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Dr. Tyler Hales, AKA The Bowtie Dentist, Taking Cosmetic Dentistry to a Whole New Level

Cosmetic dentistry is not the most straightforward practice, but some handle it with great skill and expertise. One dentist has been gaining a lot of popularity for that reason, doing it also in impeccable style. He’s Dr. Tyler Hales, known to many as The Bowtie Dentist. 

Dr. Tyler Hales is a cosmetic dentist who works alongside his partner, Dr. Lincoln Parker. Together, the two dental professionals formed Hales Parker Dentistry, a practice that has become one of the epicenters of cosmetic dentistry treatments in South Orange County, California. The practice serves patients from all walks of life with various dental concerns. But many of those patients come for one reason — this cosmetic dentistry practice has a proven, excellent record. 

As one of the top dentistry practitioners in the area, it would only be natural that Dr. Tyler Hales would also become a celebrity dentist. He has worked with several stars from Bravo TV, including personalities like Madison Lecroy and Peggy Tanous. Dr. Tyler Hales has also worked with many models, influencers, celebrities, actors, and public figures. He is committed to achieving the best smiles for his patients.

Dr. Tyler Hales attended Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of California. After that, he immediately started his career as a dentist. As much as he had learned and grown during his academic years, his genuine passion for dentistry started to shine on the job. “The academic aspect of dental school was fine, but the real excitement came every time I held those tools in my hands,” shares the Bowtie Dentist. “I loved getting to work with my hands. I felt like an artist as I etched and carved into teeth. I was engrossed with esthetic principles and used every opportunity to apply the concepts to help improve my patient’s smiles.”

As for his nickname, people started to call Dr. Tyler Hales “The Bowtie Dentist” because of his signature look— a dapper bowtie with a pack of style and charisma. Sharing the context behind his look, Dr. Tyler Hales refers to his grandfather, who taught him that “if you want to be the best, you need to look your best.” That impartation would bring about the doctor’s commitment to style, self-confidence, and a knack for presentation and excellence. It also ties together his commitment to providing cosmetic dentistry that makes people look their best. For The Bowtie Dentist, cosmetic work on one’s teeth gives you more than just nicer teeth. It also helps boost your confidence and self-esteem. This effect drives Dr. Tyler Hales and the whole team at Hales Parker Dentistry to deliver their absolute best for every client. 

Dr. Tyler Hales’ specialty is creating smile makeovers and veneers. He also offers what the practice calls a “Smile Test Drive” which is an opportunity to see what veneers would look like before making any commitment. In order to push the boundaries of customer service, Dr. Tyler Hales also utilizes Smile Virtual, a virtual platform for his patients to communicate and seek his advice and recommendations without leaving their home.

Dr. Tyler Hales continues to commit to giving the best results possible to people who want to transform their smiles. Hales Parker Dentistry can be located at 777 Corporate Dr. Ste 100, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694.

Deering Dental Pioneers Patient-Centered Services in Miami

There’s one place in Miami where one does not have to pay skyrocketing prices to be treated like a VIP. Deering Dental offers a one-of-a-kind experience that has patients leaving their practice with a great smile. 

Found right in front of the historic Deering Estate, Deering Dental started with a young girl’s dream to become a dentist. Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto DDS is a Miami native who grew up knowing she wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of a perfect smile. Today, she is pioneering patient-centered services through this practice, a business of putting patients before profits. 

At Deering Dental, everything is on time and not done in the typical thirty minutes or more behind schedule that locals affectionately refer to as “Miami Time.” Dr. Pinto feels that being on time is critical to building a mutual respect between patient and doctor. They also make sure that each patient feels special and has a plan that is made just for them. Each dentist even knows their patients’ names, a great foundation for that distinct trust that can hardly be experienced elsewhere. The practice even goes as far as serving their guests with a steamed and scented towel to wash up after their appointment as if they were in a spa. 

Deering Dental is able to provide these excellent VIP services because of how Dr. Pinto truly cares for her community. She goes on “reconnaissance missions” and continuously learns new techniques from world-class dental trainers to offer the best for her patients. But that’s not all. She is also involved with Glory House, a local charity that aids rescue victims of the sex trafficking in Miami. She does all this while being a mother and traveler, who is continually being greeted by new challenges in her business.

Dr. Pinto has accumulated a wealth of experience that now benefits clients of Deering Dental. When she began as a dentist, she worked under several other practices wherein she realized how cold and impersonal the medical care industry is in Miami. This made her decide to open her own practice, where patients’ needs are the basis for all decisions, creating an environment and experience unlike any other. As Dr. Pinto often tells her team, “We’re here to treat people, not patients.” 

Dr. Pinto, even at a young age, already challenged her limits. She graduated cum laude at the University of Miami under a full scholarship in just three years. If that isn’t impressive enough, she flew all the way to New York to attend the NYU Dental School, also on an academic scholarship and returned to Miami to start her now flourishing career. She hopes that more girls dream big, just like she did, and decide to push their limits and achieve their goals. 

All businesses go through a struggle, even for one as successful as Deering Dental. After being struck hard by Hurricane Irma, the whole practice worked hard to get the business back up, and they are currently in the process of opening more branches despite the ongoing pandemic. Even then, they do this very carefully, making sure they can maintain the good customer service their patients have already become a fan of. 

Check out Deering Dental’s official website to learn more.