to show everyone something they have never seen before. Keeping his fans and audience up on their toes with his mesmerizing performances, he strives to bring something new to the table every time. And as he continues to take his skills and abilities to the next level, this must-watch magician proves that he has what it takes. 

Murray SawChuck, more prominently known as Murray The Magician, is currently the only headlining magician performing on the Las Vegas Strip. As the sole entertainer in his field, he has garnered accolades from spectators and viewers in the area. And proving to be a man of many talents, he has also gained recognition for his works as a comedian, creator, host, author, motivational speaker, and all-around showman. 

Just recently, Murray SawChuck finished writing a children’s book, “At Nighttime We Are All The Same Size,” which is now being illustrated and is to be published next year. True enough, there is no telling what this multifaceted icon can still do to gain nods from the public. And with no plans of slowing down any time soon, he remains to keep his fire alive by moving forward towards promising opportunities.

So far in his career, Murray SawChuck has performed on over a hundred different TV shows aired worldwide. As of the moment, he is a regular on History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” and CW’s “Masters of Illusion.” On top of that, he has recently appeared on Netflix’s “GLOW,” CW’s “World’s Funniest Animals,” and FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen.”

With the current pandemic and the CDC regulations for maximum audience capacity, Murray SawChuck can still walk on stage with his resident show at the Tropicana Las Vegas – Laugh Factory. As a matter of fact, he has been selling out daily with the limited-capacity shows. 

People spark joy in others’ lives in different ways. While some people show it by giving material gifts, others do it by rendering meaningful gestures. But in the case of Murray SawChuck, he brings amusement and cheer by showcasing his exceptional talent and one-of-a-kind antics. And for this reason, he was able to make his mark on the industry. 

With how wonderful things are going for him, Murray SawChuck wishes to expand his horizons by bringing his career to even greater heights. In the years to come, this up and rising magician hopes to have his own TV show where he gets to perform all of his fresh and fun tricks on a weekly basis. Indeed, success favors those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and the strength of their abilities. 

To know more about Murray SawChuck, you may visit his website.

Kevin Nelson on Providing Elite Financial Advising Service

Kevin Jerome Nelson, also known as The Wealth Evangelist, has traversed different work sectors and proven his expertise in multiple domains. His career started in the entertainment industry, where he helped elite and high net worth celebrities with their financials. He was at one time an artist manager, concert promoter, and business consultant at Motown Records, MCA Records, and Solar Records.

Over the years that he spent in the entertainment industry, his entire business brand hinged on the high-value relationship that he has built with many people. And he strives to keep these relationships by delivering quality, dependable, and innovative service to all his clients. Working in the entertainment and general business industry has given him a great deal of exposure and experience, which he continues to leverage in his subsequent businesses and endeavors.

Kevin Jerome Nelson is a man of many abilities, but notable of all is his ability to spin great things out of ordinary things. He has been recognized and invited to share his wealth of knowledge at events like The Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo, BRE Conference, Impact Convention, Mid-Atlantic Music Conference, Indiana Black Expo, Turning Point Urban Business Summit & Expo, Indie Entertainment Summit, and Urban Network Power Summit, amongst others.

Kevin has published two books, one of which “Corporate Credit Unleashed: EVERYTHING YOU BETTER KNOW ABOUT CORPORATE CREDIT WHEN YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT SUCKS,” which has become a best seller on Amazon. His recently released book, “Hidden Secrets The Credit Bureaus Don’t Want You To Know About,” is currently making waves and giving people new insights on credit and credit bureaus.

He has worked with some notable names in the music and sports industries and once served as a financial advisor to The Hip Hop Summit Action Network. He was even named Hip Hop Credit Doctor until more recently that he now parades himself as The Wealth Evangelist. Kevin Nelson delivers elite services to his elite client base, and this is a bar he continues to raise every time he works with any of his clients.

