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“Ventilator”: Deion Campbell’s First Deep Breath After COVID-19

Celebrated photographer Deion Campbell puts pen to paper and allows readers a look into his over 40-days battle with the virus that has been plaguing the world for several months now. Standing as a proud survivor, Deion’s book Ventilator is set for release on the author’s birthday, October 28, 2020.

Before contracting COVID-19 symptoms, Deion Campbell was on the rise. He was young, fit, and ready to immortalize the world today as an exceptional, professional photographer. His work had graced billboards, earned him a ticket into the most exclusive social circles, and made him an inspiration for aspiring photographers. 

Deion was on the rise until his health took a headfirst dive. In March of 2020, Deion Campbell began feeling under the weather. What was assumed to be a slight illness took a turn for the worst when the young photographer started being swallowed by the heat of a raging fever. 

Grappling and trying to stay in control of his senses, he struggled with the throes of the COVID-19 symptoms and the associated vomiting that came with it. As his condition remained unimproved, Deion was admitted into the hospital, where he received round-the-clock medical service as an in-patient showing signs of severe pneumonia.

With no family around due to the enforced health protocols and border restrictions, Deion was alone, sick, and under a ventilator. He spent twelve days under the device, doing his utmost best to breathe. 

Something so simple and natural suddenly seemed almost impossible. After nearly two weeks of the experience, Deion opened his eyes to a different world. With his eyes, he captured the world that he wanted to immortalize through writing.

Determined to tell his story and allow people to peek into the in-between brought by the jet setting virus, Deion Campbell wrote his latest book, Ventilator. “It’s about my experience with COVID-19,” he shares, “to raise awareness and provide information about the virus.”

As he started to recover, Deion realized his efforts in encouraging the public to take safety measures should not end there. Beyond the pages of his upcoming book, Deion Campbell owns the King Legend Talks Podcast on Spotify, where he expands his reach and inspires other people to follow their dreams and never give up.

“Life is too short. You only got one shot to make the very best of it,” Deion shares, taking from his personal experience. 

Although Deion Campbell emerged victorious in his fight against COVID-19, he was left wounded with nerve damage to his right arm, hindering him from picking up his camera. Making the best of his circumstances, he now uses his podcast as a platform for his brand.

“Leading by example has always been my thing. The birth of my brand comes from my ambition and drive to be the greatest of all time at whatever it is I do and to leave a legacy for the next generation to follow.”

On the King Legend Talks Podcast, Deion makes a survivor’s statement, revealing an amazing life after the ventilator. 

Stay updated on the release of Deion Campbell’s latest book, Ventilator, and gain insight into the survivor’s brutal battle against the coronavirus. Get to know the man behind the story by following Deion Campbell on his official Instagram account.

Book Author and Poet Christine Heath Inspires Hope in Her New Book

A lot of people believe that life’s adversities are designed to either make or break someone’s character. In the case of the book author and poet Christine Heath, the most painful events in her personal life brought out the best in her again and again. As she shares her incomparable 30-year journey of ups and downs in her book “Journey of Seasons,” Heath is all about inspiring hope, positivity, and perseverance amid life’s greatest challenges. 

Christine Heath has been writing since she was 16 years old. She has always found comfort in creating poetry and documenting her thoughts. Interestingly, it would only take her 15 minutes to pen her deepest thoughts and emotions and transform them into a powerful poem that is often relatable and life-changing. “Journey of Seasons” takes readers into an intimate journey in the inspiring life of Heath—from her battle with domestic violence to physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse. As she takes her readers to a journey of revelation and self-realization, she hopes that they, too, will find the answers that they seek.   

“As you read, I want you to live for today, for tomorrow is not a guarantee. While reading this book, you will experience the pain I felt through my divorce, anxiety of wanting to commit suicide, the beautiful love of losing my grandmother, and my dad’s dying of cancer,” reveals the book author.

