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Successful Businesswoman, Tracilea Young Ventures Into Greener Pastures With CBD Products by Green Compass Global

Throughout her life, Tracilea Young had always been determined to succeed. Mindful motivation seemed like second nature to her, and her life experiences have molded her into becoming a massive success in the business industry. Young is the mother of eight children, all of whom she personally homeschooled for seventeen years. She was a mother to her children, all while working on her network marketing business part-time, putting herself through school to be a midwife, and also making the million-dollar earner club.

Young has indeed become the modern standard of American success, possessing not only knowledge and experience, but also the passion and drive to expand and scale her business into million-dollar companies. To this day, she continues to help others through her passion and devotion to her craft. She earned the title of president of a large plastic surgery and medical spa chain. Without a moment’s notice, she successfully built the annual revenue to multiple millions.

Recently, Young has focused her attention on opening a chain of compassionate care medical clinics. She has helped 39,000 people get all the compassionate care they need. During this time, she had also built a solid network of people through her network marketing business part-time. Nowadays, Tracilea Young is keeping herself busy by being the presidential founder and master director at Green Compass, Ltd.

Green Compass is the go-to for high-quality CBD products. Green Compass offers what other CBD companies do not; their products are entirely safe and effective. Most CBD supplies do not provide the safety information of their products in order to sell them. However, Green Compass has taken the extra step and secured a Certificate of Analysis from an ISO17025 certified laboratory to prove the quality and safety of their products. You can check them out here.

Young’s journey into producing CBD began with her family. She has always had a passion for connecting the power of nature with the wellness of her loved ones. Green Compass does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products. Their hemp is organically grown under strict cultivation and sustainability practices.

The Farm Management team over at Green Compass oversees their farms over at North Carolina. They ensure consistent adherence to purity and ethical standards. They also make sure that other Green Compass affiliate farms execute the same standards as them. Hemp is not an easy plant to take care of, especially when done organically. Fortunately, Green Compass takes the challenge head-on and makes sure to provide only the best quality products for its customers.

The Green Compass process excludes any harmful chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Every single day, their plants are meticulously tended to, ensuring that they will grow wide rather than growing high. Their farmers keep the pests away by hand and harvest the crops in a critical and timely manner. Each plant is put under high levels of attention that results in a rich yield of high-quality CBD oil, some of which are USDA Certified Organic.

Tracilea Young and her team over at The Green Compass have really outdone themselves. They are changing the CBD market for the better by providing safe and effective CBD products to consumers all across America. It’s safe to say that there’s nobody doing it better than The Green Compass at the moment.

To learn more about Tracilea Young and all her business ventures, make sure to visit her website.