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Children susceptible to more illness if codetection finds Covid and another virus

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Children: There is still a lot to learn about the fatal virus, despite the fact that it has stalled since the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic.

Even now, researchers are working to better comprehend the virus.

According to a recent study, children under the age of five who test positive for another respiratory virus typically get worse.

They also get more illnesses.

According to research published on Wednesday in the journal Pediatrics, hospitalized children under the age of five who test positive for both Covid and other respiratory viruses have a doubled risk of developing serious respiratory diseases.

The study

When RSV, flu, Covid-19, and other respiratory infections filled children’s hospitals, research was conducted.

The results demonstrate the impact such viruses have on pediatric hospitals.

It also demonstrates how ongoing monitoring of Covid-19 and other viruses in circulation might aid in projecting future spikes in hospitalization.

Researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as from other institutions and health agencies around the country, conducted the study.

Firsthand account

Caring for children with overlapping respiratory conditions may be difficult, as Jenevieve Silva discovered throughout the pandemic.

Silva is a mother of eight and resides in San Jose, California.

She has had to cope with a slew of illnesses since her twin boys, who are toddlers, started preschool in May 2021.

“The height of the illness was from September through mid-November, when our household just could not catch a break,” she said.

Her twins tested positive for Covid-19 in October 2022.

Their pediatrician eventually diagnosed them with what they later developed as having another respiratory disease, perhaps a respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

“Based on what the pediatrician told us, she said, ‘I highly believe that they had these overlapping viruses,'” said Silva.

She also mentioned the following symptoms with the boys:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

In addition, one twin developed a temperature of 105 degrees for four days in a row.

Jenevieve Silva said watching her boys suffer was heartbreaking, despite the warm baths and Vicks VaporRub on their backs and chests helped them manage the discomfort.

“They had just looked so frail – they looked sick, like something deeper than back-to-back viruses,” noted Silva.

“It was hell. I mean, it was really bad.”

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The boys of Jenevieve Silva have now recovered from the illnesses.

Although they are doing better today and have put on healthy weight, she is still concerned that their fevers may have caused them to develop asthma.

The doctor stated it appeared to have possibly induced asthma since October when the twins had overlapping infections, added Silva.

They then start to have asthma symptoms like coughing and possibly throwing up if they get a cold.

“I can’t be the only mom dealing with virus after virus,” Silva said.

“Be patient. Listen to your doctor.”


The most recent research contains data on 4,372 kids who were hospitalized with Covid-19.

21% of individuals who were tested for other respiratory viruses had a codetection, meaning that additional viruses were also found in their test findings.

Researchers remarked that rather than coinfection, they were concentrating on codetection.

The child may not have been actively sick despite testing positive for the two viruses.

According to the study, detections of respiratory viruses were few throughout the first year of the pandemic.

While influenza codetections were scarce during the first two years of the pandemic, RSV and rhinovirus (or enterovirus) codetections surged during the Delta-predominant era.

The data showed that children with codetections were mostly younger than five.

Additionally, they were more likely to be admitted to critical care units and get increased oxygen support.

When children under two test positive for RSV while receiving Covid, they frequently develop serious illnesses.

Pandemic lessons

Dr. Ascuncion Mejias, an associate professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, said that the children she treated with Covid-19 and other viral codetections frequently required critical care and oxygen support.

“Covid is a very proinflammatory virus, so it really weakens your immune response,” said Mejias.

“And when you haven’t recovered yet, and you get a second hit, in this case, RSV or rhinovirus, you develop a more severe disease.”

The new study’s results, according to Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Division of Infectious Disease, highlight the significance of keeping children up to date on their vaccines.

Mejias added her two cents, emphasizing the significance of safe procedures to prevent diseases from spreading to infants who are too young to get vaccinations.

“The pandemic taught us how contagious these viruses are,” said Mejias. “If somebody is sick, try to avoid contact.”

“These viruses are not only transmitted by saliva and secretions, but by hands. It can survive in your hands for more than 30 minutes.”

“So if you touch your mouth and then touch a little baby, the baby can self inoculate the virus and become infected.”

“So washing hands and all these measures are very important.”


When young children test positive for Covid-19 and another respiratory virus, their illness may be much more severe, a new study suggests

Erica Jones Unveils Debut Children’s Book ‘Ready, Set, Bet’ Helping Children Acquire Lifelong Skills Through a Meaningful Story

A child’s developmental years are crucial; hence, growing children deserve the best kind of education and entertainment that suits their every need. “Ready, Set, Bet” is a colorful children’s book by Erica Jones that is both educational and entertaining. Ready Set Bet Big Dog and Little Cat Race to Get Cheese Pizza is a delightful storybook that involves two main characters, Big Dog and Little Cat, along with many other animal characters. Big Dog is very tech-savvy and enjoys utilizing technology for about everything. Little Cat, on the other hand, is an amazingly simple cat who enjoys a more traditional way of problem-solving. 