Financial literacy is a topic Kevin is passionate about, and he intends to preach its gospel to the underserved African-American community. “It is my goal to level the field as it relates to financial literacy and the accumulation of generational wealth primarily through business ownership and access to capital. My mission is to empower underrepresented African-Americans by equipping them with the knowledge to become prudent, financially literate, adept individuals. I envision an American economy in which underrepresented, urban communities have meaningful knowledge and experience about personal finance, investing and the financial markets.”

Even though his business was built with high-end clients as the foundation clients, Kevin Nelson has started to take all forms of clients now and making his consultation fee affordable for all so that everyone can access his expert services. Being The Wealth Evangelist, seeing people flourish financially is his ultimate goal, and through his elite service, he is achieving that one client at a time.

Kevin Jerome Nelson is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn more about him on LinkedIn.

Dapper Penguin Entertainment: Jacob Zetino’s Project Will Be the Next Big Thing in the Digital Streaming Industry

Media platforms have been continuously evolving since the introduction of YouTube, opening the door to endless possibilities.

Among the platforms for streaming in the west are Hulu and Netflix. They have become two of the most popular online streaming platforms. Their popularity inspired others to create their own streaming platforms such as major company Disney creating Disney +. 

Among those inspired to follow in this trend is Jacob Zetino. He is an accomplished 14-time award-winning producer whose experience includes film, television, and digital production. Jacob formerly served in the army for ten years, receiving multiple recommendations before being honorably discharged as a Sergeant in 2012. 

In that time, he worked with several people of high status such as general officers, senators, royal dignitaries, and even celebrities. He became a member of Veterans in Media & Entertainment and the American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, California, which include members like Stan Lee, Mickey Rooney, Charlton Heston, and so much more.

Jacob would major in Producing and Filmmaking at The Los Angeles Film School and graduated from the conservatory of acting program at the New York Academy. He also graduated from Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle, Washington as a commercial diver, having made dives at the depths of over 200 feet.

When Netflix and Hulu began to grow in popularity, Jacob grew interested in creating a platform that could rival both. He founded Dapper Penguin Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California, where he is expanding multiple divisions within the company, adding television and media.

What drew Jacob into making his own platform was the access to movies, series, and even documentaries that Netflix and Hulu had in their libraries, as well as the convenience to watch them in various forms like televisions, mobile phones, or even tablet devices.

Jacob is passionate about his production of Dapper Penguin Entertainment, working endlessly in developing and producing more content. He has recently welcomed an executive team that includes Liz Vacovec as the president of the production and Nicole Layson & Daniel Sydnor as senior vice presidents of film & television. They are currently in negotiation for the president of the new platform Dapper Penguin Cubed.

Dapper Penguin Entertainment aims to give its audiences premier content, whether it’s a theatrical release or its platform of original & licensed content. By using the most innovative technologies, Jacob and his team are hoping to capture the attention of audiences worldwide by focusing on timeless storytelling.

Their team continues to grow as many great executives, creatives, and talents have worked on all forms of content. Their ingenuity gives an edge and separates them from other platforms. With a finger on the pulse of technology, Dapper Penguin can infuse the production of the traditional forms to take advantage of the digital age.

Jacob and Dapper Penguin are creating a breeding ground where award-winning stories will flourish. With their ever-growing library of intellectual properties, they will create a digital future today.

For more updates on Dapper Penguin Entertainment, you may follow Jacob on his Instagram account or follow Dapper Penguin on Instagram and Twitter.

Angela White Teaches Aspiring Artists the Ins and Outs of a Tough Industry

Standing behind the gleaming glitz and glamor that the movie industry displays is a formidable wall that is hard to break into. And because of the blinding allure that it holds, most people blast right through it unarmed and unequipped. 

As someone who knows more about the industry than anyone, Angela White explains that although making it big is difficult, it is not as impossible as it seems. She adds that with the right blend of persistence and passion, one will survive the seemingly insurmountable mountain of trials and rise on top of it as well. 

