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Caroline Adegun Becomes a Ray of Hope for Struggling Artists

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Admittedly, venturing into the creative industry requires an incomparable amount of patience and perseverance. While some notable creatives have succeeded in reaching the peak of victory, some equally-talented artists frequently miss their window of opportunity. And because the industry thrives in a cutthroat environment, most of these artists are left on their own. Seeing how these challenges continue to plague the lives of most creative individuals, Caroline Adegun steps in to give these artists a ray of hope.

Dedicated to becoming a beacon of hope for struggling artists around the world, Caroline Adegun made it her life’s mission to provide a platform where she can help these individuals thrive in a competitive environment. So, just like silver linings on gloomy days, Caroline decided to create The Hollywood Wingwoman – an avenue where creative individuals can run to whenever they are consumed and overwhelmed with failures and disappointments that the industry brings.

Built around the pillars of creativity, passion, and dedication to help and alleviate difficulties, The Hollywood Wingwoman is a non-profit and mission-driven talent development firm designed to help low-income influencers, and homeless entertainers flourish in the creative industry. By working together with professionals and Caroline Adegun’s outstanding expertise, it serves as a training facility for artists to build their confidence and develop critical skills proven to be useful in staying in the business. The company also helps these individuals define their brand and equip them with the necessary tools to get ahead in the industry, like creating commercially viable products and establishing a fanbase.

Being more than just a breeding ground for rising talented artists, The Hollywood Wingwoman takes pride in its ability to encourage these aspiring hopefuls to remain steadfast in the pursuit of their dreams. To Caroline Adegun, the creative industry’s competitive atmosphere often takes the vigor of artists in pursuing their goals. And as a result, half of these talented creatives would succumb to the whims and caprices of their misfortunes and shift their focus entirely to more practical goals. Believing in the fulfilling experience of being able to chase after one’s dreams, Caroline places faith in God, empowerment, and motivation at the core of The Hollywood Wingwoman to instill in the minds of these hopefuls that everything is possible if one believes it to be.

But aside from possessing good qualities as a non-profit organization, The Hollywood Wingwoman owes much of its success to the commitment and zealousness of its founder, Caroline Adegun.

A two-time alumnus of George Washington University, Caroline Adegun took it upon herself to shape her life according to her chosen path at a young age. Caroline graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Organizational Communications and subsequently finished her master’s degree in Education and Human Development. With her expertise and exceptional ability to build relationships, Caroline landed a job in the corporate world as a Senior Recruitment Professional.

But after years of working in human resources, she began to realize how wide the gap is in the creative industry. As an artist herself, she was able to spot some struggles that continue to plague creatives around the world. And for this reason, Caroline Adegun left her two-year job at the corporate scene to start building a non-profit organization exclusively designed for struggling artists and entertainers. Thus, Hollywood Wingwoman came into existence.

As a personal and business brand consultant, Caroline Adegun teaches clients how to brand and market themselves online and in social settings. Caroline is also a Plus Fashion Marketing Creator, and is dedicated to being a voice of body inclusivity in the fashion industry. She and her best friend Carmen Rosas recently launched their own dancing fashion series that showcases body inclusive brands and their killer dance moves. 

Caroline has partnered with multiple industry experts, including Erica Lauren, Sophie Turner, and Chardline Chanel-Faiteau, as well as Personal Stylists Nekiah Torres and Tiera Adeyanju (Atarah), to provide clients with one-on-one mentorships and consultations throughout the program.

In the coming years, Caroline Adegun hopes to see The Hollywood Wingwoman expand its reach and continue to inspire more artists along the way.

To know more about Caroline Adegun and The Hollywood Wingwoman, you may visit their website.

ArtTour International Is Ready for the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards 2021

The ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony continues to honor the world’s most talented artists. It takes place in spring next year at the enchanting city of Florence, Italy. Despite the pandemic, they are preparing to once again honor artists through this most-coveted award program.