Aside from having survived different forms of abuse in life, Christine Heath had two miscarriages. While she is blessed with two beautiful children, the pain of losing two babies is real. In 1993, Heath was diagnosed with a brain tumor but lived to tell her story of faith and hope. In 2016, however, the doctors discovered another brain tumor that put her faith and mettle to the test. As she has survived cervical cancer in the past and a life-threatening accident with her youngest daughter, Heath believes that God will continue to sustain her and that His grace will always be sufficient.  

All throughout her stormy journey, Christine Heath has always managed to find the sunshine after the rain and marvel at how God’s goodness has allowed her to live long enough to be able to encourage others, that there is more to life than simply surrendering to pain and hopelessness. 

“My hope is that in your prayer time, whatever you are dealing with, you set that aside and let God help you see the bigger picture. Remember always that he will never give you anything you can’t handle. Let love share your pain and your pain show grace,” says Christine Heath. 

In the next five years, Heath sees herself selling her house and moving to one that is near a body of water. By then, she imagines herself writing her second book and growing her travel agency, which she established after choosing to end her 20-year medical career after being exposed to coronavirus by a patient. She looks forward to seeing people experience inner healing through her book—those who have lost a loved one in 2020, those who are in search of their true selves, and people who are fighting inner battles. 

Learn more about Christine Heath by visiting her website. Get more information about “Journey of Seasons” by checking out Christian Faith Publishing.

N.M. Sanchez: The Cuban-American Poet Touching Hearts Worldwide

Poetry can move people in ways that no other form of art may be able to accomplish. Words written in a certain way to evoke emotions and sensations can connect so many strangers. This is what N.M. Sanchez has accomplished with her writing.

N.M. Sanchez is a Cuban-American author based in Miami, Florida. To date, she has self-published two books, both of which are collections of her poems. Her first collection of poems, Initial Meeting, was published in January 2018. This book provided the narrative and inspiration for the short film “Have We Met Before?” directed by Yossuana Aguilar. The second collection was published this July and is titled Lovers in Theory.

Both these books are best-selling books in their category, often competing with other books distributed by large publishing outlets. Despite having limited resources as a self-published author, N.M. Sanchez has become a rising presence among Hispanic-American writers and has cemented herself as a figure in contemporary literature. She achieved her success through dedication, perseverance, and self-reliance.

N.M. Sanchez draws inspiration from various sources for her poetry. The poems she writes primarily relate to reincarnation, love, loss, human connection, dreams, and the human condition. These resonate with a lot of her readers, and many have reached out, saying how they felt the poems helped them get through challenging times. As a writer whose works rely on emotion, she values this connection she has with her readers.

This successful author first started sharing her poetry through Instagram back in 2017. As more and more people found her poetry to be moving as well as relatable, her social media following grew, and she gained a solid fan base. N.M. Sanchez has cultivated a unique style and voice in her poetry by blending her doctoral-level training in psychology with themes of existentialism, romanticism, and the notion of past lives and parallel universes. By immersing herself in the emotional and creative aspects of writing, this talented writer has succeeded in a contemporary environment, distinguishing herself from the various social media poets of today.

Publishing her work without the support of major publishing outlets has given N.M. Sanchez a unique set of challenges for widespread distribution. Still, she did not let it stop her from putting her work out into the world. Self-publishing can be difficult, but she has proven that up-and-coming authors can have success with it. This successful writer has been able to market and sustain her work, and she has exceeded expectations for self-published authors.

Her books have reached readers across the United States and worldwide, from the United Kingdom to Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. With such a broad audience, N.M. Sanchez has touched the lives and hearts of so many people.

This author hopes that people continue to find her work moving, helpful, and relatable. She is devoted to writing, and she aims to keep on leaving a positive impact on her readers. N.M. Sanchez also wants to inspire other Cuban-American poets and writers to continue with their craft, so there can be more representation for them in contemporary poetry.

For more information on N.M. Sanchez, you may visit her website or Instagram page.

