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ARTYA, Rewarding Activism and Artistry

ARTYA Awards is a brainchild of ArtTour International Magazine and has gone to break existing records and set new ones in the awarding industry within three years of its existence. ArtTour International, a multimedia platform available in digital and prints, was the 2018 and 2019 winners of the Public Media Award of Excellence. With over 10 million viewers worldwide, ArtTour International Magazine is every artistes’ go-to platform for exposure to a global audience.

The ArtTour International TV show is an award-winning TV series whose host is international art celebrity Viviana Puello, the Olee Public Media Awards of Excellence winner in New York.  The show, which airs on MNN-HD Spectrum 1993 on Thursdays at 5:30 pm, gives life-changing exposure to artists globally. ArtTour International is the only art magazine of international repute that supports art activists, addressing environmental and social issues while bringing Art to the screens of art lovers, collectors, galleries, and museums worldwide.

Every fall, ArtTour International releases a special issue titled “ARTISTS FOR A GREEN PLANET,” which is dedicated to the environment and showcasing art activists’ activities worldwide. The magazine is distributed in prints by Barnes & Noble stores. The digital format is also available on iTunes, Magzter, and Issuu. The 2020 digital issue will be interactive. It showcases a virtual exhibition where readers will get to see a video presentation of every ARTYA Award-winning artist’s artwork.

Viviana Puello, ATIM’s Editor-in-Chief, is a passionate environmental activist, selected by the New York Weekly as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of 2020.  She founded ARTYA awards, and the maiden Ceremony took place in Florence, Italy, in November 2017. Since then, the tradition continues to be celebrated every year in honor and celebration of art activists worldwide. As an avenue to share their messages, spread the message, showcase their arts, give an account of their activism struggle, and engage in environmental conservation conversations. The 2020 edition of the Ceremony will be held on December 4th at 6:00 pm. Due to the pandemic, the event will be virtual, the first time of it being so.

The 2020 edition of the ARTYA awards will reunite at least fifty artists from around the world, and this is the core of what makes the distinction very special. ArtTour International Magazine stands tall and apart because it is the only leading publication that pays attention to environmental activists. The target audience for this year’s Ceremony includes artists, art lovers, environmental activists, and organizations, to mention a few. What separates ARTYA awards from the rest is the honoree because here, they honor professional artists who have dedicated and are dedicating their careers to care for the environment.

According to Viviana, her drive and motivation result from her passion for arts and the environment and the desire to support those making a difference. Seeing that our planet is the only place where we can survive, meaningful steps should be put in place to ensure that the next generation has a place to live and call home.

When asked where she sees her company in the next five years, she says, “As a leader in the Art industry creating more programs to support artists and support activists.” The goal is to inspire and charge everybody to choose a more sustainable lifestyle while making extra efforts to take care of the environment, take responsibility for the betterment of the planet, and save the earth from a destructive catastrophe.

To learn more or register for the event, visit the company’s website or check out the digital magazine.   Follow ArtTour International on social media @arttourinternational

ArtTour International Is Ready for the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards 2021

The ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony continues to honor the world’s most talented artists. It takes place in spring next year at the enchanting city of Florence, Italy. Despite the pandemic, they are preparing to once again honor artists through this most-coveted award program.

The ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony is proud to present one of the most exciting award programs in the international art scene. The award Awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate and honor the world’s best and most talented visual artists. It is one of the most sought-after recognitions among artists. Every year, ArtTour International receives thousands upon thousands of submissions from artists of all ages and all walks of life from all over the globe. The selection process is very extensive, and each year only 60 are chosen to make up the final list. 

Artists from around the world look forward to this ceremony. Indeed, it is known as an award ceremony, unlike any other. The ArtTour International Masters Awards reunites artists from all over the globe in one setting to recognize their careers, their activist works, and to promote global peace awareness through intercultural exchange.

The host of the event, ArtTour International, is a revolutionary multimedia platform created by international art celebrity Viviana Puello and her partner Alan Grimandi. With an audience of over 2 million people in 205 countries, it is at the forefront of promoting culture and the arts as a revolutionary multimedia platform that supports artists worldwide. It also publishes a printed magazine that features artists who deserve the spotlight. Today, it has grown its readership to 10 million and is finally furthering its reach through the ArtTour International Show. The show airs every Thursday at 5:30 in the afternoon on Spectrum 1993. The show received the Public Media Awards of Excellence for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019.

Besides the prestige, the ArtTour International Masters Awards represents something more. It holds a new journey for breakthroughs and opportunities for anyone who receives the award. Through this, many art entrepreneurs and connoisseurs recognize the artists’ talent, which then transforms their lives and career.

The critically acclaimed award program is led by Viviana Puello and her partner, Alan Grimandi. Founders of ArtTour International. Viviana Puello is an internationally recognized art business expert and CEO of ArtTour International. With their efforts for the arts and artists, it’s no wonder why this awards program is as successful as the rest of their endeavors.

The event is possible through the collaborative efforts with Create4Peace. A non-profit organization that focuses on bringing the best and most talented artists together to exchange ideas and cultivate intercultural relations. Since its foundation, ArtTour International brings the event around the world. They’ve gone to Miami, New York, Ferrara, and Montagnac, and this year, Florence.

Awardees get a chance to travel and explore the culture and artworks present in the host country. They will gather in Florence for the ceremony next year to immerse themselves in Italy’s culture by touring the country.

This contest highlights the diversity of culture from the selected artists. Frequently, ArtTour International pairs up the winners with their other non-profit organizations and be part of their working team or lead their projects.

ArtTour International Magazine is a major contributor to international art society. With more than 10 million followers across social media, their magazine, and their International television show, Viviana Puello knows that they are making a huge impact. Not only for her artists but to the entire world that may have never been introduced to these incredibly talented humans without her. The search for the next batch of talented artists to receive this prestigious recognition has begun. Visual artists, both new and old, are welcome to submit their works. 

The search for the next Top 60 masters for 2021 to receive this award has begun. Artists are welcome to submit their works directly to their website. You can also nominate your favorite artists directly on ArtTour International’s official website. Nominations are also welcome from non-visual artists who want to support their favorite budding artists. Follow ArtTour International  on Instagram and Facebook  for updates and upcoming artists and art news.