Known for her exceptional works as a film and television producer, Angela has also gained recognition for being an educator who teaches aspiring individuals the dos and don’ts in the realm of entertainment. Clothing her students with the necessary skills to conquer a fierce battlefield, she tells profound stories from a multicultural perspective that impacts others in a striking and meaningful manner. 

Angela graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware and another degree in Master of Arts in Political Science from Rutgers University. After that, she obtained a Juris Doctorate from the New York Law School. But instead of turning into the lawyer, everyone expected her to be, she took a detour and became a manager for comedians, such as JB Smoove, in Hollywood. 

With an unconventional mix of educational and professional background, Angela was able to kick off her career in producing and managing comedy shows. From there, she took her chance and emerged as the series creator and executive producer of The Comedy Underground Series, one of the first original comedy stand-up shows from RLJ Entertainment, which is now known as the Urban Movie Channel. 

Today, Angela is taking the reins on her own production company, Silver Lining Entertainment, which produces a wide array of films and television series. On top of that, the company holds an educational platform, known as Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, that provides business strategy, coaching, mentorship, and online courses. 

Through the said avenue, she teaches others her tips and tricks on thriving in the entertainment business, such as building more revenue and other useful business know-how to enhance career opportunities. The show also features experts and inspiring entertainment professionals every month to discuss their backgrounds, journeys, and humble beginnings.

In addition, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry is currently preparing to start shooting another project under the “Producer’s Bootcamp” course. 

Since Angela is always up on her toes for new ventures, it comes as no surprise that she has a truckload of projects in the works. And just recently, she released a book entitled “The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel.”

Moreover, Angela also launched Dreamers with Purpose, which is a non-profit organization that assists people of color, women, and those who are financially disadvantaged. In line with this, she became the first African American woman to produce and own a production company that released a theatrically faith-based film called “A Question of Faith.” 

Having made her mark in the star-studded world, Angela challenged herself to write off the overarching narrative that landing a spot therein is unobtainable. Because while it is true that the path to success is bouldered with obstacles, it is also true that a person’s strength and courage will help them get through anything. 

With her wide-ranging expertise and solid experience, Angela encourages dreamers and all other driven individuals to step into their light and shine as bright as the stars. 

To know more about Angela White and her educational platform, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, you may visit their website

Jordan Nancarrow: Following His Curiosities on His Journey to Success

Jordan Nancarrow is an accomplished commercial and film actor. Now, he adds “television show co-host” to his resume with his latest project in collaboration with Infecting Change Television (ICTV).

Jordan is the type of person who is unafraid to explore different career paths in the entertainment industry. He has done work for various commercials and has starred in several films. Aside from that, Jordan was also a public speaker for Microsoft, introducing its latest innovations and products in London and Orlando. These various trajectories have led him to his current engagement as a co-host for ICTV.

This actor and host also values personal development. He believes that being the best version of himself will help him become more successful with his career in the entertainment industry. His past experience working on different projects made him realize just how vital it is to put in the time and effort to develop his skills in his craft. 

Jordan intends to use his platform to help make the entertainment industry a more diverse and inclusive space. He wants to share his knowledge, inspire others, share his values, and show his authentic self to his audience.

With this goal in mind, Jordan Nancarrow is now working with ICTV, a television network and streaming platform that highlights HBCU sports and events, underrepresented content creators, films, television shows, and documentaries. The network features the types of stories that people do not usually see.

Jordan knows that his work with ICTV will be part of his legacy. He hopes that with this platform, he can spread positivity and light to the rest of the world. And as he shares his values, Jordan hopes that his audience will be encouraged to explore their own values and passions.

A lifelong believer in keeping curiosity alive, Jordan Nancarrow enjoys following his curiosities. Exploring new adventures, trying new things, and experiencing all that life has to offer are all part of his driving principle. He believes that all these have led him to discover what he is genuinely passionate about, and what is worth pursuing career-wise. 