David Towner Shares How Changing One’s Attitudes Can Lead to a Better Life

Life becomes better and more beautiful when people start to see the good in things. And true enough, some success stories would often begin to take its course the minute a person shifts their attitude for the better. While it may seem difficult for others to change their outlooks in life for good, there are some people whose motivation is more significant than their fears. One such person is David Towner, the author of Today Is My Favorite Day.

David Towner, mostly recognized as a pastor in Tampa Bay for over 22 years, had his fair share of trials. However, David did not let his difficult seasons and devastating events get in the way of his path to joy and freedom. Instead of sinking into a dark rabbit hole of despair, he reached up and put matters in God’s hands. And now, as he enters a new chapter in his life, David shares that the first step to achieving a better and more fulfilled life is to turn misfortunes into valuable lessons.

David graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Physical Education from California State University, Chico. During his time at Chico, he competed on the track and field team and served as a college intern at Neighborhood Church, where he met his future wife, Tonya. Later the couple moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where David received his Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Before graduating from Southwestern, he studied abroad at Oxford University in England.

Although his primary education equipped David Towner to teach and preach the gospel, the real achievement that set his purpose in stone was the time when he conquered one of the most difficult challenges in his life: battling cancer. In 2013, David had an emergency appendectomy. Days later, his doctors discovered that a cancerous carcinoid was the cause, and he underwent more surgeries to remove the disease.

His recovery was rife with constant setbacks, unhealthy weight loss, and lasting infections. However, David refused to succumb to his unfortunate circumstances. Early in his first hospital stay, he began to speak the phrase, “Today is my favorite day.” Days later, God revealed six simple truths that would help him thrive through the devastating event rather than survive.

Two years later, he wrote a sermon series called Today Is My Favorite Day. With the encouragement of his wife, he wrote the book by the same name. The project quickly expanded to include a workbook and prayer book.

In late 2019 and early 2020, David led a pilot campaign to receive unfiltered responses to the Today Is My Favorite Day materials. The reactions of the readers were tremendously positive, and many have purchased copies to give to family and friends during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As someone who has dealt with one of the most difficult challenges in his life, David Towner would always attribute his success in the battle with God’s immeasurable love and guidance. It’s been seven years since his last surgery, and still, he speaks out every morning the words, “Today is my favorite day” and recites the six simple truths to help keep God’s optimistic perspective in his mind.

So with a grateful heart, David intends to enjoy precious time with his wife, three beautiful daughters, and four gregarious grandsons paddleboarding in the gulf and kayaking in Florida’s beautiful lakes.  He also plans to share his experiences and facilitate others to lead a better life as they face their difficult seasons and devastating events through his book, Today Is My Favorite Day.

To know more about David Towner and Today Is My Favorite Day, you may visit his website.

Kimberly Cloud Is a Mother to All Her Children and All Her Businesses

Kimberly Cloud is a mother, among many other things. She has three beautiful children that empower her to do more in order to provide for them. She owns multiple business ventures that are on the rise, and she is also about to release the second edition of her revised book. Things are looking up for Kimberly Cloud, and it’s only a matter of time before her success reaches the farthest ends of the sky.

Kimberly Cloud is a psychology degree holder from Coppin State University. She got an associate’s degree in human services, majoring in substance abuse and addiction counselling from Baltimore City Community College. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. She is a dedicated entrepreneur and believes that everyone around her should greatly benefit from any success that she might achieve.

She leads a team of talented and dedicated cleaners over at her cleaning company business called Blue Cloud Cleaning. Based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Blue Cloud Cleaning provides top-quality cleaning services for various spaces such as offices, shops, and households. Kimberly Cloud established the company early this year in March. Since then, the company has seen tremendous growth due to its top-quality services and the way they treat their customers.

Kimberly Cloud greatly values the team that she works with in Blue Cloud, which is why she is looking to gain more contracts and clients so that she can provide more for her team. She is, without a doubt, a mother first and an entrepreneur second. She always tries to find the best possible way for everyone to grow and develop into something greater.