The ArtTour International Masters Award Ceremony is proud to present one of the most exciting award programs in the international art scene. The award Awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate and honor the world’s best and most talented visual artists. It is one of the most sought-after recognitions among artists. Every year, ArtTour International receives thousands upon thousands of submissions from artists of all ages and all walks of life from all over the globe. The selection process is very extensive, and each year only 60 are chosen to make up the final list. 

Artists from around the world look forward to this ceremony. Indeed, it is known as an award ceremony, unlike any other. The ArtTour International Masters Awards reunites artists from all over the globe in one setting to recognize their careers, their activist works, and to promote global peace awareness through intercultural exchange.

The host of the event, ArtTour International, is a revolutionary multimedia platform created by international art celebrity Viviana Puello and her partner Alan Grimandi. With an audience of over 2 million people in 205 countries, it is at the forefront of promoting culture and the arts as a revolutionary multimedia platform that supports artists worldwide. It also publishes a printed magazine that features artists who deserve the spotlight. Today, it has grown its readership to 10 million and is finally furthering its reach through the ArtTour International Show. The show airs every Thursday at 5:30 in the afternoon on Spectrum 1993. The show received the Public Media Awards of Excellence for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019.

Besides the prestige, the ArtTour International Masters Awards represents something more. It holds a new journey for breakthroughs and opportunities for anyone who receives the award. Through this, many art entrepreneurs and connoisseurs recognize the artists’ talent, which then transforms their lives and career.

The critically acclaimed award program is led by Viviana Puello and her partner, Alan Grimandi. Founders of ArtTour International. Viviana Puello is an internationally recognized art business expert and CEO of ArtTour International. With their efforts for the arts and artists, it’s no wonder why this awards program is as successful as the rest of their endeavors.

The event is possible through the collaborative efforts with Create4Peace. A non-profit organization that focuses on bringing the best and most talented artists together to exchange ideas and cultivate intercultural relations. Since its foundation, ArtTour International brings the event around the world. They’ve gone to Miami, New York, Ferrara, and Montagnac, and this year, Florence.

Awardees get a chance to travel and explore the culture and artworks present in the host country. They will gather in Florence for the ceremony next year to immerse themselves in Italy’s culture by touring the country.

This contest highlights the diversity of culture from the selected artists. Frequently, ArtTour International pairs up the winners with their other non-profit organizations and be part of their working team or lead their projects.

ArtTour International Magazine is a major contributor to international art society. With more than 10 million followers across social media, their magazine, and their International television show, Viviana Puello knows that they are making a huge impact. Not only for her artists but to the entire world that may have never been introduced to these incredibly talented humans without her. The search for the next batch of talented artists to receive this prestigious recognition has begun. Visual artists, both new and old, are welcome to submit their works. 

The search for the next Top 60 masters for 2021 to receive this award has begun. Artists are welcome to submit their works directly to their website. You can also nominate your favorite artists directly on ArtTour International’s official website. Nominations are also welcome from non-visual artists who want to support their favorite budding artists. Follow ArtTour International  on Instagram and Facebook  for updates and upcoming artists and art news.

Hip Hop Indie Music Expertly Boosts Upcoming Artists in Music Scene

Passion can truly propel one to great heights, wherever it may be directed. The fact is true for three friends and music lovers Paul Mauricette, Cordayll Monroe, and Joshua Emmanuel. The trio pursued their dream to present upcoming artists at the forefront of the music scene and bring their sound to the right audiences through Hip Hop Indie Music.

What began as a vision turned into an innovative platform that welcomes everyone in the music industry, especially those who are new to the hip-hop and R&B scenes. The friends created Hip Hop Indie Music to serve as a platform to amplify the voices of indie artists to global listeners. The blog covers music, lifestyle, and the latest trends in the industry. Besides that, the site allows general listeners to stream music for free from indie artists who are continually bringing fresh tunes into the table.

