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Jason David Frank details emerge following his death

Jason David Frank died early, and his absence left a hole in millions who grew up watching him in Power Rangers.

Last month, the actor’s representative confirmed his death.

Once the news came out, tribute after tribute came from the fans.

Jason David Frank’s cause of death was recently revealed, with confirmation from his wife, Tammie.

A hero to millions

Jason David Frank is best known for the Power Rangers TV series and movies, in which he played Tommy Oliver.

The news of his death sparked thousands of tributes as people mourned the loss of the childhood hero they pretended to be in backyards.

Many have shared their stories of meeting Jason David Frank at events, describing him as a positive person.

The actor’s latest project, Legend of the White Dragon, is set to release next year after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Tammie Frank, the wife of David Frank, recently opened up about her husband’s death.

She also confirmed that suicide was the cause of death.

Speaking to People magazine, Tammie Frank revealed that Jason David Frank took his own life over a weekend when the couple was hoping to revive their relationship.

What happened

Tammie Frank has revealed the couple originally planned to go their separate ways after a tough year.

However, before her husband died, they canceled the plans.

So instead, they worked to get back together.

According to Tammie, Jason David Frank planned a weekend getaway after his friends reminded him that they still loved each other.

Over the weekend, they attended a country dancing event.

After the dance, the couple had a warm and moving conversation in David Frank’s hotel room.

However, Tammie said she went to the lobby to bring them snacks.

When she returned ten minutes later, Jason David Frank did not answer the door.

Unable to get even a response, someone called the police.

Upon entering, they discovered that Jason had taken his life.

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The statements

“My name is Tammie Frank, and my husband was Jason David Frank, who tragically lost his life to suicide just last week,” Tammie started.

“While Jason was a well-known name to some, we lived a normal life with ups and downs, just like anyone else.”

“It has shocked and saddened me beyond belief to see that the media has turned my family’s tragedy into a tall tale.”

“Since Jason’s death, I have been harassed online and can no longer stand to watch my husband’s good name slandered,” she continued.

Tammie Frank concluded the talk by saying:

“All we want is to remember Jason and our happiest memories and move on from the pain of losing a loved one.”

“I only ask for sympathy and understanding during this difficult time,” she added.

“To all the fans and supporters of Jason and our family, thank you for your kind words and wishes, and God bless you all.”


Power Rangers star Jason David Frank’s wife confirms his cause of death as suicide

Iren Cara, iconic 80s singer, passed away

Irene Cara, the “Fame” and “Flashdance” singer and actress, died this weekend at the age of 63.

Judith A. Moose, her publicist, confirmed Cara’s death, revealing the singer died at her home in Florida.

The news

Moose announced Irene Cara’s death on Twitter, writing:

“Please share your thoughts and memories of Irene. I’ll be reading each and every one of them and know she’ll be smiling from Heaven.”

“She adored her fans. She was a beautifully gifted soul whose legacy will live forever through her music and films.”

In addition, Irene Cara’s publicist shared a statement online, giving more details.

“It is with profound sadness that on behalf of the family I announce the passing of Irene Cara,” Moose wrote.

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“The Academy Award-winning actress, singer, songwriter and producer passed away in her Florida home.”

“Her cause of death is currently unknown and will be released when information is available.”

“Irene’s family has requested privacy as they process their grief. She was a beautifully gifted soul whose legacy will live forever through her music and films.”

“Funeral services are pending and a memorial for her fans will be planned at a future date,” the statement continued.

“We were working on amazing projects that would have made her and her fans incredibly happy.”

“Her manager and I will finish them. She’d want that.”

Cara’s career

When she was younger, Irene Cara first appeared on the television series Electric Company.

As a teenager, Cara starred in several movies, including “Aaron Loves Angela” and “Sparkle.”

However, Irene Cara made a name for herself in the 1980 musical Fame.

In the film, she played Coco Hernandez, who attends the New York High School of Performing Arts.

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In addition, Irene Cara produced a hit with the film’s theme song and a second with the ballad “Out Here on My Own.”