In hopes to empower men and women of all colors, Kimberly Cloud also has an online wig store called Genuinely Michelle Wigs. The business is catered toward women who want other ways of self-expression. Their wigs are high-quality wigs that are just as they’re advertised. Unlike most online wig stores that seem to falsely advertise the quality of their wigs, Genuinely Michelle Wigs only offers the best quality wigs to their customers with full honesty and transparency.

Her book, Life of a Cloud: A Short Story by Kimberly Cloud, is an autobiography where Kimberly Cloud shares her story and everything in between. In the book, she recounts her early childhood and how she ended up in poverty while growing up. The first edition was originally published through Lynn Mark Publishing, and the second edition is currently being edited. Fans of the original should look forward to this next release.

Kimberly is very excited about a certain investment of hers that happened while she was watching Shark Tank. The entire investment started out as an uphill battle, but she eventually gathered enough money to fully pull through with it. She called up a friend and confirmed that the timing was perfect. She can’t wait to share all the exciting details about the investment, but she hints that it’s an invention that can be placed inside cars.

Empowerment, growth, and change have all been major facets of Kimberly Cloud’s life. She hopes to impart all of these positive things to her children and everyone that she interacts with. With the way things are going now, it’s looking to be bright and sunny from here on out in the life of the beautiful Kimberly Cloud.

To learn more about Kimberly Cloud and her business ventures, visit Blue Cloud Cleaning’s Facebook page.

Ahaumna Helps People Be Grounded Despite All the Trials and Tribulations in Life

People from all walks of life take different roads as they grow. Each one’s journey is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes it may feel draining and confusing. Some go on hiatus from social media, and others go soul searching in some deserted place, Ahaumna, an author, keynote speaker, and a founder of her own company at the age of 27, aims to get people to go back to their roots. 

Ahaumna is no stranger when it comes to struggles and hardships. One day, she decided to let go of most of her worldly possessions, such as the two-bedroom apartment she had in Los Angeles. She even let go of the part-time job that she had after college. Ahaumna decided to live in her car and drive around to visit different communities in the United States. She wanted to be immersed in different cultures and have first-hand experience with it. 

Ever since Ahaumna was a young girl, around 11 years of age, she has been deeply connected to her spirituality. At such a young age, she started delving into topics about spirituality, consciousness, psychology, and metaphysics. Unlike other people who lose their passion as they age, Ahaumna embraced her passion and harnessed it in ways she can. Currently, she is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Psychology and advanced degrees in Metaphysics. In addition to that, she is a certified yoga instructor and ordained minister. Ahaumna did not stop there, and she expanded her knowledge by learning neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, neuroscience, and keylontic science. 

Ahaumna’s experiences and acquired learning help her pursue her passion for helping others. In her immersion with different communities, she helped people heal and process unresolved traumas. Ahaumna emphasizes the importance of going back to people’s roots by accepting and letting go of experiences that caused most people to be detached from their true selves. 

Ahaumna decided to use the power of words through writing and speaking to make people feel better. She authored a book, Creator Consciousness, formulated online programs, and transformational retreats for her love for helping people. Aside from words, she uses advanced energy technologies that would guide her clients to enter the quantum field and, in turn, hasten their healing in a matter of days, unlike other programs wherein people need to stick to a program for months or even years. 

Ahaumna is a firm believer of effortless natural destinies. In her years of experience, she learned that working hard is not the key to success in life, it is by not trying so hard to fit a mold this society is trying to cage everyone in. According to Ahaumna, her methods are not like other cookie-cutter methods or a one-size-fits-all approach. She acknowledges that everyone is built uniquely, and there is greatness in this. Ahaumna wants to enlighten people on accepting and loving one’s true self; one’s roots will lead to a better and happier self. 

On August 30, 2020, she will be releasing a new program called Unfuck Your Mind. This program is a four-hour event available worldwide, which serves to provide clarity and ground for people who feel lost because of the chaos this COVID-19 pandemic brings. 