Hip Hop Indie Music gained success because it takes both the artists and the audiences into careful consideration. The blog is perfect for all ages and walks of life, so long as they are music-loving individuals who value and support indie artists. Paul Mauricette, Cordaryll Monroe, and Joshua Emmanuel made sure that their content is community-friendly and encourages an environment where everyone gets the positivity they need.

The founders limit the postings of negative comments on the blog. This gives artists more freedom and confidence to let loose and indeed be themselves through their music. Hip Hop Indie Music provides the freedom that upcoming artists have to express, tell their stories in their music, and eliminate the fear of judgment.

Because the core mission of the platform is to help passionate artists, the founders maximize the promotions and exposure done for each of them regardless of their budget. The blog is best known for its flexibility in planning strategies, putting the artists’ interests and goals first.

Mauricette, Monroe, and Emmanuel have experienced the struggles of being a newcomer in the complex world of the music business. So they strive to make the platform available to accommodate everyone. The founders create tailored plans to put every artist at an advantage. Since its founding, the blog has helped countless individuals in places like Massachusetts, Atlanta, and New York.

The platform gives artists full control over their careers and the liberty to decide what they need to happen, how things should fall into place, and when they want them to take effect. “From making their own song to how they can promote it, Hip Hop Indie Music makes sure that everyone gets the satisfaction they deserve,” said Paul Mauricette.

Hip Hop Indie Music anchors its motivation to become a leader in the industry because of the drive that they witness from the artists under their umbrella. The other factor is that each artist is heavily motivated to build their brand and achieve their goals. In turn, the platform remains determined to become a reliable partner for their careers. Without a doubt, the blog would help thousands, if not millions, of upcoming artists in the future.

To learn more about Hip Hop Indie Music, visit their website and Instagram.

Angela White Teaches Aspiring Artists the Ins and Outs of a Tough Industry

Standing behind the gleaming glitz and glamor that the movie industry displays is a formidable wall that is hard to break into. And because of the blinding allure that it holds, most people blast right through it unarmed and unequipped. 

As someone who knows more about the industry than anyone, Angela White explains that although making it big is difficult, it is not as impossible as it seems. She adds that with the right blend of persistence and passion, one will survive the seemingly insurmountable mountain of trials and rise on top of it as well. 

Known for her exceptional works as a film and television producer, Angela has also gained recognition for being an educator who teaches aspiring individuals the dos and don’ts in the realm of entertainment. Clothing her students with the necessary skills to conquer a fierce battlefield, she tells profound stories from a multicultural perspective that impacts others in a striking and meaningful manner. 

Angela graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware and another degree in Master of Arts in Political Science from Rutgers University. After that, she obtained a Juris Doctorate from the New York Law School. But instead of turning into the lawyer, everyone expected her to be, she took a detour and became a manager for comedians, such as JB Smoove, in Hollywood. 

With an unconventional mix of educational and professional background, Angela was able to kick off her career in producing and managing comedy shows. From there, she took her chance and emerged as the series creator and executive producer of The Comedy Underground Series, one of the first original comedy stand-up shows from RLJ Entertainment, which is now known as the Urban Movie Channel. 

Today, Angela is taking the reins on her own production company, Silver Lining Entertainment, which produces a wide array of films and television series. On top of that, the company holds an educational platform, known as Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, that provides business strategy, coaching, mentorship, and online courses. 

Through the said avenue, she teaches others her tips and tricks on thriving in the entertainment business, such as building more revenue and other useful business know-how to enhance career opportunities. The show also features experts and inspiring entertainment professionals every month to discuss their backgrounds, journeys, and humble beginnings.

In addition, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry is currently preparing to start shooting another project under the “Producer’s Bootcamp” course. 

Since Angela is always up on her toes for new ventures, it comes as no surprise that she has a truckload of projects in the works. And just recently, she released a book entitled “The Secret to Creating a Winning Demo Reel.”

