Michelle Larsen Is an Inspired Master of Art, Crafting Her Own Unique Style of Artistry

Inspiration can be found everywhere, down to the tiniest mountain crack to the lushest green forests of the world. Nature can be a powerful tool for motivation, inspiration, and beauty, which is why the master artist Michelle Larsen has made it a point to channel all of that beauty through her mixed media art pieces.

Michelle Larsen is well-known for her dynamic art pieces that evoke a sense of movement that traditional media could never capture. Her artwork utilizes the beauty of nature and the captivating dynamism of movement to tell a story that only she can. Michelle graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado, and she had always been surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

She graduated in 1980 and specialized in outdoor advertising, lettering, and sign painting. As one of the great artists of Denver, Colorado, she went and painted billboards and signs in the area, garnering a lot of attention in her field. In 2009, Michelle Larsen finally dove into a fine arts career. Eventually, she began sculpting canvases with paper to create a three-dimensional painting in 2011.

Her experimentation with mixed media led her to discover her own inner creativity. This allowed her to develop her style further, pushing the boundaries of her art to the limit. With time and practice, Michelle Larsen was able to refine her craft and develop a technique that is exclusively her own.

Michelle Larsen moved to Prescott, Arizona, in 2019 and established her own art gallery called The Parlor Art Gallery, LLC. She exclusively displays her work at her own gallery to the sheer delight of her audiences. Today, Michelle is a world-renowned mixed media artist that uses paper to create a sculpted canvas. Her style of choice utilizes oil paint with bold colors, which she applies to the sculpture, creating a three-dimensional painting that protrudes from the surface. 

She consistently challenges her audiences into thinking about whether her artworks are sculptures or paintings, but Michelle Larsen expresses that her works are definitely a mix of both. 

Michelle Larsen’s art style is heavily inspired by the land dwellers who have experienced the human struggle. She also heavily draws her inspiration from the Western lifestyle, mountain life, and nature itself. Most of her artworks capture the essence of passing time. All of her themes and ideas blend seamlessly together with the three-dimensional nature of her artwork. 

Her art speaks volumes and vibrates with a sense of life as if having a pulse. It is a testament to her insurmountable talent and her passion for her craft. She pours out all the energies that pulsate within herself in her artwork. She sees beyond this dimension and is naturally drawn to an animated representation of her subjects.

She hopes that her audience can follow along with what she wants to portray with every piece that she puts out. As Michelle Larsen continues to push the boundaries of art, she hopes to continue captivating her audience through her dynamic artworks and her beautiful natural style.

Most recently, Michelle Larsen was awarded the ARTYA Award by ArtTour International Magazine. 

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