To start a path back to one’s roots, to know more about her programs, and to see feedback from her clients such as Katie Hamilton and Seth Bunting, visit her official website

Why Self Made Millionaire Tyrus Rashod Brown (Tuck) Wants to Promote Financial Education

Entrepreneur “Tuck” has taken it upon himself to help people achieve financial freedom. As a business owner, he noticed that despite new-age education systems, youth often suffer from a lack of direction, and adults suffer from a lack of adequate financial education. These gaps in the system are what the Memphis native aims to fill throughout his career.

Tuck has spent much of his career, creating a system of educational business platforms to help people lift themselves out of hardship through the Independent Course online. Tuck has shared his knowledge in seminars, workshops, and other engagements for thousands of people. Now, he is set to dominate the virtual world to reach a larger audience.

Tyrus R Brown has proven his business acumen many times over in his career. Recently, he grew over $1.4 million in net profit in three months by trading stocks, flipping real estate properties, and taking in consultation inquiries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He has conducted business all over the Mid-South and owns nearly ten commercial stores.

Tuck first broke through the business world with the incredibly highly rated system on his website, where he repairs credit and funds businesses, providing a tradeline primaries service. He is always finding ways to expand his range of services. He now also helps his clients file their taxes and invest in new opportunities and investments to help them create their wealth.

Through his educational system, he has helped people become entrepreneurs and fix their own credit and taxes. He goes so far as to help them buy land as assistance and then flip it to make a profit. His focus is on teaching people how to be self-sufficient, either through stock trading, forex trading, or learning financial freedom with different tools.

Through his self-established Unlearn and Relearn Movement, he teaches people about financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business. His movement has led to thousands of people becoming educated on important life skills and achieving their goals, especially financial freedom.

He went viral online shortly after and took advantage of this by growing his social media presence. He has reached over 70,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 on Facebook. His expertise has caught the attention of rap star Drake, who reached out to him on Instagram. He has been featured several times on radio shows and has been interviewed for different platforms such as Fox 13 News, WMC Action News 5, WLBT 3 News, Local 24 News, and more.

Tuck is the author of the bestselling series, The Game Untold. His latest book is The Game Untold: Art of a Self-Made Millionaire, which talks over real-world scenarios and teaches finances, small-business ownership, and more. This book quickly sold out after the first 8,000 copies.

Tuck Brown hopes that he can leave a legacy of self-love, self-awareness, self-education, and self-preservation through the systems he has created, especially for the black community. His long-term goal is to help other black men elevate their minds, inspire them, and shape them into the men that they were destined to be.

Know more about him on Instagram.

Dr. Charles Lee Nurtures Leaders with an Honest and Refreshing Approach

Author, motivator, and influencer Dr. S. Charles Lee reframes the role of life challenges as catalysts for positive change and sources of strength with his book Winning Season. He also nurtures the next generation of leaders using the common sense approach of his consultancy firm LeaderOptics, LLC.

Those who know Dr. Lee best refer to him as the “Duke of Leadership Mastery.” They have designated him with such a title because they have learned and benefited from his leadership style. The celebrated leader is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and now resides on the East Coast of the United States. He describes himself as a lover of God, of people, and the arts—a clear indication of how he sees the interconnectedness of life.

As an author and a leader, Dr. Lee exhibits the quality of transparency that people find uncommon and refreshing. For example, he openly shares quippy stories and anecdotes from his own life in his book Winning Season. These help readers see how real-life setbacks are actually opportunities for growth and development. Written in the style of a semi-autobiography, the book guides people toward embracing their truth and reclaiming their purpose in life.

Winning Season is a transformative read in how it shifts people’s perception of pain and difficulty as sources of strength. Those who have read it find themselves driven to keep going in the pursuit of living a better life, one that is centered on learning and winning.

For that very purpose, Dr. Lee hopes for more people to gain access to the powerful truths in Winning Season. At the same time, he continues to look for other avenues to make a positive impact on people from all walks of life. So far, he is making strides in that goal through his management consulting firm LeaderOptics.

