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Sza Brings an Ethereal Concert Experience Online with “In Bloom”

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Fast-rising singer and songwriter Sza brought a virtual concert experience like no other on July 1, 2021, at 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). The concert, entitled “In Bloom,” comes in partnership with Grey Goose to launch the brand’s latest line of low-calorie vodkas. In the event, the singer performed live for the first time tracks from her latest album, including the hit single “Shirts,” which continues to dominate charts all over. 

The virtual event comes after Sza announced that she would be working as a consultant for the vodka brand Grey Goose throughout the following seasons to come. “Working with an iconic brand like Grey Goose and getting to be their creative consultant has been a great experience,” explained SZA in a press statement released a few months back. “Essences are everything I look for in a spirit—crisp, light, smooth, and full of flavor. So the opportunity felt like a perfect match to me. I love incorporating elements of nature into my performances, and the fruits, botanicals and herbs in Essences provide a great template for that. I feel like ‘In Bloom’ really captures where I’m at right now, especially after a year and a half of lockdown, which is also why it feels like the best place to debut some of my new material. I’m so excited for my fans to see this performance.”

The thirty-one-year-old entertainment icon from Saint Louis, Missouri, is a neo-soul singer whose sound has captured the hearts and minds of people because of its uniquely soothing effect on listeners. Music executives and fans alike have tried to put a finger on her genre, but it doesn’t fit the bill, breaking all barriers and introducing something fresh to the world. Some think of her music as an alternative version to R&B with a dash of soul, hip-hop, rock, cloud rap, chillwave, and chill house. 

On top of her excellent singing style and skill, Sza also writes songs with “unraveling” content that usually goes around themes like sexuality, nostalgia, abandonment, experience, and many others. She first broke into mainstream music in 2017 after releasing her debut album “Ctrl,” which picked up a massive following and high praise from music industry members. Sza now has over 2.3 million followers on her YouTube channel, and over a billion video plays to date.

“In Bloom” streamed on two places: Grey Goose’s website and Sza’s official YouTube channel. As per coordinators and representatives, the virtual experience was unlike any other, blending stunning visual elements with great music. The event brought together Sza’s love for both nature and technology in one uncanny array of style and beauty. The event also featured a full roster of technical effects and wonders, including 360-degree cameras, drone cameras, and a full band setup. 

In preparation for the event, sponsor Grey Goose offered same-day delivery of their newest product, Essences. In addition, the company highlighted three new flavors—Watermelon and Basil, Strawberry and Lemongrass, and White Peach and Rosemary.

To watch the concert, head over to Grey Goose’s event landing page.

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