Daniel’s Leather is not your number 1 choice, it’s your only choice

Leather products have always been a hot item for the fashion industry as they never go out of fashion and look classy as well. For decades, leather jackets and boots have been considered trendy chic. In fact, our movies and fashion shoots have constantly endorsed this phenomenon. Fast forward to the present, and various celebs, such as Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox, are spotted wearing leather dresses and looking absolutely stunning. However, like every other fabric, leather has evolved over time, and now more than ever, you will find on-trend outfits like a dress, pants, or a stylish coat. 

Different forms of leather are admired at large, but advanced technology has made it possible for leather apparel to be available in various textures and stunning colors. Goods made from leather have been considered luxury items and a must-have in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. However, it was initially believed that leather apparel would be suitable only in the winter season, but thanks to the latest technology, lightweight leather is being produced. This means that you can flaunt it not only in summers but also wear it all year round. 

Understanding the fashion needs and trends, Nadeem Waheed launched his line of leather and fur under the banner of Daniel’s Leather in 1995. Little did he know that his passion for fashion would lead him to the most sought-after leather brand in the USA. Daniel’s Leather started operations from Orchard Street in New York City, known as the center for leather goods. Starting from a place with huge existing competition is challenging for any business; however, Daniel’s Leather soon stood out due to its innovative designs, bold colors, and, most importantly, affordable prices.

What makes Daniel’s Leather unique is not just its customer service and designs but also the fact that it offers tailor-made leather and fur accessories. This came as a natural evolution and something people had been craving for quite some time: customized designs in luxury prêt. Vibrant color schemes, supple leathers, exotic fur trims, and plush sheepskins to be customized and fitted to your needs and desires is what the business is known for. In fact, the brand has gained immense popularity in a short span of time owing to its chic creations, colors, and styles. Moreover, cookie cutter, mass-produced styles have been replaced with cutting-edge inventive, and novel designs. Whoever comes to the store just falls in love with the stunning creations.

Thousands of loyal customers have been shopping at Daniel’s Leather season after season, becoming more of friends than mere customers. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the brand’s reputation has grown due to its loyal clientele. Since they don’t advertise, the growing customer base is purely on a grassroots level and through word-of-mouth. They think of it as their own, and they are the ones that bring more people in. 

Daniel’s Leather has put in a lot of effort to reach where they are today. Currently, they have a list of celebrities who wear and endorse the brand and tend to go back time and again for fashionable options. Names like Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Diddy, Remy Ma, and Andrew Dice Clay are a few stars amongst many others who have proudly shared and endorsed Daniel’s Leathers. Not just that, their leather pieces have been featured in shows like Saturday Night Live and Power. 

The brain behind the brand, Nadeem Waheed, aims to rule the fashion world when it comes to leather and fur. Apart from that, his goal is to ensure that anyone thinking of doing a photoshoot or making a music video presenting a cool and hip crowd would want to be seen in one of Daniel’s Leather’s fabulous creations and fashionable leather pieces. 

Daniel’s Leather has worked extremely hard to not be just people’s first choice but their only choice. And for that, a lot of thought has been put into every item, creativity, statement designs, mix and match of fluorescent colors, and the best part is that the prices will not put a dent in your wallet. The brand is at a point where its competitors have started copying the designs. Nadeem Waheed doesn’t mind other brands copying his styles but just wants them to use excellent quality skins so that the end product doesn’t look a rip-off or cheap. 

Whatever Daniel’s Leather creates has a lot of love involved in the process, and that is quite evident in the designs as well as its service. Where businesses usually take three to five years to start making a profit, the brand started churning profit just a year after its launch. If you want a luxury leather or fur item for your wardrobe that is hip and on-trend, you now know where to find it!