Moreover, Angela also launched Dreamers with Purpose, which is a non-profit organization that assists people of color, women, and those who are financially disadvantaged. In line with this, she became the first African American woman to produce and own a production company that released a theatrically faith-based film called “A Question of Faith.” 

Having made her mark in the star-studded world, Angela challenged herself to write off the overarching narrative that landing a spot therein is unobtainable. Because while it is true that the path to success is bouldered with obstacles, it is also true that a person’s strength and courage will help them get through anything. 

With her wide-ranging expertise and solid experience, Angela encourages dreamers and all other driven individuals to step into their light and shine as bright as the stars. 

To know more about Angela White and her educational platform, Backstage Pass to the Movie Industry, you may visit their website

Start-Up Company Rapid Launch Media Is Now on Track to Do Over One Million Dollars in Revenue This Year

The digital era has brought about so much ease in many aspects of our lives. One of these advantages is the opportunity for creators and artists today to showcase their work through different online platforms. This is what start-up company Rapid Launch Media is about.

Born and raised in Chicago, Adamm Miguest, who is known in the entertainment industry by just his first name Adamm, founded the company in April of this year as a TikTok promotion business. He began his work in the industry by showcasing his photo and video skills, shooting content for several of the biggest influencers in the world. He has more recently done projects with some prominent creators on TikTok—a trending video-sharing community. Seeing the advantages of said platform in showcasing creativity from people in all walks of life, Adamm leveraged his relationships and networks within the influencer community, creating an industry aimed at connecting artists with creators that would use their music or other works to make content. Thus, Rapid Launch Media was born. 

The company creates viral trends on TikTok, which incorporate or feature the music of their clients. They also arrange for these trends to be “hyped up” by several prominent influencers to further launch the music to bigger audiences. These influencers feature the songs on their own content, ultimately contributing to the piece going viral. Some of Rapid Launch Media’s successful TikTok campaigns were for “Kolors” by Monte Booker, “LMK” by Lil Xxel, and “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters. These songs have been featured in millions of videos on the platform.

Aside from helping up-and-coming artists gain listeners and a solid following, Adamm has also worked with several major and established artists like Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine, particularly for their song “Trollz,” as well as “Lil Skies,” “Tory Lanez” and many more.

Furthermore, Adamm’s team believes one of its strengths is knowing—more accurately than any other company—what influencers should be paid, which allows them to acquire many more posts for their clients at lower costs. Adamm states, “We get clients more for their money. We average getting double the amount of influencer posts as other companies that do what we do and have even gotten three to four times the amount of posts for our clients than our competition was able to get them.”

The founder also says that Rapid Launch Media is the fastest in the business today. He adds that their influencers have a 24–48 hours turn-around time; therefore, clients who wish to push their music quickly due to a rapidly approaching release date can depend on them. 

Adamm also shares that quite recently, Triller, an entertainment platform and social video community, has been trying to recruit companies and talent managers like him to bring their creators over to their platform. Fortunately, Rapid Launch Media’s business model is flexible and not solely dependent on TikTok; it could work on any other platform, should TikTok be eventually banned or shut down.

The digital media specialist, having amassed over ten years of experience in the industry, wishes to inspire other like-minded individuals to believe in their ideas and how these could be profitable if only they are persistent with producing good results.

Adamm shares that he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur his whole life, knowing that he was not the type of person who could thrive and succeed in a traditional 9–5 job. He attributes this to the fact that his brain works differently than others. “I see the most efficient way to do things and I immediately pivot to improve efficiency and lower costs,” he elaborates. “Whereas, at the other companies I’ve worked for, there are glaring problems and inefficiencies in the way things are done and changing those problems are nearly impossible due to a plethora of slow-moving bureaucracy.” This prompted his mindset from an early age that he wanted to build something for himself.

Rapid Launch Media specializes in creating and identifying trends and campaigns primed to go viral. Adamm is therefore eager to connect with more artists and influencers in the coming years to help get their work and message out into the world. 

To connect with Adamm and Rapid Launch Media, check out their website or his Instagram.