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Start-Up Company Rapid Launch Media Is Now on Track to Do Over One Million Dollars in Revenue This Year

The digital era has brought about so much ease in many aspects of our lives. One of these advantages is the opportunity for creators and artists today to showcase their work through different online platforms. This is what start-up company Rapid Launch Media is about.

Born and raised in Chicago, Adamm Miguest, who is known in the entertainment industry by just his first name Adamm, founded the company in April of this year as a TikTok promotion business. He began his work in the industry by showcasing his photo and video skills, shooting content for several of the biggest influencers in the world. He has more recently done projects with some prominent creators on TikTok—a trending video-sharing community. Seeing the advantages of said platform in showcasing creativity from people in all walks of life, Adamm leveraged his relationships and networks within the influencer community, creating an industry aimed at connecting artists with creators that would use their music or other works to make content. Thus, Rapid Launch Media was born. 

The company creates viral trends on TikTok, which incorporate or feature the music of their clients. They also arrange for these trends to be “hyped up” by several prominent influencers to further launch the music to bigger audiences. These influencers feature the songs on their own content, ultimately contributing to the piece going viral. Some of Rapid Launch Media’s successful TikTok campaigns were for “Kolors” by Monte Booker, “LMK” by Lil Xxel, and “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters. These songs have been featured in millions of videos on the platform.

Aside from helping up-and-coming artists gain listeners and a solid following, Adamm has also worked with several major and established artists like Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine, particularly for their song “Trollz,” as well as “Lil Skies,” “Tory Lanez” and many more.

Furthermore, Adamm’s team believes one of its strengths is knowing—more accurately than any other company—what influencers should be paid, which allows them to acquire many more posts for their clients at lower costs. Adamm states, “We get clients more for their money. We average getting double the amount of influencer posts as other companies that do what we do and have even gotten three to four times the amount of posts for our clients than our competition was able to get them.”

The founder also says that Rapid Launch Media is the fastest in the business today. He adds that their influencers have a 24–48 hours turn-around time; therefore, clients who wish to push their music quickly due to a rapidly approaching release date can depend on them. 

Adamm also shares that quite recently, Triller, an entertainment platform and social video community, has been trying to recruit companies and talent managers like him to bring their creators over to their platform. Fortunately, Rapid Launch Media’s business model is flexible and not solely dependent on TikTok; it could work on any other platform, should TikTok be eventually banned or shut down.

The digital media specialist, having amassed over ten years of experience in the industry, wishes to inspire other like-minded individuals to believe in their ideas and how these could be profitable if only they are persistent with producing good results.

Adamm shares that he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur his whole life, knowing that he was not the type of person who could thrive and succeed in a traditional 9–5 job. He attributes this to the fact that his brain works differently than others. “I see the most efficient way to do things and I immediately pivot to improve efficiency and lower costs,” he elaborates. “Whereas, at the other companies I’ve worked for, there are glaring problems and inefficiencies in the way things are done and changing those problems are nearly impossible due to a plethora of slow-moving bureaucracy.” This prompted his mindset from an early age that he wanted to build something for himself.

Rapid Launch Media specializes in creating and identifying trends and campaigns primed to go viral. Adamm is therefore eager to connect with more artists and influencers in the coming years to help get their work and message out into the world. 

To connect with Adamm and Rapid Launch Media, check out their website or his Instagram.

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