As a result, she was nominated for two Grammys and a Golden Globe that year.

In 1983, Irene Cara produced another classic hit when she co-wrote the lyrics to “Flashdance…What a Feeling”.

“Flashdance…What a Feeling” became a radio hit and won her an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Irene Cara also earned a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance in the Female Category.


Iren Cara, ‘80s pop star behind ‘Fame’ and ‘Flashdance’ theme songs, dies at 63

Oscar-winning actor and singer Irene Cara dies aged 63

Jason David Frank confirmed dead over the weekend

Jason David Frank was a famous actor in the 1990s for playing Tommy Oliver in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

Of all the franchise actors, Frank was one of the most active, if not the most active, Power Ranger veterans.

But on November 19, Jason David Frank died at the age of 49.

The news

Jason David Frank died in Texas this weekend.

His manager Justine Hunt confirmed the actor’s death.

Details of Frank’s death have not been released.

However, Hunt asked fans to respect the privacy of the actor’s family and friends “during this horrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful human being.”

Walter Jones, the first Black Ranger and Frank’s co-star in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, took to Instagram to express his grief and wrote:

“Can’t believe it…. RIP Jason David Frank. My heart is sad to have lost another member of our special family.”

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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Jason David Frank made his career as the Green Ranger in Mighty Morphin’s Power Rangers.

The show debuted on Fox Kids in 1993 and ran for three years as audiences marveled at costumed superheroes battling in kung-fu.

Frank’s character initially starts as an enemy of the Rangers with a limited appearance.

However, his charisma won the admiration of fans, and he became a series regular.

Frank went on to appear in other Power Rangers shows and movies, including:

  • Zeo
  • Turbo
  • Wild Force
  • DinoThunder
  • Ninja Steel

Other ventures

Jason David Frank is also famous for his martial arts.

He was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame and the Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Frank has also performed numerous stunts in the Power Rangers franchise.

He had an eighth-degree black belt in karate and studied taekwondo, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai.

Jason David Frank began practicing karate at age four and received his first black belt when he was only twelve.

In 1994, he founded several martial arts schools.

Frank also masters an exclusive fighting system called Toso Kune Do, which translates to “Way of the Fighting Fist.”

Toso Kune Do combines different styles of martial arts.

At the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, he met Kyoshi Rick Herbster, who later became his business partner for many years.

The two ran the Rising Sun Karate Academy, where Frank taught until his death.

Frank then made his MMA debut in 2010 at the Lonestar Beatdown event in Houston, Texas.

He managed to beat Jonathan “the Mack Truck” Mack in the first round.

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What could have been

Of all the Power Rangers actors, Jason David Frank has been the most active and has appeared in several iterations of the franchise.

He also appeared with original star Amy Jo Johnson in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie as civilians wearing their original colors.

Frank was due to appear in an upcoming film.

Aaron Schoenke’s film ‘Legend of the White Dragon’ follows Frank as the white dragon.

The Green Ranger actor is survived by his children, Hunter, Jacob, Skye and Jenna.


Jason David Frank, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ star, dies at 49

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson succumbs to illness, dead at 38

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has passed away at the age of 38.

Johnson was a former light-heavyweight title contender in UFC.

His death comes after a lengthy battle with an illness that has not yet been named.


Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was set to fight for the Bellator light heavyweight title in September 2021.

However, he had to postpone it last year due to ongoing health issues.

Ali Abdelaziz, Johnson’s manager, asked fans to pray for the fighter last month.

However, it was recently confirmed that he had lost his battle with the disease.

“Rumble, he’s going through some health problems right now. It’s very sad,” Abdelaziz said in an ESPN interview last month.

“I think I want everybody to pray for him. Pray for Anthony. It’s not going well. He’s very strong, spiritually. But pray for him.”

Anthony’ Rumble’ Johnson revealed how sick he was in 2021 with a social media post, writing:

“Really wish I could go into detail about how ill I truly am. Just know I need as many prayers as I can get and I’ll see you in 2022 God willing.”

“Never been this afraid of anything in my life but I’ve remained strong with the support of friends and family.”

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Anthony “Rumble” Johnson fought twice for the UFC light heavyweight title but lost both times to Daniel Cormier.

The two met at UFC 187 in 2015 when Jon Jones was kicked out.

They then got their rematch in April 2017 at UFC 210.

Cormier won both matches by submission.

However, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s most notable victories are victories over world champions Glover Texeira and Ryan Bader.

He also defeated Jimi Manuwa and Alexander Gustafsson.

Johnson’s last appearance was at the light-heavyweight Grand Prix against Jose Augusto Azevedo.

He won the bout in the second round by knockout.

The competition happened in May 2021.

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When news of his death broke, many fighters took to social media to grieve for their fellow fighter.

Michael Chiesa paid tribute to Johnson, writing on Twitter:

“RIP Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson. One of the most prolific KO artists our sport has ever seen. My prayers go out to his family and everyone affected by this tragedy.”

Former UFC Jake Shields also said:

“Just heard the sad news they [sic] Anthony Rumble Johnson has passed away. RIP brother.”

Terrence McKinney shared his condolences:

“Rumble Johnson passed away. The MMA community lost a legend and I will continue to pray for his family.”


Anthony ‘Rumble Johnson dead: ex-UFC star dies aged 38 after illness

Angela Lansbury, star of Murder, She Wrote, passes away at 96

Hollywood is mourning the loss of award-winning film and theater actress Angela Lansbury, who died aged 96 yesterday.

Lansbury is best known for her roles in Murder, She Wrote and Beauty and the Beast, for which she sang the main theme.

The announcement

Angela Lansbury’s death was revealed in a statement her family released to NBC, whose parent company produced “Murder, She Wrote.”

The statement reads:

“The children of Dame Angela Lansbury are sad to announce that their mother died peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 AM today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, just five days shy of her 97th birthday.”

Awards & nominations

Lansbury’s talent was unique, so much so that it earned her her first Oscar nomination for her film debut in 1944, before she was 20.

Her second nomination came a year later for The Picture of Dorian Gray.

In 1962, her portrayal of a mother who betrays her son and her country in The Manchurian Candidate earned her not only a nomination but also a Golden Globe.

It was the second Golden Globe after The Portrait of Dorian Gray.

In 2013 Angela Lansbury received an honorary Oscar.

The award was linked to the five Tony Awards she has collected in more than four decades.

During her career as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote, Lansbury received 11 Emmy nominations, but she never won one of her own.

Early life and career

Angela Lansbury was born in London to actress Moyna MacGill and politician Edward Lansbury.

Her father died when she was nine.

In 1940, shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Lansbury and her family moved to the United States and settled in New York.

She studied acting before moving to Los Angeles at the request of her mother, where she briefly worked in a department store before taking on her groundbreaking role.

Her other early works include:

  • The Harvey Girls
  • The Three Musketeers
  • The Court Jester
  • National Velvet
  • Blue Hawaii

Angela Lansbury later made her Broadway debut in 1957 with roles in “Mame”, “Gypsy” and “Sweeney Todd.”

Impact on children

Angela Lansbury has had a few roles in Disney, but her impact has been huge as generations of children have admired her iconic voice.

She first appeared in the 1971 musical “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.”

However, she was nominated for an Oscar in 1991 for “Beauty and the Beast,” which made her a beloved figure for children.

“Oddly enough, children recognize my voice,” she said in 2012. “They’ll hear me and say, ‘Mom, that’s Mrs. Potts!’”

Lansbury recently appeared in a small role in the 2018 sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.

Personal life

Lansbury was briefly married to Richard Cromwell before marrying British actor Peter Shaw in 1949, with whom she had two children: Anthony and Deirdre.

Anthony then directed many episodes of Murder, She Wrote, working with his mother.

Shaw became her manager throughout her career and helped secure the deal that made them the show’s producers.

The two remained together until Peter Shaw’s death in 2003.

Murder, She Wrote

Angela Lansbury’s greatest success in the 1960s was her starring role as a crime-solving mystery writer in “Murder, She Wrote.”

According to the actress, Jessica Fletcher was the closest character she felt was closest to her.

“I had a lot of say in it, and I didn’t want the character to be quirky,” she said in 2009. “I wanted her to be real.”

“I didn’t have to have to put on any kind of veneer for 24 hours a day, which is what a television schedule sometimes feels like.”

Although the show was successful, CBS’s decision to move the series to Thursday nights in 1995 to compete with NBC’s “Friends” angered the actress.

“I really feel angry for all the people who watched us,” she said as the show delivered big ratings after “60 Minutes.”

Despite the show’s concluding after 1995, Lansbury continued to appear in made-for-TV films for Murder, She Wrote.


Angela Lansbury, beloved star of ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ dead at 96

Rap icon Coolio passed away on Wednesday, aged 59

The rap scene lost another legend when news broke of Coolio’s death, a name that took rapping to new heights in the 1990s.

The news came after friend and manager Jarez Posey announced the entertainer had passed away on Wednesday afternoon.

The details

Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Erik Scott said firefighters and paramedics received an emergency medical call.

They drove to the block of South Chesapeake Ave. at 4:00 p.m. where they found a man who was unresponsive.

Scott said they performed CPR attempts for about 45 minutes.

However, the patient was determined to have died before 5 p.m.


Sheila Finegan, Coolio Talent Manager, said:

“We are saddened by the loss of our dear friend and client, Coolio, who passed away this afternoon.”

“He touched the world with the gift of his talent and will be missed profoundly.”

“Thank you to everyone worldwide who has listened to his music and to everyone who has been reaching out regarding his passing.”

“Please have Coolio’s loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.”

Michelle Pfeiffer mourns with other stars

When news of Coolio’s death broke, actress Michelle Pfeiffer, who starred in the movie Dangerous Minds, which featured her favorite song “Gangsta’s Paradise” with LV, took to Instagram to share her grief.

Her post included a snippet of the music video she also starred in.

“Heartbroken to hear of the passing of the gifted artist Coolio,” the post reads.

“A life cut entirely too short. As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to work with him on Dangerous Minds in 1995.”

“He won a Grammy for his brilliant song on the soundtrack – which I think was the reason our film saw so much success.”

“I remember him being nothing but gracious. 30 years later, I still get chills when I hear the song.”

“Sending love and light to his family. Rest in Power, Artis Leon Ivey Jr.”

Many names in entertainment, music and sports have paid tribute to Coolio including Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Flavor Flav, LL Cool J, Matt Bonner and Lou Diamond Phillips to name a few.


Coolio’s musical career began in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that he solidified his name in hip-hop with Gangsta’s Paradise.

The hip-hop legend was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of Compton.

In 1994, Coolio shared that he entered the drug business but later exited and pursued a career as a firefighter.

“I wasn’t looking for a career, I was looking for a way to clean up – a way to escape the drug thing,” he told Los Angeles Times.

“It was going to kill me and I knew I had to stop.”

“In firefighting training was discipline I needed. We ran every day. I wasn’t drinking or smoking or doing the stuff I usually did.”

From there, Coolio would focus on rap and make a name for himself in the underground scene.

While his song “Fantastic Voyage” gave him momentum, it was Gangsta’s Paradise that put Coolio in the spotlight.

The song was not only included in the movie Dangerous Minds, it also earned him several awards, including a Grammy in 1996.

Despite being nearly 30 years old, Gangsta’s Paradise remains one of the most streamed songs, hitting a billion views on YouTube by July 2022.

“It’s one of those kinds of songs that transcends generations,” Coolio said in a recent interview.

“I didn’t use any trendy words…I think it made it timeless.”


Coolio, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper, dead at 59

Coolio: Michelle Pfeiffer and Snoop Dogg lead tributes to Gangsta’s Paradise rapper