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SurfPunk’s Rad Surfer Dudes Are Riding That NFT Wave to the Moon

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

NFTs have taken the world by storm ever since several of these digital possessions have sold for millions of dollars on the market, all while sparking debate within the digital community for the legitimacy of these unique resources. Although met with different conjectures, the NFT market continues to thrive under constant pressure from skeptics and enthusiasts.

For the most part, NFTs are cryptographically-secured tokens with their history of ownership, and current owners are stored on a given blockchain. Through its marketing style, creators of NFTs are cutting out pesky intermediaries, making the most out of their work. So naturally, NFTs are non-fungible tokens with unique characteristics, each valued at different price points. Currently, the NFT market has taken a variety of digital assets that come in the form of art and digital collectibles, gaming, and digital identities and spaces. The market itself has grown considerably huge throughout the years, but it is still being explored by certain brands, at the same time adding their twists and agendas, just like what SurfPunks intend to do.

The brand’s founders came up with the idea of SurfPunks after getting wind of how huge the digital market is getting because of NFTs. Aspiring to get their objectives across, they eventually released a collection of 500 radical surfers, creatures, and legends that have been carefully hand-drawn by talented artists. Each SurfPunk NFT is distinct and has its own background story and personality. In addition to the roster, several iconic SurfPunks highly resemble some of the most iconic figures of society, and most of all, the surfing world.

A SurfPunk NFT is blessed with different attributes of varying rarities. Depending on certain factors like the scarcity of attributes and aesthetic and subjective preferences of investors and collectors, certain SurfPunks are considered rarer than others and, therefore, more valuable.

Anyone can purchase a SurfPunk NFT. Although the first 500 have been sold out on the website, these cool NFTs are still available for minting at OpenSea. By owning a SurfPunk, holders are granted unlimited access to the exclusive community where they can interact with other surf enthusiasts, wave pools around the world, fantastic events, and more. In addition, SurfPunk’s community DAO allows holders to have a voice of their own when discussing the brand’s future projects. 

The first exclusive event for SurfPunks holders will be held in Waco, Texas, on March 21st at the BSR WavePool and Resort. It will be a day full of surfing on the man-made wave pool, live music by a special guest, food, and NFT chat. Holders will also have a chance to meet some of their favorite surfers and icons.

In addition to being a tight-knit community of surfers and NFT collectors, SurfPunk is also big on doing philanthropic work, with 10% of its tax from buyers being distributed to several charity foundations, besides the community DAO and the corporate reserve for operations and marketing initiatives. Additionally, 1% of all SurfPunk sales are paid out to the Mauli Ola Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and confidence to individuals with genetic diseases by introducing surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies.

There’s also a second collection of SurfPunks in the works. This collection will prepare SurfPunks to live in the metaverse and will provide much more utility in the digital space. They are also gearing up for big partnerships.

Learn about SurfPunk and its projects through its website, Instagram, and Twitter.