Together they will teach children how to problem solve as well as complete tasks using two different methods teaching them to reach their goals.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Erica Jones has always been very intrigued by cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Garfield, and other animals’ characters. “There was something very captivating about animal characters that possessed human-like characteristics,” explained the renowned author. 

At the age of seven, she picked up a pencil and began creating characters of her own which eventually developed into a deep passion for art and drawing. Erica would study art and practice her craft every chance she would get, turning to the history of art and completely falling in love with artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso at the age of thirteen. She would then start experimenting with different art styles such as Modern Art, Photorealism, Pop Art, and more.

She discovered that she had a deep interest in Editorial and Illustrative Cartoons. In no time, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with her associate degree in Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia. Her relentless passion for art eventually blossomed into a dream, culminating in her decision to pursue a career in becoming a children’s author and illustrator. 

After witnessing the ongoing violence and senseless crimes rampant in her city, Erica Jones became even more adamant about using her talent for good. So, she decided to create a line of children’s books that focused on critical thinking, problem-solving, and healthy competition. “I feel that these are very important life skills that are starting to diminish,” explained Erica. 

Thus, her debut children’s book “Ready, Set, Bet” was born. The book provides children with not just a storybook but also educational flashcards that allow them to answer various questions regarding the story using actual scenes from the book. “Ready, Set, Bet” was created with a rigid learning system with various developmental steps that aid in learning and keep the child engaged. This combines children’s entertainment with education, allowing them to develop holistically and pick up valuable life lessons as they continue to read on. 

“By this time, children began utilizing a different area of their brains that fosters critical thinking while prompting a smooth transition in assisting the child with the ability to increase their attention spans with the properly guided speed,” said Erica Jones. Furthermore, “Ready, Set, Bet” also offers a coloring and activity book that will allow children to feel a sense of satisfaction by allowing them to release healthy endorphins.

The last step in the system is a reward system which makes the child feel accomplished, strengthening the child’s confidence. 

Soon, Erica Jones hopes to lead larger projects, including spreading her positive message and attending wonderful events that support early childhood education. “I also see myself becoming a proud author and illustrator with fifteen volumes under my belt. I see this program being converted into an educational television show reaching children all around the world,” shared the esteemed author.

Battling Cancer with the Help of Milk Tyson and ‘Fighting All Monsters’

Cancer has continued to prevent thousands of children from living an ordinary life that they could genuinely hope for. True enough, nothing is more unfortunate than being afflicted with a disease that affects the lives of those directly affected by cancer and the family that surrounds the individual. It is in these moments where a family’s support system is needed now more than ever.

Recognizing the importance of fortification in a cancer patient’s journey, Milk Tyson took it upon himself to expand the meaning of support beyond the boundaries of familial bonds. Clothed with a zeal of improving the lives of those who are affected by the disease, Milk formed Fighting All Monsters – a charitable institution where people can express their moral support in the form of physical resources that help those who are suffering to cope with the stresses that come with overcoming cancer.

Fighting All Monsters, otherwise known as FAM, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to aid Cancer patients and their families by reducing the struggles that they face surrounding the disease. Through their unconventional methods, FAM helps its beneficiaries by providing various resources, financially and in other means, that could help these sickly individuals go through treatment and subsequently conquer cancer.

With its immeasurable commitment towards providing a quality support system for children affected with Cancer, FAM has proven worthy of its great image around the world. Apart from its fundraising capabilities, FAM boasts of colors that exude altruism beyond its ordinary definition. They have sent iPads to children undergoing treatment for their enjoyment, maintained families’ homes and dues, and provided innumerable means of transportation for Cancer patients to and fro their treatment facilities. FAM has also introduced programs to help other members of the family cope with the struggles.

To Milk, the personal difficulties faced by the families are often overlooked because of the overarching need to attend to the directly affected family member. That is why, when Milk created the organization, he endeavored to shape the same that found a balance between the personal needs of the family and that of the patient. Built with a vision of striking symmetry in helping others, FAM has successfully catered to the needs of both without sacrificing the quality of their assistance.

Since its foundation, FAM has helped thousands of people in meaningful ways. Their organization offers a less traditional way of helping its beneficiaries. Instead of being just a fundraising figure, FAM takes pride in their lifelong commitment with their beneficiaries to ensure countless encounters of assistance to a cancer patient’s journey to wellness. This is in line with their mission of providing quality and unwavering support as key to individuals’ pursuit of eradicating the disease.

As the head of FAM, Milk relentlessly heeds the call of those who need help. When he met a cancer survivor through Justin Bieber, he was moved by his story; so much that he packed his bags and began traveling across the country. Meeting and talking to people from all walks through his trips only fueled Milk Tyson’s passion to help others. With FAM helping different families across the globe, Milk hopes to inspire more individuals and organizations to follow suit.

To know more about FAM, you may visit their website.

Bella Ballerina Is Natalie Perkins’ Studio for Young Ballerinas and Business Opportunity for Women

Creativity is such an important thing that children need to grow up with. It gives them the opportunity to try out new ideas and gives them new ways to solve problems.