Jordan Nancarrow knows that he is only one of the many aspiring to achieve great things in the entertainment industry. But he is someone who acknowledges that every journey is different. He says, “The only person you should be competing with at the end of the day is nobody but yourself.” Jordan always aims to be better today than he was yesterday.

Jordan hopes to inspire others with his journey and his work. He wants people to know that working on self-development and being open to new experiences can lead to success. Jordan is not only a distinguished actor. But he is also a television host who wants to uplift his audience through sharing his values and staying authentic to who he is.

Armed with his determination and drive, Jordan knows that he will get everything he wants in life. Jordan Nancarrow is definitely a name and a personality to look out for.

For more information about Jordan, you may visit the ICTV website or follow him on Instagram.

Wake and Make Media Founders Explain How Film Content Can Boost Business

One of the most common myths about the entertainment industry is the possibility of being discovered and then magically being propelled into Hollywood fame. Megan Nager, co-founder of Wake and Make Media, learned this within her first year of working as a SAG actor, writer, and stand-up comedian in the competitive field.

She watched as countless friends and creators sat home waiting on the edge of their seats for a call from an agent or manager to book them in a show or a gig. After a few years of doing the same thing herself, she decided that she would combine her unique set of skills and create her own video content and then market it on her social media channels. After years of doing this for herself, she teamed up with award-winning cinematographer and editor, Corey Turner, and the duo launched Wake and Make Media. 

Wake and Make Media is a creative marketing and PR agency that operates in both Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, which specializes in making high-quality content to target specific audiences and build their online brands. Although the company works with all types of companies, they’ve found a niche in alternative and specialized healthcare, such as CBD brands, plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and chiropractors.

Before launching Wake and Make Media, Megan appeared on television shows on Amazon, TruTV, MTV, and more, in addition to writing and producing several award-winning TV shows and short films. Her experience in comedy and filmmaking has proven beneficial in building her personal brand—her digital content has gone viral in many platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Meanwhile, Corey has filmed hundreds of commercials, TV shows, and feature films. He’s spent the past eight years working with Endeavor Content and William Morris Endeavor and has created content for brands such as Miss Universe, Ciroc, UFC, World’s Strongest Man, PBR, IMG, and more.

Megan and Corey had the unique experience of building their own personal brands and learning how to get their names out there before they helped others do the same. During their time in Hollywood, they quickly established themselves as a go-to creative team for any type of project. The duo got their start after seeing the huge demand in Los Angeles. There were so many creatives they came into contact with who wanted to create their own content but weren’t sure how to do it. Megan and Corey came together and began writing scripts for them, then producing and filming those scripts. They found a market for the films online. Luckily enough, the films were picked up by Amazon Prime and other outlets, and soon, they were featured in magazine and digital outlets.

Small businesses in their area quickly got word of their success and saw for themselves the professional quality of their projects. Business owners started reaching out to them, asking them to help boost their businesses as well. They worked to grow CBD brands and food blogs, which led to working with some alternative medical practices. Megan’s family has a background in medicine and had asked her and Corey to help a few of their offices grow their online presence. After a few of these projects, other doctors began reaching out to ask for the same services.

Megan and Corey recently moved from Los Angeles to Charlotte to collaborate with even more businesses. Their filmmaking and social media backgrounds allow them to tackle all aspects of media production. With their skills combined, they are able to successfully launch whole campaigns.

They have worked with hundreds of Hollywood’s biggest names to create all types of content that have heightened brand awareness. Megan has also grown her own personal brand to over 150,000 followers on social media and has consulted numerous brands on how to grow their social media presence and get featured in the news. They have the expertise to build a business from the ground up using film, marketing, and PR.

The duo is well on their way to becoming the modern-day small-business version of marketing giant Goodby and Silverstein while also creating their own films.Find out more about Wake and Make Media on their website.