LeaderOptics focuses on leadership development—that is, teaching leaders to cultivate other leaders. All the while, they maximize every opportunity to “sharpen the saw” and achieve personal enlightenment. Dr. Lee mentors and coaches both personal and corporate clients. His approach is non-abrasive; instead, he reflectively demonstrates his clients’ best attributes. This reflective process enables his clients to recognize untapped potential and achieve their primary goals.

What drives Dr. Lee’s success is his personal touch, something that is present in both his book and his consulting firm. Previous clients never fail to highlight his ability to go straight to the root of any issue. Because of this, the courses of action that he recommends are easy to follow through and encouraging.

The key to better understanding this inspirational leader is his belief that “we are just people trying to do the best we can. We have to understand that we are placed here on earth to help and nurture each other.” It is no surprise that Dr. Lee is giving his all in assisting others in fulfilling their destiny.

Please visit Dr. Lee’s website to learn more about his book and discover how to achieve a bountiful life.

Orffrageous Publications, LLC, a Place of Excellence and Growth for Young Musicians

Audiences love to watch children enjoying what they do on stage. May it be a dance performance, a song number, or a drama, it is outstanding how children, in their early years, start building their talents and confidence for the performing arts. Other children make these a hobby—an activity to fritter away time. In comparison, others further their careers by joining clubs in school or musical programs. Either way, children bring smiles to audiences and listeners when they perform. The young roster of Orffrageous Publications, LLC, does more than that.

A leading orff ensemble in Dekalb County, Georgia, Orffrageous has donned international stages and received acclaim from some of the most iconic bodies in the music industry. The group consists of young individuals who play several percussion instruments like metallophones, xylophones, glockenspiels, drums, and many more. The ensemble presents a dynamic interaction among the members as they dance, move around, incorporate drama, and sing to a wide array of songs. 

Back in December, the group went viral after their performance of a Willy Wonka medley I Dream of Chocolate. The video garnered thousands of views after only 24 hours. They have also made renditions to songs like The Nutcracker and Earth Wind, and Fire, and breathed creativity to Mozart melodies and the songs of Michael Jackson. In 2013, they received the Congressional Recognition Award from Congressman Hank Johnson. Several years later, in 2019, they graced stages of the Georgia Music Educators Association Conference and The Cobb Wind Symphony.

The xylophone instrumental arm of Orffrageous, Dynamix, was handpicked to perform before “the throngs of guests” at the Holiday Tours at the White House under the Obama administration. They became the first and the youngest xylophone group to ever perform inside America’s center of power. Adding to their firsts is an invitation to perform in the largest music conference in the world, The Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic, where only the finest are selected.

Orffrageous has also made appearances in television programs like America’s Got Talent, Channel 2 Action News, Good Day Atlanta, and 11 Alive News. The musical course received a Program of Distinction award from the Music Education Alliance under the Dr. William P. Foster Award. Even when the award is categorically given to middle and high school groups, Orffrageous Publications, LLC, of Dunaire Elementary was recognized as such. 

Chelsea Cook is the mind behind Orffrageous. She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in vocal performance from Clayton State University and Georgia State University respectively. Shortly before finishing her graduate studies, Cook burned with a passion for teaching music. So she entered the field of elementary music education, where she struggled to gain footing. However, after years of adjustments and keeping hold of her passion, she managed to get through. Atlanta Journal Constitution listed her as one of the Top 10 Educators of the 2018 Celebrating Teachers Awards. Cook is also the 2020–2021 Teacher of the Year of Dunaire Elementary. Her struggle toward success has been published as a book, Lemonade: Making the Most of What You Have.

With her love for music, she created Orffrageous Publications, LLC. She intends to expand the horizons of her young musicians and urge others to do the same. Cook said, “So many were eager to know just how I did it. I have given seminars on introducing Orff-Schulwerk to the urban classroom to using Orff to bridge that gap between classical and popular music and how to think outside the box when trying to build a successful music program.”For more about Chelsea Cook and the Orffrageous Publications, LLC, visit their website. Follow their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.