Having creative activities allows children to celebrate their uniqueness and encourage self-expression, but it also helps build character and confidence. There are many ways to project creativity, and for many girls, dance is one of the best outlets.

Although dance studios are typically a go-to business idea for some entrepreneurs, and starting up may be a challenge, entrepreneur Natalie Perkins’ dance studio has succeeded and managed to thrive.

She founded Bella Ballerina to offer young dancers a fun and educational experience like no other. Her dance studio centers around storybook themes, offering intimate settings with small class sizes. The dancers in Bella Ballerina are given the freedom to explore the art of dance through imagination, movement, and fun. Each class in the studio is age-appropriate, from the littlest ballerinas to the bigger kids, providing them with light and fun lessons.

Natalie believes that each dancer’s imagination truly makes them prima ballerinas, as they are always doing their best without ever having been taught a step. It’s that same imagination where they can grow not only a dance education but a genuine love for dance through indulging all that is frilly, fun, and beautiful. At the same time, it builds confidence in the strong young dancers who are in their toddler and early childhood years.

Unlike typical dance studios in the industry, the boutique children’s dance studio offers an entirely open concept that allows parents to experience their children’s class. 

The programs that Bella Ballerina offers provides both students and parents with the chance to explore the world of dance free from the pressure and stress of traditional settings. They guide the dancer’s parents every step of the way with an enjoyable experience as they watch their children grow.

Natalie created Bella Ballerina to be a franchise opportunity for women who want to own a small businesses that can fit into their challenging lifestyle. This is because they make the most critical decisions in the family, such as whether they should have children and choose a career that fits the family.

It is the perfect opportunity for women working in 9 to 5 jobs who want to quit and take on a better kind of business as well as stay at home mothers itching to get back to work despite family responsibilities.

When Bella Ballerina was first opened, Natalie was overwhelmed with the positive reviews that came in and the amazing enrollment numbers despite how little effort it required. The studio began to grow, inspiring Natalie to dream bigger. Bella Ballerina’s unique concept has seen an incredible income stream with classes, camps, parties, branded retail, and even mobile programming.

With the success of Bella Ballerina, she hopes to open more studio locations throughout the entire United States.

To know more about Bella Ballerina and it’s programs and franchise opportunities, please visit their website.

FUNdamentals for Foster Care Reinforces Education Through Toys

Being in the foster care system can be a very traumatic childhood experience. Among the most affected aspects in a foster child’s life is education because of the constant transfer from one foster home to the next. Understanding how difficult such transitions can be, FUNdamentals for Foster Care sets out its mission to help foster children through educational toys to be actively engaged in learning no matter where they are. 

FUNdamentals for Foster Care is a non-profit organization founded by Cheryl Williams, who also serves as its executive director. Cheryl experienced foster care firsthand when she was put into the system in her sophomore year of high school. It was a challenging experience. Cheryl felt as if her brain stopped working amid all the chaos of being in the system. But she was determined to pursue her education, and eventually, she got her GED and finished college with a 4.0 GPA. However, the whole process took her ten years.

Not wanting any foster child to ever go through the tiresome transitions in the system, Cheryl envisioned FUNdamentals for Foster Care to lend a helping hand by engaging children with educational toys. The organization gives science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics toys to foster children to face their transition. It is under the non-profit program called STEAM toys.

“I wanted to develop a program that helps youth in foster care develop career confidence and life skills at any age in care, even when no dependable parents or mentors are available. We are trying to bridge the gap by providing learning tool kits that they can take with them anywhere,” said Cheryl. FUNdamentals for Foster Care is recognized for its unique mission by local agencies who quickly noticed that their mission was different and profound.

FUNdamentals for Foster Care is indeed playing a vital role in today’s troubled times. Cheryl emphasized that depression, unemployment, drug abuse, alcoholism, sex trafficking, and suicide are increasing. To address this, non-profit organizations should take a stand and make a difference. Cheryl is at the forefront of helping foster children, who are among the most vulnerable in society. 

Even amid the pandemic, FUNdamentals for Foster Care remains strong in their mission. The organization has partnered with Chelsea’s Charity. This hero has been spreading love to foster children during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving them art supplies. Indeed, the non-profit is empowering children across the United States. They are calling for more public heroes, celebrities, and influencers to support their worthy cause. 

Cheryl Williams graduated with a degree in early childhood education. She has been working closely with other non-profit organizations for over the years and has impacted thousands of lives. Cheryl was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives in Austin, Texas. She has been a part of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), care communities that give practical support for people with terminal illnesses, and Restoration Belongings, an organization that provides practical support for single mothers.

While picking out Christmas gifts for CASA children, Cheryl discovered the significant impact of giving them personalized toys that precisely match their interests. She was inspired to do it on a larger scale and focus on nurturing education, which led her to build FUNdamentals for Foster Care. Today, she focuses on reaching more children in the foster system. “We are looking for the pure-hearted champions and heroes to be a part of this growing organization,” said the founder.

To those looking to become social ambassadors by helping get the word out about the organization’s mission, connect with Cheryl through Learn more about Fundamentals for Foster Care on their website.