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Stranger Things 4, Volume 2: Two Episodes Left to Conclude a Monumental Season

The wait for Stranger Things Season Four was long, but it didn’t disappoint. People quickly binged through all the released episodes of this exciting new addition to the series.

The fourth season of Stranger Things contained some big changes. The story expanded to include new characters and an updated runtime for each episode went beyond the typical 40+ minutes, going on until 9 hours in total!

Many fans were left feeling incomplete after episode seven of Stranger Things’ latest season. It turned out that the show was pioneering a one-season-two volume trend, meaning there would be a second volume arriving on Netflix on July 1, 2022.

With only two episodes of Stranger Things left, they are going to be super-sized. Episode 8 will be an hour long, while the grand finale will reach a whopping two hours and thirty minutes.

Picking up where it left off, viewers will continue Nancy discovering the true identity of season four’s main bad guy – Henry Creel, son of Robert Englund’s Victor Creel. It was also discovered that he was actually trained in the same lab as Eleven.

Meanwhile, Eleven finally unblocks her trauma and learns she played a hand in One’s massacre, death, and rebirth as Vecna, making it important to come up with a plan to stop him. On the road to warn her of the impending human dangers, Jonathan, Mike, Will, and Argyle will hope to reach her in time.

Hawkins is left with its own problems as Steven, Robin, Eddie, Dustin, Max, and Lucas must figure out a way to bring Nancy back. On the other side of the globe, the adults are faced with the challenge of beating not only Russian guards but a lively Demogorgan in a prison.

The last two episodes not only mark the conclusion of this season but also signal a change in direction for Stranger Things as creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed they have an endgame in sight with the series ending with Season Five.