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Gloria Kloter on Carving a Path Toward Success as a Purpose-Driven Architect and Interior Designer

The professional endeavors that people embark on do not only serve as a means for building a financially secure future. For countless go-getters, one’s career also stands as an avenue for inspiring others and giving back to their communities. In the case of Gloria Kloter, the award-winning architect behind the powerhouse Glow Architects, her efforts are both geared toward cementing her position within the industry and impacting lives and communities for the better. 

Throughout her career, Gloria Kloter has acted as a beacon of hope for other numerous aspirants wishing to make a name for themselves on foreign soil. This Architecture Design graduate, who also holds a Master’s in Architecture of Interiors, has over sixteen years of combined national and international experience. She operated her first company in the Dominican Republic, receiving credit for the development of various types of commercial and residential projects.

With the long list of achievements under her belt, it could be easy to assume that Gloria Kloter had it easy. But, moving to America under the assumption that she could continue as an architect proved to be a challenging feat since her license — as well as most of the foreign architect licenses — was not valid in the USA. This experience would come to fuel her drive to mentor immigrant architects.

Today, Gloria Kloter stands at the helm of Glow Architects, spearheading its rise through the ranks as an international architecture and interior design studio. Based in Tampa, Florida, this purpose-driven venture is on a mission to create meaningful spaces that creatively and aesthetically express its clients’ true selves.

Since its establishment, Glow Architects has managed to impress clients and industry peers alike for its consistency in translating the architectural vision of every client into reality. On top of empowering clients by making them part of the design process, the highly capable team running this esteemed institution also makes sure to shed light on the design process through 3D rendering and other forms of realistic visualization, effective communication, and transparency. “We deliver spaces that give people a sense of ownership and pride, look the way they envisioned it, function the way they need it, and are built within their budget,” shares this widely-acknowledged company. 

The women-owned venture belongs to the AIA (American Institute of Architects), NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards), ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), and NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). As an extension of its founder, Glow Architects is immensely dedicated to providing excellent service and will continue to carve a path toward the summit of the industry.

In the coming years, Gloria Kloter plans to propel Glow Architects to greater heights. She also aims to remain a guiding hand for fellow foreign architects pursuing their licenses in the USA, providing them with a supportive community through her private group on Facebook called Foreign Architects.

Apart from setting her sights on becoming a household name in the architectural field, Gloria Kloter looks forward, as well, to sharing her story to budding professionals and inspiring them with how she succeeded despite growing up amidst difficult odds, adapting to a different country with a different language, and making her dreams come true in a cutthroat industry.

Learn more about Gloria Kloter and Glow Architects by visiting her website.

Lawrence R. Armstrong: Dynamic Architect, Designer, and Visual Artist Rolled in One

Creating visually stimulating designs that inspire people is one of Lawrence R. Armstrong’s greatest passions as a master architect and visual artist. Not only is he an accomplished architect and designer, becoming CEO of Ware Malcomb for over 28 years, an award-winning international architecture firm, he also prioritizes self-expression to showcase his renaissance approach to life and motivate people to pursue their dreams at the same time.  

Lawrence R. Armstrong considers himself a student of art all of his life. He often draws inspiration from the diverse education that he was privileged to experience in life, and he combines this with his imagination to create something breathtaking. Armstrong earned his Architecture degree from Kent State University. During his time at the university, he mastered creating form and figure inspired by nature’s unique beauty. His work in both art and architecture is a continuous exploration and unraveling of layers. After completing his degree from Kent State University, Lawrence R. Armstrong spent a semester studying in Italy. It was during his stay in Italy that he developed a deep appreciation and fascination with classical architecture. 

Very few architects accomplish what Lawrence R. Armstrong has achieved in his professional career, such as being a licensed architect in more than 40 states in the country. Moreover, he is also an accredited professional of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) through the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Additionally, Armstrong has been a guest lecturer at the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, Graduate Real Estate Program. Aside from this, he also became a design juror for the Fourth Year Integrated Design Project for Kent State University. 

Most of Lawrence R. Armstrong’s artworks are inspired by modern architectural works done by the likes of Arnoldi, Warhol, Pollack, Corbusier, Eisenman, Chihuly, and Meier, to mention a few. His travels in Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East, and North America have allowed him to explore these regions’ diverse cultures from their art to music, people, events, and natural environment. He then finds himself combining designs in his mind as influenced by the sights he encounters in his travels. Once the design in his mind becomes a clear picture, he would create a sketch to bring life. 

The design community recognizes Lawrence R. Armstrong as an influential personality in the industry, and it is for this reason, he has gathered numerous awards throughout his professional career. His awards include the Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and National Finalist in 2008, ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, a Palm Art Award 2016 nominee, Certificate of Excellence from the Sandro Botticelli Prize during the Artavita 11th Contest, ATIM Masters Award, ATIM Choice Award, and the AIA Honor Award, to mention a few. 

As a result of his undeniable success in the field of architecture and as a visual artist, Lawrence R. Armstrong has been invited to speak in several panels for the NAIOP and other commercial real estate groups. He has also been featured in several media platforms that include OC Metro, Real Estate Business Online, Development Magazine, and Professional Report Magazine. 

Overall, Lawrence R. Armstrong is often admired by his peers and clients because of his strategic and visionary approach in running his business that also employs creativity and innovation as much as possible. 

Armstrong is also a fan of many of his fellow designers and draws inspiration from their design style on occasion. As he continues to fuel his passion for art and architecture, Lawrence R. Armstrong will continue to spend time in his art studio and traveling with his camera and sketchbooks.

Find out more about Lawrence Armstrong by visiting his website. Follow his Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates.